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Great place to get your degree and meet new people. So many different activities to do in Fayetteville. Everyone who goes will have an awesome time.
I absolutely love Fayetteville. I think the people are great, the environment is friendly and the campus has so much oppruntunity
the campus is so beautiful! It’s kinda big and its a long walk to my classes but other than that its amazing.
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Most of the people I interacted with at the University of Arkansas are friendly. The campus has a nice open environment as well. However, the south side of campus is relatively dull and barren compared to the rest of campus.
Beautiful campus, close to home.. Looking forward to beginning my college career/education. I am planning to major in sports management and hope to get my masters as well. Everyone seems to be friendly, and the campus is close to the entertainment district of Fayetteville.
I love how everyone makes you feel welcome and tries to do their all to make your college experience the best and easiest it can be. No one makes you feel excluded.
I have been of the U of A campus twice and have had an enjoyable experience. The campus is very pretty and would be lucky to be able to wake up on a campus where one knows they will thrive.
I took a tour and met with Admissions counselors. They were very friendly. They have a great athletics program, great student programs, and degree plans.
I love the campus and the overall atmosphere. I wish there was an easier way to gain information about campus clubs and events.
The University of Arkansas offers a very large and fun atmosphere for students on campus. They provide great opportunities for students to get involved with an abundance of organizations/groups that would benefit the students education and needs. The classes provided at the UofA are large, but professors are always willing to reach out to students with educational answers if needed. I was looking for a school that would make me feel at home and this school most definitely does that for me.
The University of Arkansas is a wonderful place to pursue and undergraduate degree. The only thing I wish could be fixed is the parking in and around campus. Other than that small detail the campus is beautiful, with professors who are invested in the achievements of their students.
I love the people at the University of Arkansas. The professor are very committed and try to work with student the best way they can. But I would like the dining hall summer schedule change to more flexible times.
I have really enjoyed attending the University of Arkansas. The teachers have been extremely responsive and want to see the students succeed. All material for class has been applicable without asking me to spend money on needless books. My advisor has been with me since day one and shows personal interest in my advancement not only through my major but after my graduation as well. Overall, I am so glad I chose to attend the University of Arkansas.
It is in a great area. The school has many branches of education so you have many different options to choose from. The school has great prestige, so a degree from here will look good when finding jobs. The school has great success with there sports whether it be basketball, football, baseball, or track.
I have really loved attending University of Arkansas. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and I feel right at home. Classes sizes range from small to up to 400 people but it truly depends on the class.
I have really enjoyed attending the U of A. I’m a psychology major. I transferred from a local community college last year, which was a big change. The class sizes are bigger at the university, of course, but all the professors I’ve had have been genuine and extremely helpful.
There is a lot of room for improvement in the graduate school here. Graduate students get poor stipends and still have to pay fees to the school. Department heads are anything but transparent and do not often help students.
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Such a gorgeous and chill environment. College isn't too big for being a university and the number attending is a good number. Plenty of diversity. Football isn't good at all. Baseball and softball are amazing. Food available is super good. Teachers are decent (really just depends on who you end up with). Always have fun stuff for the students going on.
The class were backwards and drills were not able the subject or based off anything learned in class.
The University of Arkansas is by far the best school I have attended. They attempt to make time for each and every one of their students no matter how busy they are. They genuinely care about your education and want to see you succeed and do more than you ever thought you could.
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