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I recently graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Human Development. I absolutely loved my major courses and my professors! They are so friendly and open to assist. There are plenty of campus organizations that you can get involved in and the surrounding neighborhood... well La Jolla is absolutely beautiful!
Very much a technical school. My fault for choosing really. However, it was still informational. If I had to pick a percentage of how many good professors there were that truly cared about students, it would be 30%. While that 30% definitely consists of quality professors, it gets a little hard to look past the awful ones. Overall, good school if you want to get into a technical field like engineering.
Great school with a big but pretty campus. Food is good but you get tired of it after a while, but that's not necessarily a bad thing because there are lots of amazing food joints in and around La Jolla. Parking and commuting can be a pain as well as expensive housing, but these problems seem prevalent in colleges around the nation.
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My experience at University of California San Diego has been limited. As an off campus transfer student there is serious effort needed to be made to feel apart of the student body. The education that is offered by the institution is well worth my attendance. As a research university it is great to be able to learn from professors about their research.
I feel safe on campus. There are plenty of things to do here. Professors are a hit or miss. I find that it is easy to get help or other resources. There are plenty of eating options on campus. The campus is in a wealthy neighborhood.
I love how engaged this institution is with research; they conduct amazing studies for the department of psychology and cognitive science. Really allows students to get involved and think critically of how behavior and attitude are tied in with our mind.
I simply visited the campus once, and I fell in love. The buildings are nice, the people are nice. I am attending this school in the fall, and I am extremely excited, since it is my dream school.
It was great! Everyone's really nice and I learned a lot. You definitely get your money's worth in terms of teaching and resources available to students. College is what you make of it, right?
UCSD is a world class academic institution especially in regards to its engineering and science programs. The focus on academics and research makes it an extremely challenging learning environment. Unfortunately the schools faculty displays a clear priority on its research programs and very little investment in student life, sports or any sense of community. The area is fantastic for older students but there is nowhere nearby to live off campus for students because the local area has extremely expensive properties controlled by private parties.
I loved this campus! It was beautiful and everyone was always friendly. There was an abundance of food spots and markets, as well as activities. The professors are extremely knowledgeable. Class sizes are huge but I was able to learn a lot through this style.
fantastic school for students focused passionately on academics, in a gorgeous community and right on the beautiful cliffs overlooking the Pacific, tons of events available for those looking to get involved with different communities but definitely not a party school
It was the best experience of my life. Met the greatest people and not to mention the beach was 5 minutes away. Greatest sunsets ever! Learned so much academically and socially. Wouldn't change a thing.
The University is large and like a little college town with mostly everything you need. The programs are great and well-known. It is a very casual campus and by the later years, you'll be wearing sweats or pajamas to classes sometimes. Now, for the downside. The problem with the professors isn't qualification but the lack of teaching techniques. There were good professors but then there are the ones who you know were forced to teach but really wanted to focus on their research instead. Those are times you better be good at self-teaching. However, I have been blessed to work closely with good mentors in research, the graduate students can be a hit or miss when it comes to teaching new research assistants.
UCSD is a great school that provides rigorous courses and fun experiences. They have a ton of organizations to choose from and provide many resources. The best thing to be active and motivate yourself to get yourself out there. Keep in mind quarter system is pretty quick so stay on top of things.
It's a great school for those interested in a research based learning. Even engineering, a hands-on, design type major is more research based than innovation based. The arts department is weak - dance majors retake classes just to fulfill unit requirements for graduation. Nevertheless, great school for STEM.
It's a challenging school, especially for first generations. But UCSD offers various programs to get a student started. They also offer peer mentor ship, counseling and more. Club organization also offer its own mentorship opportunities and hang outs for students to be able to branch out. UCSD also has different Living Learning Communities that's amazing. Parking is a negative and also dinning food can get tiring.
UCSD is a great college with so many activities and services that it's hard to be helpless or bored there. If there is anything I would change it's parking, because it's so limited and finding parking often requires coming really early.
Review University of California - San Diego
Honestly, I'm not currently attending the school as of right now; however, I'm planning to this fall of 2017. Although personally, I don't have much experience with the school, I have friends and family members who have actually attended the school and or are still currently attending who say that they really enjoy the school and they are always telling me how people there are really helpful and are willing to aid or assist you in anything you need. Similarly, although most of us often go online and see the reviews concerning the school there always different reviews depending on the person's experience, such as how some people may say how UCSD is not really social, but in really I feel as though it all really depends on you and on who you choose to associate yourself with, meaning you can dictate how your college experience is going to be.
I have been accepted into UCSD and I am highly considering this highly diverse and academically rigorous university. On the campus tour, I really enjoyed the fact that the university pays attention to the needs of its students, for example, by modifying its library as requested by the student body. In addition, UCSD offers a wide variety of clubs and extracurriculars that are not only fun but also add experience and a pinch of pizzazz to ones resume. It is good to know that the university offers mental health assistance for students. In addition, the university is close to the beach - where one can just walk and relax.
The campus is very big, one has to walk ten to fifteen minutes to get to class. Winter quarter is the most difficult because there are not many holidays. Some dorms are nice depends on which college one's in because there are six different colleges in UCSD. Muir is the best one. Professors are okay. Food is average compare to UCLA.
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