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The clincher for why I give it one star was due to a situation with a mentally unstable professor that was mishandled (Mollie Bowers). I simply asked her why I received the grade I did on an assignment out in the hallway just outside her office after class as I caught up with her.

For some reason or another, the discussion moved to email where she completely flipped out. After I few of these types of emails exchanges, I decided that the situation needed to be escalated.

So, a meeting was scheduled with her department head, who ended up attacking me and trying to bully me into submission to protect his colleague. So, then I went to the acting dean.

What I got out of the conversation with the acting dean was that they presented it to him that I was a hostile and threatening person, but once he met with me in person (which the department head and the teacher hadn't counted on), he could see they lied and that that wasn't the case.
I love my University because it is in a diverse area that has nice eating places, and the people are friendly. The professors are willing to work with you to get you where you need to be in your area of studies. The students that I have encountered are very helpful in class, and they are willing and ready to help each other out. I really want to finish my degree at University of Baltimore, but I need funds to achieve that.
I went here for the Game Design program. Most of the time I enrolled at the distant campus in Shady Grove. The program, in general, is poor because of the lack of experienced professor, fairly irrelevant course materials, and lack of development software and hardware.
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I love University of Baltimore because it is very diverse, and located in a diverse area. The students there are all different ages, and are willing to help each other. My Professors were knowledgeable, understanding, and most of all personable. My Professors were willing to help their students pass their class by giving us their free time. All teachers do not do that for their students, so my overall experience is a good one and that's why I'm still there!! I am on disability and I want to graduate that's why I need money to complete my goal. University of Baltimore is the best school for me!!
I love the University of Baltimore, It is a great place to attend a 4 year college. The public safety is great and the professors are awesome as well!
University is a small school compared to most, and I happen to really like this as it meant I was able to get the required attention and assistance from professors
I am new to the University of Baltimore. My father went here to complete his MBA in Health Management and I am doing the same, following in his footsteps. The Staff at University of Baltimore have been very helpful and made me feel comfortable with my big step into graduate school.
I love all of my professors and the honors program is helpful for connecting with other students. The financial shenanigans with the budget issues last semester and the fact that soon after the school was cutting costs, they revealed a new expensive marketing/ image campaign makes me suspicious of their concern for students. The psychology program is pretty great, though.
I like the fact that professors are very knowledgeable. However, there is too much group work in my degree program, and occasionally I notice classmates struggling with equal contribution.
University of Baltimore is an amazing school. It's located in downtown Baltimore, so everything you need is nearby. The staff here are amazing.. From the professors, to security, everyone is so kind. On top pf that the students are a joy. People truly want you to succeed and I've had several classes where people sent out study guides and offered study groups. I've been to several colleges in Maryland and the University of Baltimore is by far the best.
The professors are amazing. In person transactions within various administrative offices are smooth but they could work on phone and email communications for students that are not local to the Baltimore City area.
I came to University of Baltimore from a community college as a freshman. My major was medical secretary. I am now pursuing a BS Degree in Health Care Administration. The teachers at University of Baltimore prepare you for the working world. Henceforth if you are having problems with your classes, there are resources to help you. A tutor will also assist you. They have two locations to assist the student. – The University at Shady Gove in Rockville Maryland and the University in the heart of Baltimore city downtown.
I love where University of Baltimore is located. The professors are awesome and they really care about the students. I love the different clubs that UB have
University of Baltimore is a really good school. The professors are really educated and the classes aren't that big therefore, you are able to learn a little better as well as get to know your professor on a smaller scale. I do wish that the part scene was a little better as well as more eatery places surrounding campus.
I enjoy the different ages of the students in the class. The professors are the best, always will to listen and assists students as much as possible.
The advisors work closely with the students to make their degree required courses are chosen.
The professors are great at what they teach, the staff is always willing to help at any moment's notice!
It is a very friendly staff, and the buildings are pretty easy to find. I only wish there was more communication among the departments. I was working with my adviser for classes and the phone number she gave me for housing was no longer working. Other than that small issue, I love it
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I like the school. It is in a nice area that has everything close by. As a student everything I’d ever possibly need is in walking distance from campus. Transportation by the school is nice to. They have shuttles that take you from the school to the subway or where ever you want to go. I’d like just the school to have some more school spirit.
The University of Baltimore is a very good school. Most of the professors I have had were excellent.
The professors of the Yale Gordon college of arts and sciences are extremely adept in multicultural practices and procedures in the clinical psychology realm. The university system itself is, like many universities, focused on financial gain.
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