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British Columbia is a public university located in Canada. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 22,908 undergraduate students. Admissions is somewhat competitive as the British Columbia acceptance rate is 65%.
About University of British Columbia...
1200 - 1874 East Mall
Vancouver, BC, Canada

University of British Columbia Reviews

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UBC is definitely a place to study and really focus on academics. The professors want you to do well, so they're very willing to help students or even just discuss interesting topics with them. The school has a lot of great programs & opportunities for students academically that can help them in their future careers, whether it's going to grad school or into the working world right after their undergrad. There are only two cons to UBC. It has proven to be very difficult to meet new people and make friends at this school. Nearly everyone I've talked to said they have struggled socially before, usually for most (if not all) of their first year. Eventually everyone makes good friends but it's not easy. Also the food on campus really isn't good, which is SO disappointing. The dining halls are terrible and the restaurants/cafes/other food venues on campus range from bad to okay/mediocre. But besides those two things, I am very happy here at UBC! Beautiful campus and great academics.
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UBC's campus is absolutely stunning - it's very spacious and peaceful. I especially love how it's filled with nature which decreases the stress of the students during finals season. The university is also filled with an abundance of different opportunities, such as a variety of clubs, jobs and teams!
UBC has forever changed me for the better. I just completed my first year there as an international student (from S. California) and loved it in its entirety. UBC is consistently ranked within the top 30 universities worldwide (and top 3 in Canada) and this show in the academic rigor of the classes, and even more so in the sheer brilliance of the students who go there. What I personally found incredibly awesome about UBC is the fact that you're admitted to a faculty (Arts, Science, the Sauder School of Business) which means you don’t have to bother with GE classes as you would in the states and everything you take first year can be put towards your degree, even if you don't yet know your major. Vancouver is a downright incredible city to live in and I genuinely feel so lucky that I get to attend such an excellent university in such an amazing place! Call me biased, but I cannot emphasize enough how much I love and highly recommend UBC: 10/10, 100%!