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University of California - Riverside Reviews

2,868 reviews
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I have been here for a while and I love this school, best choice. The whole campus is really friendly and supportive. The professors overall are good and care for the students, especially if you put in the effort to seek them for help. The dorms here are good and the cleaning staff are nice and friendly. The food and chef's are great too! Never really get bored of the food here since you got three choices here. Some of the things I would like to see change around here is the events that they have, they are too repetitive in my opinion but other than that all is good. Overall, the school is very good but a little underrated. I would recommend this school if you like a friendly and diversity in your school.
Overal, I love UC Riverside. The campus is beautiful and its super diverse which i absolutely love. There are some excellent professors and advisors here that really care about the students. There are also tons of resources that are available to students for almost anything you can think of. My only dislike is the financial aid office because they are quite slow at communication.
I am really thankful to be a part of this school. Without the help of this university I would not have been attending a 4 year university. I am really thankful to have this opportunity to experience the college life. The campus is very diverse, however only near the campus is it safe. You will find the pros and cons at this school, but overall it is a good school.
I started attending UCR Fall 2016, I was hesitant, but I absolutely love it. It is very diverse and I personally think the campus is beautiful. People are very friendly, and the professors I've had are really caring about our education.
University of California Riverside is university you should consider if you do not the funds a for a more prestigious school. It has a relatively nice campus with some good scenery. However the highlight is easily the botanic gardens which I recommend you visit if you decide on this college. For a commuter it is a school worthy of investment with a safe campus, lax professors and very diverse campus.
UCR has great diversity and is a great place overall; there are so many opportunities offered left to right.
I love the fact in is in the rural area where downtown riverside is minutes away and the education is great
Very multicultural. Be sure to assert yourself, make yourself known and your voice heard. Most importantly, be active, joining clubs and don't be afraid to make friends.
I went on a school field trip to visit UCR and I can honestly say it is a really good college. I ended up applying to this school because it has my major and and it seems like a diverse community and I would enjoy attending there.
its nice and the academics are good. the dorms are nice and arent too old or musty i like the way the clubs are oganized and all students feel welcomed and are open to try nrw htings
Although it is not one of the more renowned UC's, Riverside offers a wonderful undergraduate program and an even better social environment. Being the most divers of the UC's is a seen importance to our chancellor and is heavily prioritized into daily campus activities. The people are friendly, the professors are nice, and most importantly, the system that makes it possible for students and professors to collaborate and help each other is amazing.
I love how UCR is very welcoming. The diversity throughout campus is amazing. The faculty are very helpful, the students are united. It is a great school for students who are looking for a great college experience, academically or socially.
Has a variety of clubs and organizations that fit anyones interests from dance to clubs that align towards students majors.
My experience so far has been amazing. The people are amazing and the campus is beautiful. The area around is fairly dull, but the campus itself is full of life.
I love how even though I was away from home, the people and environment still made me feel safe and secure. I sought out my independence through my first year at Riverside and I've come a long way. The classes are filled with lots of key components you need to achieve in your other upper div classes. Most professors are very fun to listen to during lecture, others are a bit more dull. However, you will always have a good time hanging around the Hub eating Panda or Italian pasta. There's always something to do on campus, getting involved with clubs or simply talking and networking with people at events. Overall, it was a great four years for me.
What I like the most about the UCR is that they strongly encourage you to be yourself. I think its incredible how they manage to make so many different people feel safe. When I am in school I am not only learning what is being taught in class but I am also getting to know my classmates that often come from a different background. Just like you find people who are different from you, you can also find people who share similar stories or interests to yours. I think the thing that I didn't like about my experience was the lack of help that they have for a student that has been injured. When I was at school I fell down the stairs and I hurt my ankle. When I called for help nobody knew what to do and it took a while for somebody to actually arrive and when I arrived at my dorms nobody was willing to help. I think the university has to implement someone that can help injured students or at least they should show their staff to be more compassionate for those who are injured.
The University of California, Riverside has a beautiful campus that is maintained very clean. Other than camps appearance, the students there are very friendly and diverse. It is good to see a diverse student body and have peers with different cultural backgrounds and traditions. It is a good way to learn about other cultures and gain friendships with people who one would have never thought. The thing I like most is that everyone is very social however when it comes to studying for finals, everyone turns into a bookworm at the library so it is a good way to stay focused on the real reason why we are all there, academics.
University of California, Riverside has many professors that are willing to connect with their students and help them learn. My first year of college has been great so far as the school provides many activities to do such as clubs and student recreation center. There is not much to change to the school because it is already providing enough for the students.
I am a freshman this year and I really enjoyed my first quarter and the classes I took. I really like the diversity and how friendly the staff and students are. UC Riverside is a really great school and the environment is wonderful.
So far it's not my favorite. Haven't had the best experience, but I've only taken one semester (as a transfer student). Classes are cool and campus is generally clean, but students are super rude and I wouldn't want to be friends with half of them.
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