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This is my first semester at U of A bit I’m really enjoying it. Everyone is welcoming and the social events are a blast. There are plenty of research opportunities and a lot of connections for employment after graduation.
Friendly environment, has a great atmosphere for learning , reputable school. Campus is equip with all necessary to help a student succeed with a degree and a future
I am a returning student. I have been out of school for 8 years and decided to return. With everything being so difficult to schedule and getting back into the routine of a full-time student, the tutoring that the school offers free of charge is a resource that I take advantage of quite often. It is very accommodating to those of us that need a little extra help.
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This college is amazing. It has the best teachers and so many programs to choose from. The university of Arkansas gives you so many opportunities to find amazing jobs and get the best education there is.
I transferred here and I was concerned I wouldn't like it. However I was happily surprised. Fayetteville is a wonderful city with plenty of good food, nightlife, and scenery. My teachers are willing to work with me and help me succeed and I have no complaints.
The University of Arkansas was a place I could see myself flourish. I came not knowing anyone, and this campus make it extremely excessible to get involved. Greek life was the main thing that got me involved, and I love watching others getting impacted by it just like I did. One thing I would change is how most people outside of the greek life system view it. There are many negative views on it and I want the pros to be shared as well.
I am a current student at the University of Arkansas and I love everything about it. I completely understand why people come from all over the country just to attend this college. The classes and professors are amazing for the most part and here you truly do get the "college life" you have always dreamed of. There is an endless amount of things to do all of the time and endless amount of new people to meet. Also the location is PERFECT. It isn't bland nor boring.
My experience at the University of Arkansas was eye-opening. I loved getting to see all of the different activities and involvement opportunities there were. I felt at home when I went to visit because everyone that passed me gave a conscious smile and were able to guide me when I had a question. One thing that I would change about the University of Arkansas would be to have more available and free parking. Students shouldn't have to walk miles to class just because they think a parking pass is too expensive.
The University is a great place to learn and grow among others, both alike and different. They have very structured academic plans, and are always improving their facilities, focusing most on the students, which is what any self-respecting university should do. Overall great university, and would recommend it to anyone who asked.
I like that the campus feels safe and secure but I would like to see diversity increase on campus. I feel very comfortable walking the campus at night and even in the surrounding area as a whole feels very safe. But there are less that 5% African Americans on campus currently which is very disappointing and upsetting. If the diversity on campus increases, then the University of Arkansas will increase in quality.
Coming to the University of Arkansas, I did not know anyone. The environment that campus has to offer is super welcoming. The classes are hard, but I think this is a testament to how great of a school Arkansas is academically. I love it here and would recommend it to anyone!
I am so happy I chose to go to the University of Arkansas. It has a such a welcoming and home-like feeling all around campus and there are many resources available to its students. My only complaint is with the science and math departments, the professors are sometimes not knowledgable on the subject they are teaching.
The UofA has so many different things to do no matter what you are interested in! From campus life to Fayetteville in general, it is a beautiful place to attend college. The professors really care and want you to be a successful student. They are always willing to lend a helping hand!
I'm a senior at U of A and have loved my experience. There are so many ways to get involved on campus. Outside of class, Fayetteville has so much to do and offer that you'll never get bored.
Its super easy to get around and my classes are small. The only thing I wish there was more of is diversity. Most of the people in my classes look just like me.
I love the University of Arkansas! woo pig sooie! such a fun place to go to school. There is so much to do in Fayetteville.
There are so many things I love about my University. A couple of the things I love about the University of Arkansas is it's overall passion and drive. Every faculty member I have met so far has been extremely helpful to me in every way possible. Another thing I love is it's efficiency. My first year of college I was very worried that I would not get the help and accommodations I needed when doing my school work. I am dyslexic and have had this learning disability follow me since the 2nd grade. Thankfully, the University already had a office and testing center in place when I arrived on campus. This was extremely relieving and took a huge chunk of stress off of me. I am so thankful their Center for Educational Access was already set in place when I began college. Lastly, my University is so informative when it comes to entering into college and for any information anyone needs throughout all four years of college.
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The University of Arkansas is a wonderful school that provides many opportunities for its students to thrive both academically and socially. Educators are well qualified to be in their positions, advisors are supportive and helpful, and students are friendly and welcoming.
Decided to go to the UofA just for the Walton college of Buisiness. It hasn’t disappointed yet. The campus is beautiful and Fayetteville is a great town
I like going to school here, but it is just not the right fit for me. Would like to see more diversity and more open-mindedness.
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