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what i really liked about the university was how a lot of the students on the campus were really welcoming. if you were a visitor on the campus and you were lost the students that had belonged to the campus would help you out a lot and compliment you to what you needed.
Santa Barbara is amazing! Everyone is welcoming. The professors and T.A.'s are encouraging and always available to help you. The weather is super nice! I would not change anything.
The classes are great, professors are amazing and the campus is gorgeous but there isn't much to do in the city besides party and go to the beach.
Review University of California - Santa Barbara
The University of California - Santa Barbara stood out to me in many different ways. The academics, professors, and the lively student life make for a well-rounded campus with a beautiful environment. Everything about this campus is well wounded together and outstandingly lovely. My visits here are always splendid and I wish everyone has the chance to enjoy such a great campus.
Really nice campus, and everyone is extremely friendly. The party scene is not overwhelming at all. The math professors aren't the greatest.
Great faculty, professors invest a lot of time and effort in their students. UCSB also offers a variety of free tutoring such as CLAS or ACE. There are many resources that provide support in many areas such as CARE, the Women's Center, CAPS, the Multicultural Center. Additionally, the school offers diverse clubs.
Even though I only went to UCSB for only a Quarter, it was an awesome time! It was amazing to meet people from all over California. The party scene is insane as every Friday- Sunday there is always something going on and Del Playa is always the place to be! The classes may be tough, but it flies by so fast and then it's on to the next party. UCSB always has events for the students, and the life on campus is vibrant and busy. It is definitely a place to call home.
University of California - Santa Barbara is a dream school offering the very bests in academics while presenting a unique student life experience.
It's a good school if you are willing to take advantage of your resources. The academics are so-so depending on what professors you receive, but if your professor is bad then go to CLAS or put more time into learning the material yourself. SB's social life is fairly good after all you do live near the beach and have a mini college town (hint: free drinks at parties if you're female); I recommend being outgoing the first week of school since that is the time where everyone is looking for friends or joining clubs. The beach is plus factor in this school, take advantage of it while you're there! As for the food, it is alright and to be honest, on some days the dining food are pretty terrible.
UCSB is the best school on earth. It's the perfect mix of a rigorous education and a killer social life. Great people and great professors.
The campus is beautiful and sits right on the coast where you can hear the waves and feel the fresh, sunny weather near the ocean. The professors I have had experience with are caring people who are willing to help and provide assistance with learning and any difficulties that arise. There is a great counseling department to go to when tragedies, personal, difficulties, and academic difficulties make everyday life seem hard. The CLAS system on campus is very helpful when it comes to tutoring and there are many quiet and comfortable study spaces on campus. If I could change something it would be the quarter system because I feel like a semester system is more in depth and easier to study for exams, but you get used to it after a while.
UC Santa Barbara has an amazingly stunning campus set alongside the ocean. The sun is seemingly always shining and it's hard to sit in a classroom when all you really want to be doing is hanging out on the beach. Professors are highly qualified and the education is nothing short of invigorating.
UCSB, in my opinion, has collected a group of some of the nicest, most well-rounded people you'll ever meet. I've encountered fantastic professors in my major that have changed me, just like the writers of those cheesy think pieces. Even if it's a cliche now, you honestly can't talk about this school without mentioning the two beaches that border the campus and how gorgeous it is on a sunny day. Because everyone basically lives within a square mile of each other, you'll find a real community-feeling that's hard to find elsewhere.
UCSB was an amazing experience. You learn in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you definitely learn how to manage your time when you have that kind of beautiful nature all around you. People are very laid back and friendly, and I made my best friends there. I miss my UCSB days so much, and I wish I could go back and do it again. It's an amazing place.
Awesome experience. I lived right by the beautiful SB beach for four years. The school is HUGE and has a ton to offer. I studies Environmental Studies, lived in the housing co-ops in Isla Vista, worked at the rock wall at the fantastic gym on campus, worked in local plant nurseries and so much more. I love Santa Barbara and UCSB. I wish I had had more time there.
its a beautiful campus. i went to visit the campus for a field trip and i immediately fell in love with everything about it. it has the major i want to persue and i believe this is the campus i would like to attend this year that i graduate.
I am currently in high school, a senior i should add. I went on a road trip to explore the colleges i was applying too. Santa Barbara was amazing! The view, the ocean as its back yard, the campus, i was in awe. An amazingly beautiful school!
Review University of California - Santa Barbara
I love this school more than I ever could have imagined. The professors and other faculty make the learning experience here enjoyable. The community is also nothing short of amazing and I have learned so much from everyone I meet.
The location is amazing and the people are all so friendly and welcoming. The professors and staff are so incredibly helpful and on top of their stuff.
UCSB offers a very friendly, welcoming community filled with a diverse community of hard working individuals.
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