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Just the right size of campus, students seemed to be well adapted and happy.
Resources are available 24/7.
Great school, beautiful campus and lots of food options! I was a commuting student and I received some negativity from teachers which I did not like.
University of California Riverside allows students to be themselves by creating a safe environment and a number of very interesting classes.
Review University of California - Riverside
The staff is really friendly but the lines and the amount of time it takes to remove holds is what makes this school a four star to me rather than a five. The students here are very outgoing and that is what makes this school seem not so boring. I do love the idea that it is a non smoking school.
UCR has helped me develop the personal and professional skills to lead me into my next chapter. I am thankful to have attended such a diverse campus with great faculty that have been there every step of the way for me. I have had such an amazing experience at UCR that its become my home.
UCR is a great university with a diverse amount of students. The college campus is on the smaller side compared to other UCs however, this lets the students become familiarized to their school and is easier to maneuver. The class rooms are a bit dated depending on the building however the technology is still up to par. The classroom sizes is the most appealing. Because it is a smaller setting, students become more comfortable with their classmates and the professor and/or TA. UCR is visual and academically pleasing to every student that attends.
This few first quarters at UCR have been great. I have met new people with different backgrounds, and academic wise have been good so far. O love the weather on campus. However, the only drawback as in any other university would be when registering for classes.
University of California Riverside is very diverse. The campus life is great only if you are a part of a club or greek life. Those that aren't affiliated might have a difficult time meeting others in the long run because the party scene solely revolves around invitations, so there are a lot of cliques on campus. Nonetheless it is a great motivator to converse and be open with others from day one. UCR is the only thing great about Riverside in my opinion because not much else happens outside of campus. Despite the dry summers and freezing winters, the campus maintains its beauty with green grass throughout the year.
I love that there are so many programs to help first-generational students and has many opportunities for job potentials. The only downside is that there are way too many students per faculty so the individual problems are not attended right away.
I have been here for a while and I love this school, best choice. The whole campus is really friendly and supportive. The professors overall are good and care for the students, especially if you put in the effort to seek them for help. The dorms here are good and the cleaning staff are nice and friendly. The food and chef's are great too! Never really get bored of the food here since you got three choices here. Some of the things I would like to see change around here is the events that they have, they are too repetitive in my opinion but other than that all is good. Overall, the school is very good but a little underrated. I would recommend this school if you like a friendly and diversity in your school.
Overal, I love UC Riverside. The campus is beautiful and its super diverse which i absolutely love. There are some excellent professors and advisors here that really care about the students. There are also tons of resources that are available to students for almost anything you can think of. My only dislike is the financial aid office because they are quite slow at communication.
I am really thankful to be a part of this school. Without the help of this university I would not have been attending a 4 year university. I am really thankful to have this opportunity to experience the college life. The campus is very diverse, however only near the campus is it safe. You will find the pros and cons at this school, but overall it is a good school.
I started attending UCR Fall 2016, I was hesitant, but I absolutely love it. It is very diverse and I personally think the campus is beautiful. People are very friendly, and the professors I've had are really caring about our education.
University of California Riverside is university you should consider if you do not the funds a for a more prestigious school. It has a relatively nice campus with some good scenery. However the highlight is easily the botanic gardens which I recommend you visit if you decide on this college. For a commuter it is a school worthy of investment with a safe campus, lax professors and very diverse campus.
UCR has great diversity and is a great place overall; there are so many opportunities offered left to right.
I love the fact in is in the rural area where downtown riverside is minutes away and the education is great
Very multicultural. Be sure to assert yourself, make yourself known and your voice heard. Most importantly, be active, joining clubs and don't be afraid to make friends.
Review University of California - Riverside
I went on a school field trip to visit UCR and I can honestly say it is a really good college. I ended up applying to this school because it has my major and and it seems like a diverse community and I would enjoy attending there.
its nice and the academics are good. the dorms are nice and arent too old or musty i like the way the clubs are oganized and all students feel welcomed and are open to try nrw htings
Although it is not one of the more renowned UC's, Riverside offers a wonderful undergraduate program and an even better social environment. Being the most divers of the UC's is a seen importance to our chancellor and is heavily prioritized into daily campus activities. The people are friendly, the professors are nice, and most importantly, the system that makes it possible for students and professors to collaborate and help each other is amazing.
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