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From the moment I first took a step on the campus I knew that it was the one for me. I will be enrolling this fall as a transfer student and I couldn't be more psyched about it. UCI is easily one of the best public universities out there and I'm glad I can now be part of it.
i want to attend here when i finish my 2 years, i love the campus. Everyone is so welcoming in and seem to be happy which makes me believe its a great school
I'm attending the university next year and I look forward to meeting new people, participating in new activities, and just live the college experience
Review University of California - Irvine
I love the diversity, opportunity, and immersive academic environment that has allowed me to grow not only in my academic career, but in my character. It is an amazing place to find out your place, your opinions, and your goals. I have had positive classroom experiences, where the professors seem to really care about my education. With the hundreds of clubs available, it is impossible not to find your niche, meet new people, and develop some of the most important and meaningful friendships and relationships. It is a great well rounded institution that I am proud to attend.
I am just about done with my first year at UCI. I am amazed of how much I love the school. I have had nothing but good experiences here within the past yer. The teachers care for you and encourage to ask them for help if you are struggling. They even encourage you to go to their office to ask for help on anything else college related. I recommend this school!
So far, UCI has had an very inclusive environment that I enjoy. However, I would like to see a wider variety of classes being offered. I have a hard time getting that classes that I need to fulfill my requirements.
UCI is a wonderful campus. You can join a lot of clubs and make a lot of new friends. There is also no way to get lost on campus since it is a circle which I love that.
UC Irvine is in a great area. Irvine is known to be a pretty safe city. The cities around Irvine have many things to do and especially eat. Additionally, the students and staff at the university are friendly.
Amazing campus with lots of green plants and good education. In a good area with lots of companies as well.
I love coming to UCI! It is so easy find a community group to belong to, and there is so much to do. People are friendly, and the campus beautiful.
UC Irvine is a great school where students can find a balance in academic and social living. Classes are not impossible, but rather push students to think more than merely memorize, which I find very important as a Biological Sciences major. The location of the school is perfect for college students: lots of great food, Aldrich park on campus and beaches near campus for de-stressing, and being in Orange County leaves it as a hot spot for many internship and volunteer opportunities for students. Research opportunities are also available to students who are interested. The social life is a great balance of school and fun, no pressure to party.
With a beautiful campus, UC Irvine is one of the best in the UC system for those academically minded. The campus is a big place - big enough for everyone to find where they fit in. There's a plethora of majors, minors, and programs offered at UC Irvine, as well as extracurricular activities. The surrounding area is also a great place, although it's also suburban and spread out - so be sure to bring your car, bike, or consider Uber, who often has deals for UCI students!
UCI's faculty is amazing. The courses that I have taken have been with involved professors that are enthusiastic in their field of study. UCI offers an extensive amount of clubs and student communities so that everyone can feel as though they belong. Although it is a big school, I believe that there should be more counselor outreach. The campus is beautiful and surrounded by many close commodities.
The UCI campus is built in a circle so a student can't be lost! In the center of this circle is a park for all the students to take a break after their classes and provides a very calm environment.
Although Irvine isn't the ideal city to live in given there isn't much to do unless you have a car, the people that go to the school are amazing and friendly. The research opportunities are endless.
Beautiful campus. Loved the tour and was given a steaightforward view of what the college is all about.
UC Irvine is a great school dedicated to your academics. Irvine is one of the safest cities in America. Additionally, Irvine is close to Newport, Los Angles, and an hour drive to San Diego; all great weekend trips. Since many people commute to campus, it's a good idea to get involved, either through Greek life or the various clubs.
Review University of California - Irvine
I like how the University of Irvine is a semi-large campus which gives students the ability to experience a more open environment and the ability to meet a diverse range of people all coming from different backgrounds. One thing I dislike about Irvine is that it doesn't seem to have as many classes or resources available as other bigger, more resourceful universities.
The campus is beautiful, and the buildings and structures are in good condition. The majority of professors are nice and do a good job of teaching their courses.
UCI is a good college with great diversity, school spirit and friendly students and staff. Due to its convenient location in Irvine, it is a very safe and accepting college that promotes student growth and a healthy community.
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