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UBC has forever changed me for the better. I just completed my first year there as an international student (from S. California) and loved it in its entirety. UBC is consistently ranked within the top 30 universities worldwide (and top 3 in Canada) and this show in the academic rigor of the classes, and even more so in the sheer brilliance of the students who go there. What I personally found incredibly awesome about UBC is the fact that you're admitted to a faculty (Arts, Science, the Sauder School of Business) which means you don’t have to bother with GE classes as you would in the states and everything you take first year can be put towards your degree, even if you don't yet know your major. Vancouver is a downright incredible city to live in and I genuinely feel so lucky that I get to attend such an excellent university in such an amazing place! Call me biased, but I cannot emphasize enough how much I love and highly recommend UBC: 10/10, 100%!
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Most all professors are friendly, answer questions clearly and seem thrilled that you're ask for help! The courses I took were all interesting except for one, even the required courses I took that I thought I'd hate...I didn't due to some great professors :) I'd advise taking a science course or any course that allows you to go out in nature and around the campus , the campus is just that beautiful, and clean.
UBC has changed me in so many ways, given me resources to jobs and volunteer opportunities I never would have had otherwise, and allowed me to meet incredible people. There have been a lot of ups and downs - it's an academically challenging school, but professors are still there for you if you have questions or need to talk. i've definitely failed a few classes, but I've had people to talk to about it to help me get back on track. There are a TON of student clubs, a strong and growing Greek community (I'm in a sorority), and there's always something going on on campus. There is limited student housing though - many people have to commute a long way. But it has hands-down one of the most beautiful university campuses in North America. You can see the mountains from campus, or the beach is literally 5 minutes away. I would choose it again in a heartbeat. And Vancouver is an awesome city to live in! Really vibrant and you're surrounded by the ocean.