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its a beautiful campus. i went to visit the campus for a field trip and i immediately fell in love with everything about it. it has the major i want to persue and i believe this is the campus i would like to attend this year that i graduate.
I am currently in high school, a senior i should add. I went on a road trip to explore the colleges i was applying too. Santa Barbara was amazing! The view, the ocean as its back yard, the campus, i was in awe. An amazingly beautiful school!
I love this school more than I ever could have imagined. The professors and other faculty make the learning experience here enjoyable. The community is also nothing short of amazing and I have learned so much from everyone I meet.
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The location is amazing and the people are all so friendly and welcoming. The professors and staff are so incredibly helpful and on top of their stuff.
UCSB offers a very friendly, welcoming community filled with a diverse community of hard working individuals.
This school is utterly fantastic. I came here out of state and it's almost everything I expected in terms of academics and student life. This school has great programs in econ, communications, engineering, and tons more and it's generally not too stressful to handle unless it's dead week. This is the kind of campus that you just feel great being here. IV is right next door and it has some pretty great food spots and I get great vibes from the housing and students living here (I'll be moving here next year as well). Weather is chillier than I thought but it's awesome being on the beach everyday and parties by the ocean have been unforgettable. The people here are cool and unique, so you will surly find your niche here in due time. There seem to always be parties/socials going on too if you're into that! I have much more to experience in my time here but UCSB has treated me very well and I encourage anybody to at least apply here. In conclusion,come to this school; you won't regret it.
Honestly, I have meet a bunch of cool people here. I am a second year and there are a bunch of places and things I still have not done while here, this school has a lot to offer.
I am currently a freshman at UC Santa Barbara. I live on campus in one of the residence halls, and I must say that so far I have had a good experience. The views are amazing and you meet amazing people every day. As far as academics, all of my classes have been great so far. The professors have a lot of knowledge to offer to students and there are many resources on campus for almost anything such as tutoring, mental health, counseling, library, etc. I still have a lot more to explore around here and I am excited for the new experiences and memories that I will make in the next few years.
This school has a fun-loving and laid back feel to it. The students are very dedicated to their academic success but also have a lot of fun. The location is beautiful. This place becomes home very fast.
UCSB is an incredible school that provides students an excellent experience, both in and out of the classroom. On the academic side, there's nothing to be desired. The programs are well-developed, the professors are world-class, the classes are engaging and interesting. On the side of campus life, there's not only a lot of active extracurricular involvement, but also a real sense of community. If you get into an accident on the bike path, there'll immediately be 5 other people who stop and make sure you're ok -- this, to me, is the essence of UCSB.
Santa Barbara is a school that has a little bit of everything for everyone. Although UCSB does, in fact, have a party reputation, it is outdated as that was the reputation of 2006 UCSB. 2017 UCSB has a different appeal. The school tries 24/7 to divert students from partying by holding alternative events, especially for dorming freshmen. The school is more diverse than people think. Everyone at UCSB eventually finds people they love to hang out with. Off campus, there is still so much to do in such a little space. There are parks, scenery, Isla Vista, the Market area, downtown, and along with your friends there are endless adventures to have with so many hidden gems everywhere.
I really like how class sections, or weekly discussions work around a small number of students which makes it easier to understand everything as a whole.
Wonderful public university. Great education, great faculty and great campus. The community and clubs are great resources. The classes are very educational and UC SB offers many programs, majors, minors and certificates. I was able to take all the courses I wanted and took advantage of the study abroad program as well!
I am currently in my second quarter as a freshman at UCSB and so far I am iffy about how I feel about the school. So far, I am on track to graduate a year early so I hope that I am able to land the classes I need to do so. The academics are good so far, however I think that the requirement for a class to be considered a writing class should be lowered because I have a class with three 4-5 papers that does not give me credit for writing. The party scene is decent, but things close down at midnight & it tends to be the same thing every weekend.
Obviously, this school is beautiful. I am in the college of engineering, and the professors are fantastic. There is a great collaborative atmosphere, and I love studying here. Nothing beats 8th floor library views of the ocean.
My experience at SB has been excellent academically and socially, as attending this top-ranked university on a beautiful campus has opened so many doors and opportunities for me. I have a better idea of what I am interested in studying, my career goals and aspirations, and how I want to give back to my community in the future. Santa Barbara is one of the best locations to attend college as there is a countless number of things to do, and as a an academically and socially thriving campus, I have changed for the better and have grown in all aspects of my life.
I love UCSB. It is honestly the best decision of my life. I am a fourth year now and I have made the best of friends that I will keep for my life, I am involved in amazing Research, I have become close with many professors, and I have benefitted from our campus resources such as CLAS which is a free tutoring service that ONLY UCSB has for free. The ocean is my backyard and I am so thankful for that. We also have the mountains for our hikes. Downtown is really fun for shopping, walking around, and going out on Thursdays.
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UCSB is an all around amazing school offering a great education with plenty of research and professional opportunities. Who can complain when the beach is only a few steps away. Love it so much.
Everything about this school is amazing. The people are smart and genuine, the professors are so helpful, the courses are challenging yet interesting, and there's always something fun to do.
Coming to UCSB was the best decision I could've ever made. The school is very well rounded. I have experienced academic and social growth.
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