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University of California - San Diego Reviews

3,075 reviews
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University of California San Diego is a great STEM school. It is one of the top research schools in the country and the academics overall are great. The student life on the other hand is pretty much socially dead if you are not on a sports team or a part of the greek system. There are no frat/sorority houses but the greek system is still fun. The sports teams are not a very big deal here, and because I played for the volleyball team, I know how little the student body cares about the teams.
UC San Diego provides a calm environment to learn in and a fair amount of majors to choose from, especially those focusing on STEM. It contains six different colleges to choose from, all containing different course requirements with varying difficulty. UCSD has programs that do well in helping students in areas of tutoring, health, academic success, minority focuses, and freshman first year experiences. Their food served in cafeterias is about average, though more and more areas are being made to eat in to improve this, such as the newest dinning area, Ocean View. San Diego isn't too big on events, but there are a few that occur throughout the school year. The school is mostly known for its strong emphasis in academics and its location near the La Jolla Beach. Overall, San Diego is a good school and seems to provide a decent college experience.
I really found a sense of community within various organizations and clubs on campus. The people here are generally polite to one another. I think I made more friends in my 6 months here, than in my four years of high school.
It's not a right fit for me. They constantly over enroll so it's difficult to get classes and housing. Not many students are active on campus considering the number of people enrolled. The classes and professors are wonderful once you get into the class. The campus is too big and not very attractive-none of the architecture is cohesive.
UCSD fostered a spirit of focus on education and the quality of the professors inspired my spirit to learn. I constantly researched new opportunities to be successful and grow in this environment.
My experience 25 years ago was...meh...2.5 stars. At the time, student life was dismal. Efforts by the students to organize or have fun went almost completely unsupported by the administration, financially or otherwise. That said, RETROSPECTIVELY I GIVE THE UNIVERSITY FIVE STARS, because I see what they're doing and it's phenomenal. They're putting their focus into innovation and progressive change, across disciplines. Perhaps this comes at the expense of student life. OK, then, you can't have everything. Also, two work principles they grind into you at UCSD that will elevate you in the workplace and personally are INQUIRY AND RIGOR. These are worth every cent. You'll leave UCSD with the tools to accomplish whatever you set out for if you have the confidence (last part is key). Perhaps a more supported student experience would help that piece. Anyway, I'm damn proud to see what UCSD is doing and happy they're finally receiving recognition. After all these years, PROUD TO BE A TRITON.
Big campus with pretty trees, very nice to walk from class to class. Academically it is reasonably sound (perhaps more on the easy side compared to other universities I have attended). I would definitely reccomend
The University of California - Sam Diego is one of the most prestigious schools in the world. From its staff and faculty to the students, everyone is committed to running a learning environment. Campus life is very much alive and exponentially progressing.
it's ok. dont go here. i think the campus and people are nice but it can get tiring, and you can get closed off accidentally. I think it is important to keep open other options.
Based on my first quarter at UCSD, I can definitely tell that they really want to help everyone. I adapted easily at UCSD because I knew I wanted to be in the type of rigorous, academic environment UCSD is know for. The friends I made so far really challenge me to do well in school but they are also very supportive and fun all around. I haven't had a hard time making friends because everyone is in the same position as you are when you are a freshman, and so everyone is friendly and open. I thought I would have a hard time finding my way around UCSD since it is a pretty big campus, but I surprisingly did not have much trouble! The campus is really clean as well.
UC San Diego has so much character. The campus is extremely unique with art work scattered around campus. You fell like you're living in a beach house in ERC and at the same time those in Sixth College feel like they're in summer camp. The professors are so helpful and relatable. Even though classes are hard, the student body is always helpful. There is not a competitive air around campus and everyone is there to help each other. It truly is a school for everyone, yet it's STEM impacted and socially dead image keep outsiders from noticing it's beauty. The school is EXTREMELY underrated. I mean you're walking distance away from the beach and a bus ride away from exploring city of San Diego, how can it get better than that?
Love UCSD's location and walking distance to beautiful beaches and cliffs. The surrounding area is quite safe and calm. People are super nice and very smart. The environment is competitive in a way that motivates you to keep academics as your 1st priority but also very supportive. Not a big party school but as long as you get out there you can find a party almost every weekend.
we aren't known by people outside of california and the school's solution to the problem is to get a football team we can't afford or take care of. well we tried.
So far it has been a very good experience. The campus is quiet most of the time but there's spots for partying for those kinds of people. The opportunity around UCSD is limitless especially if you're a science major
Love it here. Good for students that are serious about their education. I would prefer if there was a football team because it is a good way to unite the students but there are still plenty of ways to get together as Tritons.
UCSD is known as UC Socially Dead but there is honestly so much life on campus if you know where to look. The professors are all amazing and dedicated to helping you learn and the people on campus are some of the nicest people I've ever met. This school is amazing and provides numerous opportunities.
Beautiful campus. Awesome people. Variety of food. I liked the professors. I like the dorms. Laundry is easy.
UC San Diego is by far one of the most beautiful college campuses within California. A 15 minute walk away from La Jolla Shores, it is a chill and lax environment that embraces the multicultural differences of its students. There are many valuable resources that accommodate the needs of every students and a friendly and helpful staff that will not hesitate to help out students. The campus is clean and with 6 colleges within one and 2 gyms, there is no way that one can gain the well known freshman 15. As for classes, although they do fill up quickly, classrooms are large and have speakers that enable everyone to hear the professor loud and clear.
You have to get involved if you want to have a fun experience. Take advantage of the incredible faculty and make sure to enjoy the beach and the local area. Classes can get hard but with a bit of hard work everything is manageable.
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