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UBC is a large research university which comes with it's faults. Because of the size it is easy to feel disconnected and fail if you are not doing well.
Adjustment to online learning has varied per faculty and professor. Given the circumstances individual teachers have done a great job at adjusting.
Everyone was welcoming and the professors were helpful. There were a variety of clubs you could join which made it easier to find friends.
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The transition to online school was smooth. The professors were accommodating which made the experience even better.
UBC lies outside the exciting and world-famous city of Vancouver. The expansive and beautiful campus is surrounded by the lush temperate rainforests typical of the northwest, with the ocean lying just beyond. This land that the campus sits on traditionally belongs to the Musqueam people, a fact the administration has begun to explicitly acknowledge in recent years. Before coming to UBC from the USA I had never before heard a land acknowledgement, but is a sign of the university's commitment to inclusivity and truthfulness. Although I am only a semester into my first year (all online), I love UBC. My professors are inspiring, the administration is steadfast, my peers are diverse, and opportunities are everywhere.
Despite everything being online, UBC has made my first year of college the most bearable it can be. My professors are passionate and knowledgeable, and keep with the tune of the overall administration which stresses student wellbeing in these strange times. Each professor seems to have evaluated how to best conduct their classes; because of this my classes lack uniformity in how they are set up, but each professor's method serves their class in the best way possible. Disregarding academics, there are free online resources, webinars, and services available to aid in mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. I believe that the school and its teachers have done their best to continue providing high quality education in the time of COVID-19 while keeping the safety of its students and staff a priority.
UBC has top notch academics in a friendly community. Vancouver is breathtakingly beautiful, with mountains and the ocean all in one panorama. The city is very diverse, with great restaurants and lots of things to do. Coming from California, I was bracing for cold and rain, but it's not that bad. On days when it rains, often that's only for part of the day and then the sun comes out it and it turns out to be a gorgeous day, even though my iPhone still shows rain. You still need a good coat. Vancouver is similar to Seattle, and both cities have a "west coast" feel, but I think Vancouver is prettier and more dynamic and growing. UBC's campus is gleaming with new buildings, and I had a really nice dorm in first year (now I'm off campus). I'm happy I chose UBC. I was accepted to several highly ranked U.S. schools, but I thought UBC would give me a good experience and get me out of California, but not too far away. I couldn't be happier.
Online learning has been not as good as in-person, but the professors are doing their bet, and it's been good. It helps that I was not a first-year when the pandemic started, so classes are smaller and I knew what I was doing as a student.
Professors do not care about being helpful and rather put more and more assignments onto their students with higher expectation
Needs to add more students services and work on more proper communication to students . Due to a lack of this many students have been confused and frustrated with human services
I LOVE it at UBC! They are very diverse and inclusive. They provide great resources for students of all minorities and issues.
Taking classes online is difficult at any school. But at UBC, they make sure students are able to reach out their professors for help when they need it.
as can be expected, sad it costs so much. Tuition discrepancies need to be fixed for the sake of all involved
difference in tuition rates between domestic and international students is 7 to 8 times more. This is pure selfishness. How can one international student be expected to pay what 7-8 domestic students combined pay?
Internet barely functional in dorms. Some courses (such as math) will do tests online meaning no amount of marks is given to methodology and approach. This additionally means that there is no feedback provided. As such this school doesn't care much for personal and academic improvement.
The majority of my classes were in person, but due to covid they switched to online near the end. Considering the amount of time they had to switch everything online, it was all pretty well done and did not feel like too much of an adjustment.
I've just completed first year and so far it's been amazing! The campus is beautiful, the students are eager and friendly, and everything is nicely organized on Canvas. I lived on residence and that too has been really nice - although the quality is questionable, there are many food options especially as a vegan and many nice places to study.
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I love the environment there. The scenery is beautiful and most people there are friendly and nice. Most of the professors I had were extremely competent as well.
Overall, online courses at UBC could be better, though most of it really depends on the professor you get and the course you take. Some professors and more dedicated to helping their students do the best they can while others seem less keen.
Only the labs are uncertainties right now. Otherwise, proctoring services ensure that the classes still test understanding of the material honestly.
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