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Most all professors are friendly, answer questions clearly and seem thrilled that you're ask for help! The courses I took were all interesting except for one, even the required courses I took that I thought I'd hate...I didn't due to some great professors :) I'd advise taking a science course or any course that allows you to go out in nature and around the campus , the campus is just that beautiful, and clean.
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UBC has changed me in so many ways, given me resources to jobs and volunteer opportunities I never would have had otherwise, and allowed me to meet incredible people. There have been a lot of ups and downs - it's an academically challenging school, but professors are still there for you if you have questions or need to talk. i've definitely failed a few classes, but I've had people to talk to about it to help me get back on track. There are a TON of student clubs, a strong and growing Greek community (I'm in a sorority), and there's always something going on on campus. There is limited student housing though - many people have to commute a long way. But it has hands-down one of the most beautiful university campuses in North America. You can see the mountains from campus, or the beach is literally 5 minutes away. I would choose it again in a heartbeat. And Vancouver is an awesome city to live in! Really vibrant and you're surrounded by the ocean.
The University of British Columbia is located on a point of the mainland that carves itself into the ocean. During a break from class you can walk through the rose gardens into a heavily wooded forest like area, its here you will likely find a path that will lead you to a steep and often busy wooden staircase. The bottom of which is an oasis, and literally a breath of fresh air - a sandy beach looking out to the north shore mountains with snow capped peaks. All year round you can find sun-bathers, young lovers, old professors and curious by-passers in awe of the beauty that UBC is set upon. This is the sure highlight of the campus aesthetic, it is absolutely stunning.