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What I came to Berkeley for is the academics and all my expectations have been met! I have loved all the professors that I have had and they are all extremely intelligent and despite large class sizes, they will make efforts to get to know you if you invest your time in the class.
Despite negative perceptions, UC Berkeley is a wonderful school with countless opportunities if one is willing to work for them.
Berkeley teaches the ability to think critically. Many professors care very much for their students and want them to advance in their development. Graduate Student Instructors and Professors mostly have an open ear for their students during office hours.
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I only have minor complaints about living and attending school at Cal. It is an amazing campus full of amazing people. The only issues I have had are enrolling in classes; it is extremely hard to enroll in all the classes you need as an underclassmen. Also be aware that although the campus feels safe, the surround area is fairly dangerous. The University is aware of this, and has taken many steps to make sure students always feel safe; including a Bear Walk program, campus police, and easy access to emergency services.
Although UCB has a tough curriculum, it was worth it. School is diverse and is surrounded by a lot of good food.
Very prestigious in the world of academia, many STEM programs are in the top 5 in the country; public or private. Coming from a low income area or high school that's not very rigorous it can be difficult to adjust to the academic difficulty here.
I was at first lonely, but that was because I did not put myself out there and find where I fit in. I found a great club, Cal Habitat that had what I was looking for. I would like to see the food change as well as remodeling of older housing units, because there are lots of issues with older dorms that make it hard for students to live. But, the educational experience is amazing and challenges you. To get an A you need to work super hard. If you want to be challenged and meet diverse people from around the world, come here.
I was scared going in because of all the rumors, but now I can hardly wait to go back. The academics can seem intimidating, but it's the people that make it all worthwhile.
Go bears!
There are tons of resources available for students who are struggling academically, financially or emotionally. It also is very good at making smaller communities at a large community. There is plenty to do and its easy to get involved. Unfortunately, there is an issue with competition and grade deflation.
It was a beautiful and peaceful campus that allowed students to relax when needed. It provides its students with open space and a variety of options for stress relief. for example, they offer free meditation classes that help students healthily reduce stress and in turn help with their academics. This is one example of the different ways that this school allows its students to relax and focus when really needed.
Very nice campus. Rigorous courses but are very rewarding. Computer science program is very well known
I am a first-year college student and moving away from home and being on my own was an interesting experience. Living on my own has helped me mature and figure things out. The door experience, however, has not been the best because of a lot of maintenance issues. The elevator hardly ever working in my building, I live on the 7th floor, and the showers only having cold water at times. That brought my overall experience at the school down. The academics of the school were quite challenging but with proper work and time management, classes can be manageable.
I attended UC Berkeley as a transfer student a few years ago, it was the longest period I had ever been away from home and I was looking forward to breaking out and trying my hand at university life. Perhaps my experience as an African American woman would have been better had I not transferred during a time when there was so much political change and turmoil in the country as I believe that greatly affected my time there. In my first semester, I had to endure three extremely unpleasant roommates who drove me to seek new housing while trying to balance academics (I LOVED the professors I had all 4 semesters!) and make friends (which was rather hard, unfortunately. Overall, housing troubles, lack of support/communication from the administration, and racial tension left me extremely disheartened and relieved to graduate.
Berkeley has a good tour program and the students are very friendly. The campus is open so anyone can come in. The academics are very well known and it is a very competitive school. They have summer programs for high school students to get familiar with the school and get ahead with their education (ATDP program).
Great researchers and professors, nice dorms and housing, good athletics, excellent diversity, good student life, grade deflation
It's an amazing opportunity for any degree-seeker. The professors are unparalleled, the variety of classes astounding, and the student body fascinating and diverse. You can make anything of your experience.
The high crime rate makes it dangerous attending UC Berkeley. It would be better if the school is in a safer community.
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Campus is stressful and lacks tolerance. Academics are average at best, not what I expected from a top rated university.
This school is not for everyone. It is a loud, liberal, intense, academically focused place. Students here are passionate and driven, and the school curriculum is unforgiving at times.
I was selected twice to attend UC Berkeley for 2 summers through the EAOP program. I'm a high school student and the staff at Berkeley show that they are supportive of want me to succeed. The ambiance is beautiful and you can really feel and see the diversity on campus.
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