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The education at UC Berkeley is outstanding, no doubt, and difficult, of course. However, my experience as a minority on campus as well as having mental health issues has caused me to have a terrible experience with the institution itself. Although there are support services on campus that are helpful, the institution doesn't seem to care about issues that are faced by new students.
It is true that UC Berkeley is very academicly competitive. However, students here also have a lot of time and opportunities to pursue their other passions. There are more than enough resources on campus to help students to succeed in college and have a wonderful college xperience.
Berkeley is a great place to give you a reality check. It really makes you appreciate the little things in life, and just appreciate everything you have been blessed with. It’s tough at times, but one of the most rewarding in terms of personal growth. Definitely the epitome of a love hate relationship, but you hold so much pride as a Golden Bear.
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Overall, UC Berkeley is a super liberal school and not everybody is going to like it. However, it is a pretty open and safe environment for minorities and people with disabilities. I would say the major downside is definitely the food.
Having a good time overall. The workload isn't as bad as I've been told, although I'm not studying CS or Engineering. Deserves its place as the world's #1 public university.
I enjoyed how challenging the courses were and the overall environment of the campus. Each class that I took was not just thought provoking but allowed me to explore new interests and different subjects I did not know that I would find interesting. After taking a biology course that included a paleontology unit I planned my classes to involve a paleontology/biological focus. The campus itself was beautifully designed which made studying in any part of it enjoyable.
There is nothing that is missing in a college as grandiose as this. You can literally find anything and do anything here - clubs, organizations, events, opportunities. Overall a great place to learn, study, and meet amazing people.
I love Berkeley. People are super nice, and the students are friendly and smart. It's also amazing when you study your textbook and it really complements the lecture very well, because the professor for your lecture wrote the damn book.
I have been to a few campuses and this one has been my favorite since the first visit. The people, culture, professors and level of competition here is only to be compared to Ivy League. This is truly the best public school in the world.
Berkeley is a very competitive school where students enter at very different academic levels. I appreciate the whole free speech scene of the school and its great diversity. I would like for it to acknowledge more of the struggling students that might be coming from areas with limited resources. This would provide students with a sense of unity, and also make them understand that it's okay to be behind and work to improve at one's own pace.
The campus is dirty, overcrowded, and impersonal. There is nothing special about Berkeley in terms of the teaching. It is the competition among the students that makes a degree from here worth anything. Most of the UC staff I encountered were unapproachable and seemed bothered. All the facilities are run down and soiled. Everyone here is at each other's throats because of the overpopulation, lack of resources, and unethical competition. You will have to fight for every inch at UC Berkeley and some.

Imagine a Walmart grand opening on Black Friday..That is what Berkeley feels like.

I can not imagine dropping my 18 year old kid off here for 4 years.

Berkeley is one of the worst campuses I have ever attended in my entire academic career. There are many public universities that put Berkeley to shame.
What I liked about UC Berkeley is that there is always a class that fits a diverse amount of interests. Whether a class or a decal, there is always something fun to take. What I would change is the amount of competitiveness that exists between students and even that professors put on the students. We are there because we are "top" students, but we are all there to achieve something different in our future.
The campus is beautiful and the university offers a great variety of majors; almost anybody can find a perfect fit in this university.
As the center of the Bay area, UC Berkley has a significant role not only for its students but also for the local community. UC Berkeley offers diverse opportunities for students to get involved in becoming a genuine member of UCB. As you already know, UCB is one of the toughest schools to achieve desired grades. However, the atmosphere of the campus makes students concentrate on their academic achievements. Furthermore, all the members of UCB make an effort to raise students who are able to fully reach both academical and humane maturity for the bright future.
Double the size of the goddamn class. What the hell is the point of paying so much money when I can't learn what I really want to?
Coming into UC Berkeley I thought I knew exactly who I was and who I wanted to be. I knew what my major was, what clubs I'd join, and how I would spend my time for the next four years. But almost exactly after my first day of orientation I realized that everything I thought I knew was going to be challenged by this great institution. In just one year I learned more in and out of the classroom than I thought was humanly possible. I found my calling and I found lifelong friends. Berkeley offered me the resources and the environment I needed to thrive as a student, as a professional, and as an individual. It is a massive university with a rich history that has enough room for just about anyone to find their community.
Berkeley's campus is a great location to continue one's studies with confidence and support. Each staff member or student I have met was friendly and helpful in providing me with information about the school. Berkeley has a diverse community, but still has a sense of school unity.
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There's a reason I'm applying for scholarships. Berkeley's financial aid is grossly inadequate. There's a lack of housing, most of which is unaffordable. And irresponsible spending on part of administrators, further disenfranchises student's financial wellness.
I like the people at Berkeley - they are all very nice, smart and hardworking. In this sense, they are all humble human being. Staying with them would not only push you to improve yourself, but also widen your scope.
Berkeley has a rich academic and social atmosphere. The main problem is the weeder classes that incoming freshman face. The high amount of students per course does not allow personalized help for students and creates a fast paced academic environment. This is both good and bad as some students thrive and some do not.
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