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University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Reviews

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I love UAPB!!! It's such a friendly inviting atmosphere. The teachers are so driven to help you succeed, the campus life is phenomenal. The faculty and staff are astonishing.
So far, my experience at The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff has been good. Ive met people from all over the world. The campus is like a family . There is a lot I would change about the university though . There is no privacy nor gate to separate the university from the local community. There have been times where locals have simply walked on campus freely because security isn’t struck enough
Excellent School! Your teachers know you by name and care about your success! The student life on campus is one to remember and the friends you gain there are truly surreal and lifelong.
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I found this institution to be a very good to attaend for the higher study in computer science as a fulltime student. There is an ample scholarship opportunities for the new freshman student. Thanks
What i like most about my school is that , the staff in my department are very helpful and informative. When we have questions, they never go unanswered. If i could change something about my school, i would change the campus' overall appearance and add to that. I would add better dorms and on-campus apartments for the students. I would also add more parking lots for students only, so we wont get tickets for parking anywhere we shouldnt be.
My overall experience at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB) was pretty good. While like any university there is always room for improvement this institution was not perfect. If I could see anything change it would be to see more student involvement in bettering the institution. Also Pine Bluff is a small city and there is not much to do there as far as fun but on a positive note Little Rock is not too far away if one was looking for fun activities to do with friends. I think the best part about UAPB is how family oriented it is and how much support is provided for students.
I want nothing more than to love this school but i does not care about me. As small as this school is there focus is not on its students. They only care about their athletes (non black especially) and the pine bluff natives. There are more scholarships and opportunities for people that are from pine bluff. Also, if you want something done you have to call your parent and have them raise hell to get it done. The staff have bad attitudes and their are too many teachers that you cant even understand. They waste so much money and i dont feel like im getting the education i deserve and that im paying for. You cant even get involved on the campus because everything is about popularity and who you know not what you have to offer. and this town is dirty poor and offers literally nothing.
The school is great. Teachers and professors are very motivating, they want to the students to achieve brighter future.
UAPB is the greatest! The people, the place, the teachers! I love the environment, I love the pride that they all have for the school! It’s a family tradition to go to UAPB, and anyone I’ve ever known that went to UAPB has succeeded beyond measure! You will become someone at UAPB, and you’re life after UAPB will be even better! The staff is always willing to help!
Good environment, great staff and friendly people. Great clubs that really help you out of your comfort zone
The University of Pine Bluff has a problem with its office of Financial Aid. They are known for losing money and taking scholarships from deserving students. The tuition goes up every year and even students with full-ride scholarships are subject to pay the university large sums of money.
At the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff there were a few things that I liked. One of my favorite things about the school was the opportunity that the school provides and how professors are willing to work with students who may have a harder time understand the material being discussed/taught. One thing that I would change about the school is the funding. The funding at the school is depressing. Either the funding isn't allocated in places that are tangible or no funding at all. Either way funding should be the upmost topic of discussion in change.
Excellent Professors. The professors really care about the students. There is a lot of school spirit. I can't really say anything bad about it.
The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is the proudest Historically Black institution there is in the south. They are very family oriented and really do care about doing the best for their students. The professors really take the time out to get to know their students and let them know that its okay to come to office. There is no place I would rather be, the staff at this university will make sure I have everything I need to make my college experience great. Some things I would change would be the campus is not gated and it’s not really secure besides the campus policeman.
I Loved the experience of College Life I also Joined a Sorority SGRHO and The Education that I have received has been wonderful I love all of my Professors !!! they have made college life Quite the experience.
UAPB has gone through a lot of changes since I attended. They now have a state of the art athletic stadium, new and improved student housing, and world class facilities. The Agriculture Department is one of the best in the state, especially in dealing with farm-raised catfish. There is an abundance of social activities despite the rest of the city being in a decline. UAPB is definitely an economical option for college.
I like the student to professor ratio and small setting of the school. However, the school lacks funds in the right areas.
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What I liked about the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is that all of the faculty members there are like a family and they care about each of us and want us to excel and learn the way of life.
UAPB does offer many internship opportunities and resume building opportunities for students. They offer many ways for students to get a job after graduating. We do need improvement in cafeteria food, parking spaces, organization when it comes to clubs, and safety around the outskirts of campus because we are right next to a neighborhood.
The academic and professors are great with the exception of a few. The career services team has a lot to offer. The area and safety leaves a lot to be desired but it’s worth it if you have a scholarship.
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