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This school has felt like home since I first stepped foot on it. I was very nervous about choosing such a huge school, but the people I have met have helped me to get over that feeling. There are so many opportunities at this school, and I have joined many clubs I would have never expected to join. I also love the school spirit of this campus. I am so proud to attend this prestigious university and I am looking forward to my last 2 years!
This campus is so beautiful and wide, with such an astounding variety of activities one can immerse themselves in. The only issue is that due to the largeness of the student body population, some resources are hard to access like counselors for instance.
Visiting the campus was so great. The University of California—Los Angeles, commonly referred to as UCLA, is located in the Westwood neighborhood of L.A., just five miles from the Pacific Ocean. UCLA guarantees housing for three years. Students can join any of the more than 800 student organizations, including 60 or so Greek chapters, which represent about 13 percent of the student body. The university has a number of student media groups including a newspaper, magazine, and radio and TV stations. The UCLA Bruins compete in the Pac-12 Conference of NCAA’s Division I and are well known for their successful men’s and women’s water polo teams. The Bruins’ football team plays its home games at the famous Rose Bowl stadium in nearby Pasadena.
Review University of California - Los Angeles
UCLA has a very big campus. It's very easy to get lost in. There are many tall buildings. The UCLA store has 2 stories. There are lots of things to buy. You could even buy a Mac there. There are various new buildings and the cafeteria is amazing. There are a great variety of foods. It's so good.
While choosing to attend UCLA has been my best decision in life, like all decisions, it comes with its ups and downs. You will meet the greatest peers here, encounter several different exciting opportunities, and listen to some of the greatest professors lecture passionately about interesting content. However, the academics here is not to take lightly. You have to work hard in order to succeed! You will feel stressed and overwhelmed at the difficulty of the courses here, but unless you really take the time and make the effort to seek supporting services, you will stress constantly.
It's a beautiful school and also my dream school to graduate from. I will be attending as a junior in the upcoming fall. I cannot wait.
I've only spent two years at UCLA, so my review only encapsulates so much of the overall experience most other students who spent four years at the school would have. My experience was great in regards to academic opportunities and campus vibes. If there was anything off-putting at all about my experience, it's that the UCLA student body is much more clique-y than I had anticipated or hoped it would be. UCLA is lauded for its diverse student body, yet ironically the students seem to segregate themselves by race, major, socio-economic standing, frat/sorority affiliation, you name it. It's great to see faces of so many colors at the school, but it's discouraging to see them gathered in huge blobs rather than mixed. Needless to say, I enjoyed my time at UCLA enough to apply there for graduate school. Extremely happy to say that I will be going back for another two years!
UCLA is great in that it offers a really great education, but you should be prepared to feel small in a large sea of people with little to no help from the administration. It's almost like the school board assumes you're a full adult with impeccable maturity and experience by the time you're 18. My advice is, if you attend this school, make sure you take initiative in all aspects of your life.
UCLA is a University that prides itself on both education and athletics. It is located in Westwood, a short drive from both the Santa Monica beach and Beverly Hills. The university itself is often seen in movies and television because of how beautiful the campus is.
Overall UCLA is a great school in terms of the various clubs they have and academics. The only issue would be how tough the classes can get since there are people that are adaptable learners making the grading curve hard to beat.
I couldn't be happier with my experience at UCLA. I feel independent in my studies, yet still have so many resources that I can reach out to if I need any assistance, whether academic or not. It is a beautiful campus, and the amount of diversity is refreshing, since I come from a town that has a majority Armenian population.
UCLA is a great school but it is very big and you have to be proactive. There are many resources out there to help you with whatever you may need.
I had an GREAT experience at UCLA! It was tough being in the science field but by taking humanities classes I was able to balance my schedule.
I like that opportunities are provided for you to succeed like tutoring etc. However, the social aspect of the school is lacking many areas
UCLA has the best professors that care for their students' achievement. They offer many majors and minors.
UCLA is a great school, very diverse and the faculty are for the most part very carrying. It is very difficult academic curriculum but it is not impossible to get through it.
Recently, I went to UCLA and it wasn't m first time visiting the campus. When you enter, you can 100% tell the diversity the university has and its amazing. The only thing I feel whats wrong about the campus is the population of the school. It seems like the school is pretty impacted with students and visitors everyday.
Review University of California - Los Angeles
Well,I just wanted to say that I have never been to UCLA and always wanted to go there since I was in middle school.Yes .I think that its a great school to go to to get your degree in your major of your choosing.They are a very supportive school that will help you along your way in getting that dream career you have always wanted.I just feel that this school will be a better choice then the other ones out there.Why I say this is because I see that they care for their students education while they were enrolled there trying to get their degree.
I really like the campus. One thing I would like to change is the parking permit price, which is currently around $200 per quarter (we have three quarters). It is a little steep for commuters like myself.
I had a great time at UCLA and also feel that I also received a quality education. As a history major, I feel that I had exposure to a wide range of classes to choose from, quality professors as well as an opportunity to also take business and other interesting classes.
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