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University of Arkansas is a great place to get a degree, but is not the best place to take fun classes. You are not allowed to take any art classes unless you are an art major, and have a limited selection of PE classes.
I loved the variety of courses that were offered as well as the advising staff. I transferred as an incoming junior and had some difficulty initially with adjusting to the new system and degree requirements. The advising staff I dealt with helped me SO MUCH in graduating on time, and without their help I would not have been able to graduate on my intended semester. In addition, the people I met through UofA are my lifetime friends. They helped me feel at home even as a transfer student, and I value the relationships I have immensely.
So far it has been great! Everyone has been welcoming and helped me with everything i need. There are many ways to get connected. Greek Life is big, but so is Younglife which is a great way to meet other people your age with the same Faith! There is nothing i would take back from my experience so far
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They provide useful and helpful collegiate resources, as well as career resources that will prepare students for jobs after graduation. The campus is always clean and well kept; it is a beautiful place to live. Students have many opportunities to join different types of clubs, both on campus and off. It is easy to become involved in college life on this campus. Additionally, the professors are professional and provide proper learning environments for the students.
I have been satisfied with my overall education at the University of Arkansas. Some programs, most notably art and music, are underfunded, and it causes the academics in these areas to suffer.
The University of Arkansas is a beautiful campus located in the center of an even more beautiful town.
Great learning environment. Lots of diverse people and culture.
Top rated business school located just miles away from the number one retailer in the world.
Great campus with lots of student activities.
Small town living surrounded by big city activities.
I really enjoy going to school at the U of A. The campus is big which is scary at first, but at the same time you only really go to one or two buildings. I really am happy that I decided to come to school here. The teachers are really nice and they try to push you to be the best version of yourself.
Beautiful campus and great people! Fun place to live, work, and go to school! It is a beautiful campus that offers plenty of things to do every day. The classes are interesting. There are tons of interesting people to meet around campus. The Greek life is pretty big here, but you don't have to be in a fraternity/sorority to have fun. The meal halls are nice and offer a good variety of food. The campus is easy to navigate, and takes a maximum of fifteen minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other end. It's a great place to spend the most memorable years of your life.
This is a laid-back, relaxing university that is big on Greek Life culture. If you are looking for a welcoming and easy-to-integrate school, then I recommend it. The campus is beautiful and most of the professors are good. It is highly focused on business and agriculture, but other than that it is pretty average with programs.
The University of Arkansas is an amazing place to go to school if you enjoy nature and beautiful scenery. The Ozark mountains provide a great backdrop to the campus. The professors in the business school are great and actually care about you. The community is very connected and you don't feel alone even though it is a big school.
The University of Arkansas is a great place to attend. The campus is beautiful and there's always something to do. The campus is big, but not spread out. The farthest walk to class is about fifteen minutes. The meal halls are nice and offer a good variety of food. The Greek life is a big presence. Although, you don't have to be in a fraternity/sorority to have a fun time. The school loves sports, and the games are a lot of fun to go to. You'll never want to leave Fayetteville.
I am an incoming freshman to the University of Arkansas. It is an excellent university and Fayetteville is a beautiful city with lots to do. The dorms are top notch and you have plenty of dorms to choose from. The campus is about medium size which is perfect to meet new people.
I have had such a great experience here at the UofA. The Walton School of Business has great professors who really care about their students and Greek Life at the University is a once in a lifetime experience. After only being here for two years I have grown academically as well as have made friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.
All the students and faculty are amazing! Everyone is willing to help you and guide you. Plus there is a web page on the the University's website to help with off campus housing! Admissions are super helpful and kind. It maybe a big campus, but the history is rich. There is transportation that is free and will take you all over the city. You don't have to drive anywhere. The food is amazing and the meal plans are worth the money!
I think the campus is beautiful and the professors clearly love their jobs. The only thing I would like to see change is the involvement of transfer students. Transferring is difficult and anyway that the University could help make that transition better for students would be a great thing.
Beautiful campus, and an inviting atmosphere of exploration and discovery. Easy to navigate through campus buildings, and exiting opportunities for campus inclusion and activities, and technology. Tuition is fairly priced.
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Went there for grad school and had a great experience. Fayetteville is an awesome city and the U of A can't be beat!
One of the biggest attractions that drew me to this school is the sense of family and the friendships that will carry you once you leave campus. The school does a great job in staying connected with its past alumni and making them always feel that they are part of whats going on. I would love to see the school put some more effort into recruiting minority students from rural areas.
I love the University of Arkansas and would recommend it to anyone. There are many different opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities and all sorts of clubs and organizations.
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