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The University of Arkansas is a great place to earn a college degree! Most professors are dedicated to their work and are encouraging in helping students learn. The student life is also great with many opportunities to get involved!
The University of Arkansas is truly a great place to be. I have enjoyed my time here immensely whether it be from the classes, dorm life or getting to know the local area! I truly love this school.
The University of Arkansas is one of a kind. The campus is beautiful with an interesting mix of old and new, with huge lawns and massive trees. One of the coolest things to see when walking to class or around campus is the names of EVERY graduate etched in the sidewalks. The classic and beautiful fraternity and sorority houses line the streets surrounding campus and give it a warm and inviting atmosphere. The UofA perfectly mixes academics and innovation with greek life, a party scene, athletics, diversity, and a large student body. This is a world class institution.
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The community at the University of Arkansas is amazing. Especially interdepartmental relationships, like within your specific college. There are many ways to get involved in the university community, but also Fayetteville in general. Sometimes they put too much emphasis on the athletics department --like expanding the football stadium and getting rid of a huge number of parking spots available to students and faculty-- instead of improving the quality of some campus facilities.
Coming to this school was very scary at first, not knowing whether there was going to be any sort of diversity among my other fellow classmates, primarily Caucasian. And with recent tensions rising against the Hispanic people here in the United States, I thought I was going to stick out and maybe even disliked. But once I finally situated myself here, got around to being comfortable with my school schedule and met other fellow students, I realized that our generation's culture doesn't steep low like past generations and that everyone here accepts you for who you are. Not knowing who I would become friends with and how well I would do in school was scary, but as you play your cards right, you find yourself missing the campus when you're not there.
My experience here at the University of Arkansas has been nothing but great! The atmosphere here makes you feel like you're home. The teachers and the academics are fantastic, they really push you to be a better student and to get where you want to be. I wouldn't want to be any other place than here to mold me into who I am supposed to be.
The nursing program is extremely small. I had a 3.6 gpa, and I wasn't accepted into the program. There are 800 applicants for only 200 spots. I had to change my major to public health as it was the only major that took that credits that I had. The public health department is a joke. There is no guidance for future careers and it is incredibly difficult to get into classes. The counselors are apathetic. Greek life rules the campus and if you are not in greek life, good luck. Many people in greek life look down at those not in greek life. The fraternities are sexist and the sororities are really fake. Both lack diversity. The campus is pretty and the football games are fun, but if you are looking for down to earth, globally aware, accepting people, go somewhere else. This campus is extremely conservative. I am vegan, and it is hard to find vegan options or other vegans
Amazing atmosphere and a very typical college town. Dickson street is filled with amazing shopping and restaurants that are all different from one another. Saturdays are filled with football games and calling the hogs.
University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville, is a place where professors help you expand your mind and learning capabilities. At the U of A, as a student you are able to find many resources that will help you be the best student you can be. Resources as Class+, which helps with writing essays, math, science, and other courses. Furthermore, you will find yourself surround with rich history and tradition. There is also a large presence of Greek life on campus, that allows you to come together will a group of peers to help the community, while also giving you the opportunity to create lasting friendships. Needless to say, University of Arkansas works with its students to help provide financial assistance and opportunities to ensure the success of their students. Campus is surrounded by hills all around with beautiful trees and landscape, a perfect location for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and hiking.
Great campus and place to live. The parking on campus isn't the best, but most things on campus are close enough to walk everywhere. There is no such thing as the freshmen 15 if you are constantly walking up and down the hills to class.
When I was looking around the University, many people where helpful with locating certain places. The campus is absolutey stunning and the people are quite helpful.
I like the many opportunities to get involved at the University of Arkansas. The campus is also very beautiful!
My experience at the University of Arkansas was average. The teachers were okay, their teaching style was rushed and tried to cram a lot into a semester. The people were friendly and Greek life was amazing.
Overall, Arkansas is a great school, of course they lack a bit in athletics, though the academics in my mind are much more important and better. The community is great as well, it is a very open and welcoming place and i would recommend it to anyone.
I was so excited about going to U of A, but my experience there was horrible. The teachers were great. They worked well with me and reached out to get to know me, but it was the administrative offices that really messed up my opinion on the school. If I would go to the Financial Aid office, they were always rude and acted like they didn't want to help me. Same thing with the Registrar's Office and the Treasurer's Office. You'd think that at a place where you're paying so much money, there would be people working there that have better people skills.
So far, the University of Arkansas is a really good school. Some of my classes are a little backward, but that might just be the university setting.
The University of Arkansas is a great school, especially the Walton College of Business. The college is very good at giving many opportunities with recruiters and preparing you for looking for a job. The professors are good, especially making themselves available and there are many resources on many different courses to learn material. The only things that should change is more parking of course and over pricing on general things. It is expensive, but it is a good school overall.
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So far as a student I haven't had any major complaints. Probably one of the best colleges in Arkansas and if you're in state its not too bad price wise.
The University of Arkansas is an absolutely gorgeous university. Friendly faces are all around with professors willing to lend a hand at every step of the way.
I love the campus and the feel of the college overall. I've visited with my family numerous times and each time I fall more and more in love with the campus.
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