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University of California - Irvine Reviews

3,286 reviews
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It is by far the most welcoming in feel campus, the teachers, the curriculum everything is all great and truly enjoyable.
Uci is an amazing school with a friendly and safe atmosphere. It can be lowkey and you need to find parties if that's your scene.
UC Irvine is a great school, and there are always people on campus to help with issues, whether they are academic or personal.
UCI is an interesting campus, as the student life is amazing scene. However, the transition from a semester system to a quarter system is pretty difficult.
UC Irvine is a highly competative research university that emphasizes academic achievement and diversity. It is very difficult, but there is a reason it is hard to get into. It is an excellent school that offers endless opportunities to its students.
UC Irvine is one of the greenest campuses in the UC system. I love that the people that attend UC Irvine are very friendly. I am from the Central Valley and love the country where everything is so green. Irvine really reminds me of home because it is so green away from the city and peaceful.
Uc Irvine is quite the beautiful campus. Overall, its a good place to get you're first steps on life, and get a degree. Their are many opportunities, and their is a scene for every one if you look hard enough.
My experience at UC Irvine was an awesome and memorable one. I really loved the campus and school environment where I can feel safe and at ease. The students are very friendly and there are many opportunities to meet great people and make friends. Some downfalls of the school is that Irvine itself is kind of a boring city with not much to do for students. Also the parking situation on campus can be challenging as well as getting into some classes especially the ones that are either impacted or restricted. But overall, I really enjoyed my college experience here and would highly recommend it to others.
Great facilities, teachers, campus, and resources. We need more environment conservation efforts though.
It's a very diverse school with a nice campus environment. Many of the professors I've met so far have been great and tutoring is made available with their help.
Honestly, it's a lot better than I'd expect. It wasn't my first choice, but I don't regret coming here. There are plenty of resources and friendly people. The party scene is kind of low though. Campus looks nice.
This school was amazing the people here are so nice they offer a variety of majors. I thought their psychology department was amazing . Not to mention how beautiful their campus was you could feel the wind breeze and the atmosphere was very soothing there was trees everywhere very green. It was very pleasant experience being here.
The campus is beautiful. UCI offers many resources and opportunities to its students--but it's up to the students themselves to take hold of these. One area of improvement for UCI is its organization: the financial aid department is sometimes difficult to reach, and there responsiveness is not always great.
The university is very pleasant to look at and I have actually learned a lot even though it was just the first quarter. The advisors are helpful although sometimes repetitive on certain questions. The professors I met were very willing to help the students get good grades and succeed in this university. The dorm food gets tiring after a while, and the asian foods are really bad.
Coming from the bay area it was a culture shock to be in Irvine. It's a big UC so I was fine with all of the resources and diversity but it was not enough. There wasn't much of an active student participation/social justice culture that I would've liked.
I went to a high school in Georgia and because I have always wanted to experience diverse culture, I decided to enroll in UC Irvine and gave up going to Cornell University. At first, I was happy to meet with various types of people. However, I was shocked by the fact that student seldom hang out with other races. Furthermore As an internation student from South Korea, I was ashamed by those students who cannot even speak English fluently when they have lived in the U.S. for about 10 years because they tend to stay in their own bubbles. Other than that, my experience in UC Irvine has been great so far. There are lots of opportunities to find whatever we are interested in, such as job, activities, and even studies. My only bad experience in UC Irvine is that they have horrible councelors at the Undecided/Undeclared major office. Most of the time, not only that they are rude but also what they recommend us to do is totally useless.
Being a transfer student, it was relatively simple to adjust to everything other than the rapidity of the quarter system versus the semester system. Overall, UCI has a welcoming atmosphere with a diverse population and beautiful campus.
It is great place to gain experience and make new friends!! Hopefully coming out of here with a successful new beginning!
As not expected, there are many different ways to become involved and so many opportunities to meet such diverse backgrounds. UCI is a safe space and is welcoming. Not even before the year started, my freshman year we had an orientation that established how welcoming and a safe space UCI can be. It is such a super easy and open-minded environment where you are entitled to your own beliefs.
The social life is great. There's enough to do around campus that boredom can be easily solved. However, professors try to make their classes unnecessarily difficult.
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