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University of Arkansas Community College - Morrilton Reviews

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I plan to attend this college beginning in the fall of 2019. I am looking forward to the knowledge and experiences that I will gain from attending this particular school.
Absolutely amazing teachers. Small classes, tutors, and other resources available on campus to help you be successful.
I got to tour it once and it was a very nice campus and the people were extremely nice and helpful. I also got the opportunity to sit in on a psychology class, which is what I'm wanting to major in, and I learned so much just from that one class. It was very interesting and the class was very engaged. Overall, it was a great experience.
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The best instructors on campus by far. Small campus makes for a an easy commute or walk to your next class. It is a great school.
I really enjoy my time at UACCM! The teachers are very personable and will do anything in their power to make sure you succeed!
The teachers are great. Most show that they actually care about what you learn. They are always there to help you too, as long as they aren't a part time teacher. Overall, the staff there are nice too. The atmosphere is good. They are all one big family. Even the students there are nice.
This two year college is the best. I am currently a student and I will be transferring to a 4 year college to get my teaching degree in elementary education. The reason I chose this school is because of the Academics they offer are the same as all the big 4 year colleges. The professors are really great too. I take classes online and my professors are always willing to help me as much as they can.
I loved University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton! It's a great school that you can go to for fairly cheap.
I love how all the classes are small, less people in a class room, more help from teachers. I love how you can park anywhere. You can get to class very fast. All the students and teachers are friendly. There is tutors that will help you through college if you are having problems.
A great school. Perfect for getting my basics, getting comfortable and transitioning to a larger school.
All of my professors are the best! The staff is so helpful, everyone here wants you to succeed. The classes are small enough where you still get one on one time and the go over the limit to make sure they are there for you all the time. It really is an amazing school and very affordable.
Honestly an amazing college, even though the campus grounds are spread out, the professors aren't too harsh and it is easy to adjust to the college workload here.
Such a friendly and personal school. Everyone is so sweet and understanding. This place just feels like home! I’m so happy I chose to attend this college and I’m so lucky to be a member of their family!
I applied for online only classes because I work during the day. They wanted me on campus so much, my job security was questioned. Online everything means online.
The professors are all really great and the campus is really beautiful. There are not many food option and the roads of the school could use some work.
I am a non traditional student with disabilities and I found UACCM to be a wonderful place to begin my college education. They are accomadating and friendly. The staff are wonderful and the class sizes are small. I have never been in a classroom with more than 25 people in it which allows the professors more opportunity to give individual attention to any student that needs help. There are also tutors available in the library for most subjects. There is something for most everyone to enjoy from uaccm.
I love this college because the faculty is incredible. The college shows the will power and the concern, of making sure its students are taken care of and receive all the help they need. The university was great because it was so diverse. I loved the acceptance of the school, it was neat to see the university so willing to enroll non-traditional students and help them succeed as well as the typical right out of high school graduate. I would recommend this to any person looking to further their education, it is only a two year university however, I would much rather finish a two year degree in this incredible college that also has a great tuition rate, than to attend a four year that I am not so eligible to afford or to attend.
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University of Arkansas Community College is a great place to start if the student wants something small and simple. Coming from a big high school the change was minor. Class sizes at UACCM are small to medium size, they usually range from 15-30 students and due to being small size interaction with the teacher is easier. UACCM feels a lot like high school, but it has that feeling of attending a college and for the price and place it is a great start. The only down side of the school is there's limited classes and things a student can participate on.
My Uncle went to school here and they gave him a lot of feed back for what he would need for his job. I am going to be a Freshman this coming August 2017 and I couldn't be more excited.
I have had no problems working my classes out how it is convenient, every semester works out good
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