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As the center of the Bay area, UC Berkley has a significant role not only for its students but also for the local community. UC Berkeley offers diverse opportunities for students to get involved in becoming a genuine member of UCB. As you already know, UCB is one of the toughest schools to achieve desired grades. However, the atmosphere of the campus makes students concentrate on their academic achievements. Furthermore, all the members of UCB make an effort to raise students who are able to fully reach both academical and humane maturity for the bright future.
Double the size of the goddamn class. What the hell is the point of paying so much money when I can't learn what I really want to?
Coming into UC Berkeley I thought I knew exactly who I was and who I wanted to be. I knew what my major was, what clubs I'd join, and how I would spend my time for the next four years. But almost exactly after my first day of orientation I realized that everything I thought I knew was going to be challenged by this great institution. In just one year I learned more in and out of the classroom than I thought was humanly possible. I found my calling and I found lifelong friends. Berkeley offered me the resources and the environment I needed to thrive as a student, as a professional, and as an individual. It is a massive university with a rich history that has enough room for just about anyone to find their community.
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Berkeley's campus is a great location to continue one's studies with confidence and support. Each staff member or student I have met was friendly and helpful in providing me with information about the school. Berkeley has a diverse community, but still has a sense of school unity.
There's a reason I'm applying for scholarships. Berkeley's financial aid is grossly inadequate. There's a lack of housing, most of which is unaffordable. And irresponsible spending on part of administrators, further disenfranchises student's financial wellness.
I like the people at Berkeley - they are all very nice, smart and hardworking. In this sense, they are all humble human being. Staying with them would not only push you to improve yourself, but also widen your scope.
Berkeley has a rich academic and social atmosphere. The main problem is the weeder classes that incoming freshman face. The high amount of students per course does not allow personalized help for students and creates a fast paced academic environment. This is both good and bad as some students thrive and some do not.
I transferred to Berkeley in 2015 and graduated in 2017 and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. It was definitely very challenging and a competitive environment. During my first week, I remember feeling like my classmates were all so much smarter and I cried many times because I couldn’t understand the readings I was assigned. The truth is, a lot of students don’t have a solid understanding of the material and the key is study groups. Studying with others helped tremendously so you can bounce off ideas and help you feel like you’re not alone. Another key takeaway is to not give into all the pressure to have internships lined up. A lot of students will have summer internships lined up and you might feel lost but take your time to explore through volunteering and mentorship. Going to the career center and talking to a counseling helped me a lot with career exploration as I had no clue what to do with a sociology degree and led me to a variety of opportunities - just ask for help!
Berkeley has an intensely stressful and competitive environment for those in science majors. It is known for its incredibly rigorous academics and study centered culture that will leave will leave students enrolled in STEM majors little time to do anything other than sit in the library.
I really appreciate that UC Berkeley really makes an effort to encourage youth involvement in the community. Outside of being respected as an academically competitive school, UC Berkeley supports outside-of-class activities with a strong food/lifestyle-oriented publication through Spoon University and influential service clubs on campus such as the Circle K International Club. They also have a beautiful student union near Telegraph, encouraging youth to study together and become familiar with the area. My only complaint would be to that I believe that they should manage the number of homeless people that wenter campus more often. I feel like it would be a great learning opportunity for students of Berkeley to encourage them to do service to help out those without a home or lower income within their new home in the city. That way they would be receiving a well-rdounded learning experience while increasing the safety of their campus.
It is an amazing place to expand your mind and make new experiences on top of receiving a very high-quality education from passionate & skilled professors. Two aspects that are still issues include the ability to get student housing and the difficulty of getting in touch with the administration. I hope to see changes to these issues in future semesters.
I am currently a Junior at the University of California Berkeley and I have to say that if you're looking for a return on your investment, especially as a California resident, try your hand at Berkeley. In-state tuition is rather unbeatable and so is the access to big corporate cities such as Oakland and San Francisco. The University of California Berkeley however has some major controversies. Being that it is currently a forefront for political activism can either be a good or bad thing depending on your political affiliation. Because it is a public school, competitive and impacted many students have a hard time declaring the majors they want. Many students have to settle with majors they did not initially intend and therefore not get the education they desire. If you are a go-getter like me Berkeley will be a great place for you to study.
Brilliant faculty, world-class research opportunities, invaluable networking connections in the alumni and professional world. Highly diverse and extremely knowledgable student body, who is also very engaged in countless opportunities for student life and extracurricular involvement.
Berkeley is an amazing school with endless resources and programs available to students. It is very competitive and the environment is constantly stressful so it does get hard to keep up with things.
It was not at all stressful as I had plenty of time to prepare for the application process. I was told to be aware of the competitiveness of the school but I have not seen any of that yet.
pro: great professors and intern opportunities
con: unsafe campus, too much political events/protests which interuptions, too much homeless wondering in and out of the campus.
pro: great professors and intern opportunities
con: unsafe campus, too much political events/protests which interuptions, too much homeless wondering in and out of the campus.
Very good school. Classes are a bit hard but there's a lot of resources like free tutoring to help students.
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The campus was just very easy to get around. The people there were also very nice and would offer toe help you.
Throughout the years I spent in Berkeley, and it is crazy that I have graduated and will pursue a MS in Berkeley, I really thought I hated the school. They do not care about how the students are feeling. Whether the classes are too challenging because of the amount of work that you have to put in even to receive a B. Yet, graduating from UC Berkeley made me proud of myself. It is crazy how every night we are leaving at 2 a.m. However, I think I have grown into the university and the city. I know all the good restaurant around, and I enjoyed making our own study guide in order to learn the material better. I was studying art before I chose Mechanical Engineering. When my friends are working on a project in community college, I can only watch, because I have nothing to offer. Now I have much to offer. If I have another choice, I would still go to UC Berkeley. At the same time, I would still say I hate the school, but I know I am proud to be here.
Being at UC Berkeley feels like you just entered a different independent world. There are so many opportunities and unique people you are bound to come across someone who is very unique. It is not just a competitive school but a very unique set of young adults.
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