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Cal is a very politically active campus. There are few weeks that go by without seeing any sort of demonstration occurring. As such, it's an interesting and engaging place to live. Berkeley is a place where students encounter changes, be changed, and aspire to make difference. Students are exposed to different perspectives and ideas. It is hard to be satisfy with normality in this environment.
Everyone there is kinda pretentious. Okay not everyone, but they're a small outspoken group that'll get on your nerves fast. Campus is ugly too.
The academics at the University of California, Berkeley was amazing, as were the professors. It would be nice if there was a bit more diversity in the student body. Life in Berkeley is great; however, the cost of living in the area is very high, making it not so affordable.
Review University of California - Berkeley
Administration are not interested in the direct interest of the students. Our student government works hard to fight for our students rights, but there are also many corrupt people in the student government who are only concerned with having a resume booster.
Well, the campus is very beautiful in an architecturally oppressive sort of way, which, while I find aesthetically, is really just appropriate to the stifling climate of academia that is palpable in the air. Everyone is rushing everywhere, unless you're on Sproul Plaza, where everyone just wants to throw fliers at you in the most obnoxious way they can think of. There's too many students who think politics is important leading to far too many rallies about the same things and with very tired messages from far too empassioned students or visitors yelling at no one in particular. A lot of people walk their dogs on campus, which is lovely. And the clocktower has a campanelli that plays two or three times a day and that has a way of soothing my soul. Encountered a lot of intelligent, struggling and sweet students, but a host of positive characters have failed to redeem what is simply a terrible setting.
I thought I would enjoy it here at Berkeley more. Most say that I'll learn to love it, but until that day comes, I'm not really enjoying it here. Though there are some very nice and genuine people, most are so competitive, ambitious, and just fake. You can't really approach just anyone. The school is prestigious, but sometimes that seems to fade away. Nevertheless, people here are amazingly talented. I just wished it had a better environment, instead of everyone having to always try to beat one another.
Such a great school! Throughout my years here, I have seen how much we have grown as a school, but there is always room to improve. The diversity level needs to increase and there needs to be more programs of inclusion for people of color. Also, since Berkeley is known as the home of Free Speech, there are always various protest that are happening, which sometimes may get out of control. As admin keeps accepting more and more people, they need to build more dorms and have more resources for housing, as this is always a struggle. On the other hand, Berkeley has so many things that we are proud of. Being known as the #1 public university in the world shows how much time and dedication we put into our academics and how wonderful our professors are. In addition, since we are in the Bay area, there are always so many things to do on your free time, hiking, going into the city, clubs, parties, some of everything. IT'S GREAT!!
A very nice campus with many great professors, even Nobel Prize winners and a former Secretary of Labor! The campus culture is great, great school spirit, and very high ranking.
I love how you can meet people from all walks of life. Most universities have a specific colour or feel to their students. You can predict what kind of students will get into which schools just by their personalities. However, Berkeley does not discriminate and chooses students who are unique individuals. If you think you have something to offer to the environment at Berkeley, they will most likely pick you. On the other hand, because it is a public school, a majority of the students are from California. As an international student, I do often wish that there was more cultural diversity on campus as I find it difficult to find people who I can relate to.
More diversity of students and staff on campus needed. A real struggle to find housing, such as apartments, houses, etc. since everything is so expensive.
The University of California, Berkeley has offered me the chance to not only greatly expand my knowledge and skills in my major (linguistics) but also to make lots of connections. The professors here are great and very knowledgeable and the university has many academic and career opportunities for students to utilize.

The university offers many extracirricular activities (i.e. sports, orchestra, clubs, etc.) which definitely helps students in creating bonds with one another as well as making early connections in their fields of study.

The city itself is adequate--there are many places to explore but there is a general sense of uncleanliness and safety can sometimes be an issue. This is not a big deal however and as long as you have common sense and take precautions, everything should be good.
It is honestly a great school. It opens you great opportunities to success and interact with great people. However, the campus neighborhood is not that great. housing fees are incredibly expensive and it is not that safe.
UC Berkeley has a political and academic history that is unparalleled. The mantel for continuing that tradition is passed on to the Freshman and manifests and ignites awareness. Activism and learning are everywhere. Students may participate in as much or as little activities as they choose, or instigate new alternative choices. Academic competition is fierce in a place where everyone is an academic high achiever, but those academic trials will take your mind to new levels that are well worth the effort. Traditions of excellence may also be seen through their many sports teams, Olympic athletes, and NCAA titles.
My transition into Cal was a bit scary but the advisers and students made me feel welcomed. There are study groups to get extra help in technical classes and student organizations that ensure the entire student body is represented. I have learned so much during my first year and become a more cultured and informed person.
School was very challenging and very competitive. I feel that faculty are somewhat disconnected with students. Faculty seem mostly focused on their personal research and less on their teaching. Students seem less focused on learning material than they are on trying to get good scores. I don't feel like it is easy to make meaningful relationships with others because of the environment.
The experience that I had at the University of California, Berkeley was excellent. From the academic rigor and wide course selection to the diversity of the students and opportunities in international education, the student experience at UC Berkeley is world class in its ability to craft an education which prepares students for changing demands in the workplace coupled with cultural sensitivities and knowledge which are invaluable in our globalized economy. As a transfer student to UC Berkeley, I continued pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, but I never expected the amount of opportunities available to students at this university to develop an academic plan which truly accommodates the diverse interests of students in and out of the classroom. Based on the education I had at Cal, I believe a Berkeley diploma represents a quality of education that rivals most elite private universities and embodies the scholarship needed to be competitive in a 21st century economy.
An amazing institution. Professors are incredible. You can always find a community. Being a large school is intimidating but you learn your way around.
Review University of California - Berkeley
My school isn't really a school persay. It's more of a place where you can never go to class, study on your own, and do better than the people who waste their time walking to class. The lectures are WAY too big to get any personalized attention, and you have to play the lottery to get a good GSI or you are pretty much screwed. Office hours are cool but most of the time they don't line up for you if you wanna go to your other classes. The breadth classes are jokes and a waste of time, most people never go to class and just show up for the midterms. It's hard to delve into the material when you have 500 people in your lecture. You literally pay for the name here. A "world-renowned research university" is a bit of a stretch if you are an undergrad because all of the good research opportunities are application based and have a lower acceptance than getting into the school itself. I will relish the day I leave this school and the disgusting and uncleanly city that surrounds it.
UC Berkeley's campus is one of the most beautiful campuses around today. The students are friendly, their school has been named the best public university, and being there just feels very nice. However, their community (the city they are located in) isn't too great and doesn't give a sense of safety or security. Their professors are out of this world, but the buildings feel out of date, especially the classrooms and auditoriums.
At UC Berkeley, I'm surrounded by students who were also among the top in their respective high schools. Consequently, the academics here are rigorous, and everyone is ultimately forced to work hard for and seek success on their own at this large university. That said, I'm surrounded by students who were also among the top in their respective high schools, which means I have the opportunity to learn from and grow with some of the brightest minds in the country. There's nothing lacking here at UC Berkeley from the protests, diversity, communities, etc - I think anyone who likes to be challenged will be able to find whatever they're looking for here.
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