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University of British Columbia Reviews

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The University of British Columbia is an incredible school. From the first day I arrived on campus up till today I have been impressed with UBC. The staff and students make me so proud to be part of UBC's community.
The University of British Columbia is located on a point of the mainland that carves itself into the ocean. During a break from class you can walk through the rose gardens into a heavily wooded forest like area, its here you will likely find a path that will lead you to a steep and often busy wooden staircase. The bottom of which is an oasis, and literally a breath of fresh air - a sandy beach looking out to the north shore mountains with snow capped peaks. All year round you can find sun-bathers, young lovers, old professors and curious by-passers in awe of the beauty that UBC is set upon. This is the sure highlight of the campus aesthetic, it is absolutely stunning.
The University of British Columbia is an excellent school located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. This university is top notch in education and you will certainly be challenged while attending. Lovely campus and pretty decent student housing.
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The school has a great website called UBC CareersOnline that sets you up with many available job posting paid or internships, around the city check it regularly and you'll find something. The wages seem to range anywhere from 11 dollars and higher depending. I heard we have a very good alumni network that continues to help students but I'm about to be a sophomore (I usually stop listening after I hear alumni) so I don't know much about it. Also try to join groups focusing on your major/faculty as they will also try to set you up with job/interships often through email.
  • 7 months ago
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Most all professors are friendly, answer questions clearly and seem thrilled that you're ask for help! The courses I took were all interesting except for one, even the required courses I took that I thought I'd hate...I didn't due to some great professors :) I'd advise taking a science course or any course that allows you to go out in nature and around the campus , the campus is just that beautiful, and clean.
There are many great services on campus for students who are victims of assault or just need counseling. There have been heightened security measures recently in the wake of numerous sexual assaults and residence intruders.
I think because UBC has such a good reputation both in Canada and globally, the degree has great value.
  • 11 months ago
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My overall experience at UBC has been great so far. I love the campus, the professors and all my classes. I wish they had a dance program, and a graphic design program. Of the courses I did take, I learned a lot and they were all very interesting. I feel I have grown a lot and gained a lot of knowledge after my first year of University.
I had a great campus housing experience, but I've heard otherwise from people who lived in older buildings.
  • 11 months ago
  • Housing
From what I've seen, Greek life is somewhat looked down upon by non-Greeks.
I don't participate in or watch campus sports.
UBC is an awesome school. One of my favorite things about it is the gorgeous campus. The housing is great in my experience. I loved all of my classes and professors.
the school has given me mental problems
knock this school off ur list before its too late.
It's literally caused me pain. Currently taking advil for it. Night.
I think we are the thunderbirds but I could be wrong. Went to our first "homecoming" game back when I was still happy. Only have bad memories from it. And PTSD. Would not recommend.
People need to hear the truth. Not everyone's experience is all unicorns and glitter. I know for a fact mine is NOT. I have never felt worse in my entire life. Some of that might be my fault, but I lowkey don't think it is. I wish all of you prospective students the best of luck and use the mental health resources provided on campus cause trust me, YOU'LL NEED THEM. I am 7 months into what I would like to call solitary confinement, with 1 friend, an occasional decent dinner, and a buttload of problems. I've made a lot of bad decisions in my life, but this one tops the cake. I AM TRANSFERRING. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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RNs are in high demand
  • Feb 21 2016
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Really supportive and great lectures
They are only really known for their parties
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