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I love the big school atmosphere and sports games! Game days are the best. The classes are interesting.
UC Berkeley has given me a great experience but it is very very overcrowded and overwhelming. Getting into business clubs as a freshman is close to impossible. The streets are filled with homeless people. It is not a place for the fainthearted.
I LOVE ATTENDING THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY!! It has been the most rewarding experience of my life so far. I graduated High School in a small town and it was quite the jump to move to Berkeley, California. But from day 1, I knew I was in for a treat. The professors are world-renowned and very knowledgeable! Students at Berkeley are extremely studious and diverse--students here are from all over the world!! The academic life is very rigorous, but that should be expected from such a prestigious University. Plus, there is lots of help and resources available for Students in need. I would recommend UC Berkeley to anyone who is interested in a beautiful campus, fantastic faculty, and world-class academics. GO BEARS!!
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It's a great school that allows students to be as liberal as they can be and as open as they can. I have gotten the opportunity to meet lots of great people.
UC Berkeley is an amazing university! The faculty are all so supportive and welcoming, and always willing to help. The university may seem big and scary at first, but there are hundreds of different clubs and organizations on campus that it is easy to find your niche group to fit in with!
its chill i mean i like that the school has a lot of people and resources for marginalized people like myself
Berkeley's environment is unlike any other. Its diversity of students and resources provides an accepting and educational environment. The academics are difficult, but there is lots of resources on campus to help you succeed academically.
I thoroughly enjoy the driven atmosphere created by the esteemed professors and students to encourage not only learning but also action. I have found myself more interested in challenging my beliefs, and I have grown to fear more of never reaching full potential than of the potential to fail.
Great university, very difficult but rewarding in the long run! There are so many diverse and intelligent people that you will meet, and it really opens you up to experiences and perspectives that are unique.
Although I appreciate the diversity inclusiveness, I would like to see more being done to serve the financial barrier of the underprivileged and dispossessed, i.e. free tuition if accepted.
I have loved my time here at Cal so far. The school has pushed me, encouraged me, stressed me, and applauded me. I could not have found a better fit.
The University of California-Berkeley is an exemplary university with a clean and unique campus. Not only does it accommodate various students from different backgrounds (including religious, cultural, social, etc), the campus contains a plethora of different clubs and organizations to promote these different groups. The only major change I hope to see happen soon at UC Berkeley is the cleaning up of the atmosphere outside the campus, as well as further refurnishing of the dorms provided by the institution.
It is very diverse campus for those who are interested in the school. Excellent place for higher learning
Berkeley is super liberal, which may be uncomfortable to some, but eye opening to others. Berkeley is certainly qualified to become a top choice for any UC applicant.
UC Berkley offers limitless diversity and resources, from the SLC to the many research opportunities this academic institution offers.
Would not recommend to anyone who does not live in California, as Californians are generally demeaning toward anyone who is out of state and believes that out-of-staters only got in to meet quotas.
I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities and the experiences that this university have given me. The university reassures us with the quality of the course materials, the famous professors that we get to interact with, and all the talented and compassionate students around us. The university is also in a prime location with the bart system right next to it, it is easier to go out to the real world for jobs/internships in the city, go work in research lab at UCSF, etc. to further spread connections.
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When I first arrived at Berkely, I was astonished by the activities and aliveness from students! You can legit go out for a walk with your friends at night and still see students.
While the rigorous academic reputation of this school tends to overwhelm the prospective student, I can say with absolute confidence this factor is only a small part of life on campus here at Berkeley. Even as a first year, I can already find a sense of belonging, despite my average SAT performance and proclivity towards the arts. This school is so diverse in the passions and pursuits on campus, and the Bay Area backdrop could not be more apt!
Admittedly, my experience here at Berkeley is a short one, though I've had a fair amount of experience packed into just this short time. From day one, this school is definitely a "choose your own adventure"-type. There is very little hand-holding if any at all, and it is without a doubt tougher to be a student at Cal than at other academically comparable universities. However, I figure a resilience will be built for both myself and my peers - the kind of resilience that prepares you better than just about anything else for the "real world". It's without a doubt difficult, but I'd say wholly worth the difficulty. A degree from Berkeley will open up so many doors, and it's worth jumping through the hoops of having to find a group to associate with on campus, figuring out housing and dealing with your roommates/floormates, knowing what areas to avoid when, and of course, the thoroughly vigorous curriculum.
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