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Great prestigious programs, but strong sentiments towards political correctness and social issues affect the studying environment.
The education is top notch, but being a public school, UC Berkeley will not hold your hands throughout your study. You will have to learn by yourself or actively seek help in many things, including studying for classes, picking classes, dealing with financial aid and housing situations, and personal health.
If you're into STEM or humanities and want a world renowned college, Berkeley is for you. Berkeley offers its students with tons of support, from academic to mental support. What I will say though is that there are some parts of campus that are a little run down and may no be as extravagant as they are made out to be, but that's to be expected because that's just how advertisements work.
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Very nice community and excellent academics. Be prepared to spend a lot of time studying. Housing is sort of a mess, not very "affordable", but it is very sociable.
Overall, Berkeley provides a competitive and outstanding academic preparation. The school still have areas of improvement, specially in terms of accommodation of students with different backgrounds.
The college of environmental design has amazing resources and opportunities for students! Architecture students have a student to teacher ratio of 12 to 1, which is absolutely amazing for a public school.
I love the overall camaraderie at UC Berkeley, and am thrilled to be a part of this campus. It is exciting to see different people each day, raising awareness for various causes that they are incredibly passionate about. All of their departments are incredibly advanced, and I know that I will be prepared to get a job straight out of college.
UC Berkeley is a very active school heavily focused on research and challenging its students. It's awesome how it is located near all of the tech companies, as it gives students more access to internships and job opportunities!! You should take your chances and apply here, you will be challenged in every way possible. Promise.
I really like my options when it comes to classes because I get a really wide range to choose from. However, I think that the way we enroll needs to change because its not very effective and it can set students back at least a semester in terms of requirements that need to be fulfilled for majors.
Berkeley is a place where you can really feel free. The culture of Berkeley allows for everything and anything and students are encouraged to push their limits. However, the academics are very hard so be prepared
It is a great university, beautiful campus! The classes are professors are extremely knowledgeable and difficult. Great school that definitely lives up to the hype. Learned a great deal from the material. There is lots of help if you look for it. School spirit is also great to see.
My time at UC Berkeley was challenging but also incredibly meaningful. The academics were exceptionally rigorous and challenging, yet they forced me to push myself to new limits and expand my comfort zone educationally. I learned a lot about school and myself through the eye-opening courses at Cal, for which I am forever grateful.

However, the opportunities at Cal give it the reputation it has. With hundreds of clubs, Greek organizations, and work opportunities, there is a fit for everyone: even those like me who didn't know where I could or should fit. I discovered my passion for certain careers over others and learned what I truly valued in myself and others.

Furthermore, most people at Cal are genuine, deep, and brilliant, and they helped me grow as a person. With students from across the nation and globe, I learned more about other cultures while also getting to share my own culture and values with others.
Although the school does not have the chillest reputation, it certainly provides a high level education and has amazing faculty. This also provides students with great research opportunities and access to resources otherwise difficult to take part in
The academics are super solid at this school, particularly for engineers, however, be prepared to be challenged. People are extremely smart and you have to work hard, prepare well, and make sure to get help in order to do well.
The school offers a world class, private education for the price of a public university which is truly amazing. The large and diverse student body allows students to meet people from all walks of life and become more well rounded individuals as a result. However, the campus climate can sometimes come across as hostile and unwelcoming, especially for those who struggle wth political correctness. While many students will work with you to understand it, there are some that are just looking to be insulted and do not offer help. Aside from this, though, this university does not tend to be highly competitive and most students are more than happy to work with each other with a real community mind set to help everyone succeed. This is especially helpful given the rigorous academics provided at this university, an experience that will most certainly be a struggle, but a rewarding one. This is an excellent university and I highly encourage people to attend.
There is no school on earth I'd rather be at than Cal. I study Computer Science, and I was worried the environment would be too competitive or stifling for me, as I appreciate a balance that allows me to grow both academically and personally, but those fears were completely unfounded. This place is hard, yes, and it pushes you to constantly improve, but it does that in ALL aspects of your life -- academically, professionally, socially, personally, intellectually, and in everything else.

--I had to cut my review because it was too long, so go here for my full thoughts: --
So far, there have been ups and downs throughout the year; but the peaks outweigh the valleys by a landslide. The quality of people you meet and the connections you form with them make the outdated dorms and bland food supportable. Although the classes are hard you always have the reassurance that you are going to one of the best universities and you are being taught by some of the most intelligent people on the planet. Coming to Berkeley and throughout the first weeks I had the hope of transferring to a better looking campus such as UCLA. But as time passed I grew to appreciate the charm of Berkeley and the fact that this is the place to be if you want to have a major impact in the world. All the mentors here are happy to help you grow and expand your knowledge. They encourage curiosity and instill perseverance and a learning mentality.
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I love the challenges that come with the academics, though sometimes the work can be overwhelming. The campus is also very nice and at a perfect location. I am from the Bay Area and I know my way around the city of Berkeley. I do not know about the dorms because I decided to stay at home a couple cities away. I also do not know how the campus food is because I don't go to the Dining Halls but the city is filled with amazing restaurants.
Personally, I really like the number of groups and opportunities on campus. There really is something for everyone. The classes are definitely hard but I do think I've been learning from them. if anything, I wish south side (the side of campus where most dorms are) was less sketch. I also wish there wasn't such a tough cutoff for Computer science. I guess that's why it's one of the best programs though.
Berkeley is a great school in a great location in San Francisco. It is a highly competitive school which means a highly competitive environment which leads to like minded students thriving and becoming incredibly intelligent. The climate in the region is amazing as it is always hot, this is another major attraction for Berkeley students and something you should look into.
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