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Really supportive atmosphere. Quiet campus. A lot of healthcare opportunities. Food is terrible. Clubs are good. Area is Bridgeport.
I like the school, started my freshman year and met plenty of people. School spirit is a thing but if you want to stay by yourself definitely an option as well no one will bother you. Theirs always something on, from sports events to free school events like concerts , fairs, and job fairs plus way more on the school event calendar. Little pricey but aside that you are getting your moneys worth as long as you go to class. Party scene is pretty good, not a dry campus. Only thing I would change is probably the food and update the dorms a little.
UB is a great school. The faculty and staff truly want the best for their students. The Fones School of Dental Hygiene is fantastic. I am a transfer student in the Hygiene program and the curriculum is all that I expected and then some. I most definitely feel prepared to facilitate in the work place.
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The university of Bridgeport is a great school. I love the diversity of campus it make me feel welcome. The Professor at this campus treat us with respect and want us to succeed. Also I love the view from my dorm room of the park and beach. The sunset is beautiful.
Well, I’m still attending this school. I really like the campus. I’m really big on greenery as I find it relaxing.
UB has become my second home. The community on campus helped me grow as a person and I have met so many wonderful people here. The faculty and staff are very accommodating and love interacting with the students here. Coming here has been one of the best decisions of my life!
Being a purple knight at the University of Bridgeport was a true blessing in every way. Not only did I learn so much being a psychology major in all my classes but socially I grew. I met my friends who I know will last a lifetime and built relationships with faculty and staff! Also, the campus is beautiful!
I love the teachers and classes. The area is beautiful. You're near a park which you can walk around and feel the nice breeze. They have great activities. Their martial arts are great. I wouldn't change anything.
When attending the University of Bridgeport you can help. The professors come from highly experienced backgrounds and the residential life staff are excellent programs and the safety the campus provides. I also enjoy the peaceful environment the campus provides. Some improvements are necessary to update the campus such as the older building which have been under kept. The dinning hall offers a variety of food but need more tasty options. Its a great and affordable school if you do not choose to dorm. If your a party student, this school is not for you. It has very strict overnight rules and security is on top of most things. Campus security is everywhere if you need help, but to get away with things is not possible. The Bridgeport area is nice during the day but dangerous at night. If you have a car traveling is easiest because public transportation is not very reliable at times. The school does provide a shuttle that is reliable but it does not take you far off campus.
Student life on campus is the only reason I still attend the university. It is very diverse because of their popular international program, which I love, and there's always something to do on campus. Because the school is a private one, it costs more and more every year to attend, and it makes it harder for students to be able to continue their education there. We don't get a lot of scholarship offers from the university and are pushed to find them elsewhere.
Students are great. Very diverse and refreshing. The food is very bad and the curriculum is very rushed. Most faculty want to just “teach” you and leave while others are there for you through it all for the 4 years.
The university of Bridgeport offers an array of majors for young educated and well driven students from political science all the way to journalism. No only hat bu it offers financial aid. Including Fafsa and grants, for example the pell grant.
I am fond of the professors here. They seem to truly care about their students and want them to succeed. I am not fond of the food and scenery. They are both quite dull.
I like University of Bridgeport for its academic outstanding perfomance.I love to become one of the students this year.The certificate is internationally recognized.Kudos to the management of the institution.
I had a great experience at the UB financial aid office. People were willing to help me with a smile and took the time to review my financial situation.
I am a freshmen at the University of Bridgeport, I feel like this college is average and can use a couple changes, for instance the food selection are poor and the student life doesn't give me the proper college experience I am supposed to have. Although changes need to be made the academic aspects of this college is very good with free tutoring for all.
This school is so good. I'm a bit nervous about the next 3 years since their tuition and overall cost of attendance goes up.
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As a graduate student, living off campus, I'm not heavily involved in things outside of my coursework. However, in my experience, my advisors were not very helpful -- its almost as though they operate on a "don't ask, don't tell" policy, which would be fine if every student knew which questions to ask. I must say, in contrast, the teaching staff was typically very involved, and helpful in ensuring progressive career development.
One of the most intricate things about the University is there diversity. On campus you see people from all walks of life. The Professors are very supportive in and out of the classroom which makes for a comfortable learning environment for higher Education.
The University of Bridgeport is a very average school at best. They do offer wonderful programs to students as to further your careers. The academics are average at best as well as the professors. Its a smaller setting so if your into that then this school is for you. As for dorms when it come to the older ones Barnum, Seeley, Cooper, Chafee, and Bodine. Don't expect too much, its communal bathrooms on each floor the rooms are livable and cozy. Campus can be pretty but its in the poor part of Bridgeport/Park Ave and driving on Park Ave.
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