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I couldn't be happier with my experience at UCLA. I feel independent in my studies, yet still have so many resources that I can reach out to if I need any assistance, whether academic or not. It is a beautiful campus, and the amount of diversity is refreshing, since I come from a town that has a majority Armenian population.
UCLA is a great school but it is very big and you have to be proactive. There are many resources out there to help you with whatever you may need.
I had an GREAT experience at UCLA! It was tough being in the science field but by taking humanities classes I was able to balance my schedule.
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I like that opportunities are provided for you to succeed like tutoring etc. However, the social aspect of the school is lacking many areas
UCLA has the best professors that care for their students' achievement. They offer many majors and minors.
UCLA is a great school, very diverse and the faculty are for the most part very carrying. It is very difficult academic curriculum but it is not impossible to get through it.
Recently, I went to UCLA and it wasn't m first time visiting the campus. When you enter, you can 100% tell the diversity the university has and its amazing. The only thing I feel whats wrong about the campus is the population of the school. It seems like the school is pretty impacted with students and visitors everyday.
Well,I just wanted to say that I have never been to UCLA and always wanted to go there since I was in middle school.Yes .I think that its a great school to go to to get your degree in your major of your choosing.They are a very supportive school that will help you along your way in getting that dream career you have always wanted.I just feel that this school will be a better choice then the other ones out there.Why I say this is because I see that they care for their students education while they were enrolled there trying to get their degree.
I really like the campus. One thing I would like to change is the parking permit price, which is currently around $200 per quarter (we have three quarters). It is a little steep for commuters like myself.
I had a great time at UCLA and also feel that I also received a quality education. As a history major, I feel that I had exposure to a wide range of classes to choose from, quality professors as well as an opportunity to also take business and other interesting classes.
The school UCLA has offered me many opportunities as a high school senior.If it weren't for their once a month Saturday programs, I wouldn't have learned more into depth regarding my AP classes.
UCLA is a beautiful campus, and the community around the university is welcoming and very safe. You get a real community vibe walking around, and I like how there are so many diverse peoples of so many different backgrounds attending there. The academics are world-renowned (14th best school in the world), and the student life is exciting and memorable. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to pursue a rigorous education and eventually successful and fulfilling career. Overall great experience.
Ucla has a beautiful campus with a lot of intelligent people. My favorite part is the sports facilities because its one of the best in the west.
I really like UCLA! I love the diversity on campus and I enjoy the quarter system because I am able to take more classes in a year without having to take so many during each quarter. I also really enjoy how the school focuses on preparing students for medical school.
I enjoy how competitive the environment it because it really pushes you to strive for more. However, it is sort of difficult to find a group of friends especially coming in as a transfer student. On the bright side, there are tons of clubs at UCLA and I plan on joining one next quarter!
This is an amazing university. They expect a lot out of you here and its very fast paced. You do get a good education but you have to work for it. Professors are not very helpful and often expect you to learn everything on your own. Your grade is often based on how well you do compared to those around you not as much on how well you know material which can be really difficult. It's very rigorous and you have to be ready to work hard. The overall environment is very cut throat. The school has amazing school spirit though, making a proud environment as well.
UCLA is a great school. The variety of classes, amazing group of professors, T.A'S and faculty, and plenty of clubs make UCLA the ideal place for students to learn and expand on their interests. There are plenty of services for students of all backgrounds too. To top it off the dorms and food are awesome. UCLA is the best place to live and learn.
Review University of California - Los Angeles
So many opportunities. The area isn't wonderful, lots to do in the city, the campus has many organizations and opportunities to build your resume, and the classes and professors are great!
loved the tours of the dorms, the way the students just explained everything it couldt get much better no doubt i will be returning to this beautiful campus.
It is a very great university! Everyone should apply to the school! I love every moment I spend at the school. I am very proud to be a bruin and I welcome all of you to join the bruin family!
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