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The University of Arkansas is a very beautiful school. There are some of the best professors that you’ll ever meet in your life here. The business school is top notch, but there is so much to take advantage of for every major. It’s beautiful to see all of the seasons change. I have very few issues with this school. Most of them being with the transportation as I live off campus. It’s also very nice if you live in the surrounding states as you can still receive in-state tuition. The cost is reasonable for a college, but the education you receive is very much priceless.
I love the campus and the administration, nothing to improve that I have noticed. When there is any security issues the university is quick to send out alerts and keep everyone safe and updated.
We just visited and toured the University of Arkansas and had a great time! I'm considering several Engineering schools and I really liked the program, campus, area and particularly Honors Program. There is a lot of support offered to Honors students. There are also a lot of scholarships offered.
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I have always wanted to go to the University of Arkansas. My older brother attends there and every time I go visit him, the environment is amazing. One feels like they are home when they are at the University of Arkansas, and the people there are really nice. Not only is the education amazing, but Fayetteville has a really nice community. University of Arkansas is surrounded by nature, having beautiful trees and plants that nobody can get tired of.
I liked how they are open to tours and are involved with the community. The university of Arkansas has many programs involved in it, especially engineering, which I have attended. The University of Arkansas has a beautiful campus also, and it is very inviting.
The University of Arkansas has excellent research programs and some qualified professors. The campus is very beautiful, especially during the fall when the leaves change.
The University of Arkansas is a beautiful school! I love the campus and its an amazing atmosphere to be in!
This is a growing university. The programs are changing for the better! There have been many positive events that have occurred here. We are being recognized for the better lately. I think there is a diverse group of students which makes for a better university. We need to see change happening around us, not just on social media or television. I hope to see more students grasping onto this idea!
The University of Arkansas quickly became one of my favorite places to be. Having transferred from a community college, I had no idea how much I was missing out on. Everything about it is simply amazing. Parking is the ONLY thing I would say there is room for improvement on.
The STEM programs are very versatile and and inclusive. The way that the professors are able to convey the information to us as students is incredible. After talking to my buddies at other schools like A&M and LSU I have come to the conclusion that our STEM program is much more immersive than other campuses.
The University of Arkansas is a University that is meant for every type of student. There are so many recources and the faculty is extreemly accomidating.
The parking is not the greatest, but I have heard it is better than a lot of other colleges. It does have a really good bus system that goes between all of the parking lots. The scenery around campus is very beautiful and is nice when walking between classes if in another building. With any university they do seem to want to charge money for everything, but I think it is still a good value overall.
I love it, just by looks it's beautiful. The southern hospitality is amazing! I love the friends I have made. The church community up here is amazing. The weather makes it great too.
Great experience in Graduate School. The Executive MBA program has been delivered in a professional manner. It was carefully planned.
I think the University of Arkansas is amazing. The campus life is great and friendly along with Fayetteville being really close. It allows for people to travel in a low amount of time, but still be able to go to big city. The campus is also very good looking and is a place I would love to go.
By far one of the most beautiful campuses in the US. The vibe coming from everybody there, students as well as staff, made me feel welcome and right at home.
This is my first semester at U of A bit I’m really enjoying it. Everyone is welcoming and the social events are a blast. There are plenty of research opportunities and a lot of connections for employment after graduation.
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Friendly environment, has a great atmosphere for learning , reputable school. Campus is equip with all necessary to help a student succeed with a degree and a future
I am a returning student. I have been out of school for 8 years and decided to return. With everything being so difficult to schedule and getting back into the routine of a full-time student, the tutoring that the school offers free of charge is a resource that I take advantage of quite often. It is very accommodating to those of us that need a little extra help.
This college is amazing. It has the best teachers and so many programs to choose from. The university of Arkansas gives you so many opportunities to find amazing jobs and get the best education there is.
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