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The diversity at University of Baltimore is unmatched. You get an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. The result to the diversity on campus is that each student has the chance to see different peoples perspectives, who they normally might not have the chance to hear.
I'd say there's a lot to do around the school. It is located in the heart of midtown Baltimore. However, there are no Athletics and limited things to do on campus.
I am very happy with my experience with my higher learning within University of Baltimore. I would love to see better communication with between students and professors dealing with return emails.
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The teachers in the masters program are very knowledgeable and care for the students to understand the material. If you need help, they will stay after class and assist you. The classes are small so that everyone can have one on one time if needed. My only complaint is that some classes are only taught during a specific time a day. I wish they had more options.
I have attended other universities and there are pros and cons to all of them. However, the University of Baltimore is the most student focused. Professors, advisers, and even Deans are accessible any time you have a question; they know that they are there for you. Further, with the majors offered, there is no doubt that there is a real world opportunity to use the skills and knowledge earned as a student.

I am a Baltimore native and I love that the campus is s right in the middle of midtown with plenty of diversity and cultural events.
I weneed here because it is close to home and I am able to have easy transportation to get there. I love the college experience and how it is different from grade school. I feel more independent to do things and it is fun. When I need help it is a lot of resources to help me with what I need. I cannot wait to evolve into a better person with this experience.
This college is great. Good professors and good area considering it is in the city of Baltimore. If you are looking for a sports team here. You might want to overlook this school because there are no sports teams. Although there are intramural and club teams. There are local food spots to eat and drink. Everyone for the most part is friendly. Professors are helpful and their for you whenever you need help.
It is a great school for students not interested in dormitory living. The academics are outstanding, most notably the nationally recognized law program. All the students and staff are down to earth and genuine, there is a lot of diversity, and the classes are so engaging that it is impossible not to know your whole class personally. The campus is in the middle of downtown Baltimore with many sights and activities. This school is awesome and very rewarding.
Most of the issues happen around the outskirts of campus since the campus is located in downtown Baltimore.
I have not had much luck in this area
This school has been great. I appreciate how all the classes contribute to the overall learning experience of the degree I am looking to obtain
Our school is entirely focused on student careers. It wants to help students get the career they want. Many of the students who have graduated, and even some who are still attending have turned into amazing entrepreneurs and Lawyer and physiologists.
There are a lot of courses and majors to choose from. I am able to take any classes I want and the professors really want us to succeed in what we do. They help students and find time for them. The work varies but it's nothing you can't handle.
We have great security on campus. We have our own police unite that's recognized by the state. We haven't had to many problems with sexual assault or robbery or assault, that I know of. Campus life is very relaxing.
Since the school is in the city we don't really have room for sports. The most we have is a lacrosse club. But we do have large gyms in one of our buildings for people to work out, do yoga, play basketball and anything else.
The classes are great and the grounds are excellent. The schools main focus is getting students into the career they want to be in. It's a small school and it's in the middle of the city so access is easy. The diversity is amazing. Any type of person you can think of, they go to that school. I don't think I could have picked a better university.
I really want Greek life
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I feel as though the campus police are very active and they make their presence known quite frequently. Sometimes they ask if a ride is needed or if someone can walk you home. I live fairly close to school but being offered a walking buddy is always helpful. They take it a step further and ask if we feel safe. I think that's an integral part of living close to my school.
They implore you to explore and expand
I feel like it's the best because to me, it's home
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