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I have enjoyed every miniute at this school, I wish I could continue to see the growth in the community and hope to come back in 2020 when the next phase of developments is finished.
I love it! Being from Southern California, it took some getting used to, but afterwards I feel in love with the location and everything the school offered me.
Its a very modern campus. Teachers more focused in Research and nice lab equipment. Has difficulties with catering to housing for students sinces it is a new facility.
Review University of California - Merced
As the newest addition to the UC system, UC Merced is very technologically advanced and fresh. As the campus is undergoing construction to double the size and add many new features, UC Merced has an immense amount of potential in the upcoming years. It already has the most diversity of the UC's and is an extremely friendly and helpful campus.
I recently visited this university of a college tour in northern California and was very pleased with various aspects of this college. The location is perfect, close proximity to San Francisco, Sacramento and Yosemite. It offers many majors and minors such as Psychology, and it's sciences and engineering majors seem to be thriving. The school itself is expanding and will soon offer even more majors. The people there were friendly and the food was great. There is a lot of farm land and more rural areas surrounding the campus, so if that is was you in to, this college is perfect for you. I am definitely considering applying here for 2018.
I wish UC Merced have more specific majors instead of broad Biology with emphasis tracks. UC Merced is good for engineering and biology. A newest campus of UCs, small local community, diversity, small campus. To improve would be more different variety of food and places to go.
This University is unique in my perspective because it is far from the city areas of California and is in the middle of "nowhere" as most people like to say. Not only that but this school is very clean an environment oriented which is amazing. Also, the business management major as well as the research and engineering majors are very good here as I have heard, they really try and incorporate the studies with real life scenarios.
UC Merced is certainly a growing campus, meaning that there are plenty of aspects that could be and are currently being improved. As a student in their School of Engineering, I am moderately impressed by the standards of learning on this very new campus.
Honestly, this school is great. I do not have much of a complaint at all about it. Academics are good, people are friendly, off campus housing is affordable, and they are even making renovations to the school through the 2020 project.
It's a growing institution. It's small and relatively new but there are many perks of attending a smaller school. I'm from Southern California so switching to living in a small, rural area was a big change I didn't appreciate when I first moved here. The people are generally nice and helpful, everyone wants to see you do your best and graduate on time. UC Merced also has many opportunities that will help you beyond your college education.
Caring community that supports you throughout the 4 years that you attend. There are plenty of opportunities where you can have a 1 on 1 meeting with advisers to discuss your career and academic goals.
I am on the Women's soccer team and I love it at UC Merced. There may not be much to do around the school, but there is always things going on on the campus and Yosemite is pretty close. If you want to play sports the athletic community is super close and fun to be apart of. The teachers I have had all have been great and I love all the courses I have taken. Overall, its a great school filled with diversity and a new experience for anyone.
UC Merced is a great university located in a rural area if you like the quiet atmosphere. The nature scene allows for great relaxation and help to be able to ease the mind when overwhelmed with stress. The teachers are a great help to students especially since class discussions are small, and allow for 1 on 1 interactions.
I like the modern look Merced has, as opposed to other universities. I also like that it is close enough to my home that I can go whenever I need to, yet far enough to where I feel like I am completely independent.
It is great for people who prefer small campuses. The people are very friendly and there are lots of ways to find a mentor just for you. It's a nice way to enter college and get used to the system. The classes are very interactive and the professors are great people.
University of California Merced is a smaller university in a rural area but it is quickly improving with the 2020 project and already owns the largest land area for a UC. Since the university has a smaller population, it is easy to seek help and guidance from professors as they always have time to help with assignments and concepts.
UC Merced is a great school with many research opportunities. The staff and faculty are amazing individuals who are very intelligent and eager to connect with students. I believe that this is a great public school because it is fairly new and therefore modern in design as well as in technology. Additionally, the campus is still relatively small, along with the class sizes, so you are receiving the quality of a private school at the price of a public university.
Review University of California - Merced
UC Merced is a brand new campus that has potential to be something great. Academically, it has some good majors and resources to help students. The students are helpful and amazing. It feels like one big family helping each other out. The only down side is that it is a small campus with limited parking.
UC Merced is overall one of the calmest schools, there really isn't anything to complain about. It is very capable of having successful students with their intelligent professors. The campus is very welcoming and comfortable, while being surrounded by not much to distract students fro, their schoolwork.
I have only been on-campus for a month, but it has been very welcoming and resources are abundant. It is really friendly and everyone is pretty willing to help.
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