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University of Arkansas Community College - Batesville Reviews

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This college is so helpful in every aspect. Not only do they challenge you academically, but they provide the students with a variety of resources. The staff members are also incredibly friendly and will not hesitate to help you if you’re confused or struggling.
The process was very simple. I made an appointment with an advisor. Told her what times worked for me and times didn't. She pretty much did the rest.
Right now I am only taking 1 online course. This course is more detailed online then if it were taught in a classroom. If I didn't understand a question, then I could keep trying at that same question until I solved it. The workload is super convenient. I can access the course at home, in a library, at school, or just anywhere with internet.
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UACCB is will to help any student find a career that fits their degree once the student has graduated.
All professors teach passionately about their classes. There are many different options to choose from. Plus you can choose a time set class that best fits your schedule. Most classes are about 20 students per class.
The University of Arkansas community college in Batesville, Arkansas always has employment opportunities. Every student receives an email about new job openings on campus. Sometimes it's not only on campus. Sometimes the jobs are spread out in the community.
Right now i am only in my first semester of my first year. So far my classes that I need for my major are excellent. My workload is very light compared to some students I have talked to from different colleges. The curriculum, in my opinion, is easy to comprehend. If I don't understand something, then I know I can always go to my instructor and they will walk me through the problem step by step. The facility is a great environment to learn in.
The University of Arkansas community college in Batesville, Arkansas is very accepting. The instructors are willing to work with any student whenever they seek assistance. The campus is always clean and it has a beautiful view. The campus also can make students feel safe due to the security officers that are always on the clock.
All of the courses I've taken are challenging but with hard work I have learned a lot.
So far it's been an amazing school. All the staff and teachers are more than happy to help.
The professors at UACCB are all very well-qualified and highly intelligent people who have a passion for education.
I love my school. The faculty and staff can't be beat!
I am at the beginning of my degree but the courses I have taken have only made me excited to finish the program.
My school gave me the encouragement to not give up and continue pushing my limit even when it got the hardest.
The staff was very helpful and very understanding. The tuition and college fees were very reasonable.
Well, first of all, despite the low cost, I am still poor. It's still hard to pay for; however, for the quality of the instructors(the ones I have had that is) I feel as if I should pay more.
There's always students in the library or student center and always an abundant amount of computers. No one ever has to wait to use a computer.
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I have no online classes but I have heard from other students it's great! I can not give a personal view on online courses though.
I am getting all my tuition paid for and other fees. I have one scholarship and that mainly goes into my pocket but I use the money for gas.
I am going to school to become a professional speaker so I have to take classes for English, which isn't my strongest subject at all. The classes I am enrolled in are helping me though.
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