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My experience at UAPB has been amazing. I have great sources to careers. Great networking place as well. The changes I would like to see is community involvement and more accredited programs.
My experience at UAPB was nothing like what I expected. The town that the school is in is super small with little to no stores around it, which makes it hard for students who do not have transportation. The faculty needs to be replaced and upgraded because the way they treat students who are enrolled there is boarder line disrespectful. The athletic program needs improvement also. The professors are okay and they help you when you're having a problem. The food can definitely make you feel sick afterwards so that needs improvement also.
The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff is a great school to receive your education. It has a great atmosphere of learning and school spirit.
Review University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
I think this a great college to attend. I am currently working on my sophomore year there. I have learned so much attending this college. The staff, faculty, and students are friendly and very helpful. The classes are very interesting and the professors make it fun and easy to understand. I would recommend others to attend, thanks.
I love UAPB, especially their nursing program. The instructors really attempt to do everything to help lead you and guide you in the right direction.
With University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff being a HBCU, there are multiple aspects that both aid and deter students from attending here. First, the area in which the school is located is not the best, but if you remain on campus and try not to venture out at night by yourself then you will be fine. Second, the student life on campus is high energy and fun. The school tries to host different events on campus in the Student Union for those who live on campus. Thirdly, this university has a family feel whether you are a student or faulty. I can proudly say I have truly come to love my HBCU with all the goods and the bads that comes along.
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This university is a wonderful place to further education. Never have I experienced a more intelligent field of study. Academics and athletics are from a variety of foreign professors who enjoy teaching and have a sensitive style of maturity. Dorms are well groomed and entertainment occurs on campus weekly, including party scenes. As far as safety goes, qualified police/security officers make sure the campus is protected from any disaster. The local area of the campus is located by a freeway which gives access to others coming from a different city than and enables students in Pine Bluff to have good distance between home and school for learning purposes. Food here is amazing because there are ten categories to choose from in the cafeteria that are fresh and healthy to eat. Students feel appreciated by the investments they receive after all of their hard work is done. So far this is my experience.
I'm having a great experience here at UAPB. The students and teachers make it an encouraging and fulfilling place to attend. The only thing I would change is the financial aid process. It's very slow and hard to get in touch with the people you need to talk too.
The university is pretty decent. As a student athlete I do extra work and it is not too bad. The academic part is not so difficult that it is hard to keep up or have to study for hours. The campus is continuously improving which is always a plus. Negatively, there are only a few thousand students here so the campus is fairly small and tight knit.
The athletic programs are all pretty good. The band is amazing. The school is very old school but it's a nice old school. The academics could be more tedious than they are. I feel like I am still in high school in regards to the learning curve.
My experience at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff has been extraordinary. I have learned a lot about myself and experienced things that I never would've experienced at home in Canada. As for the academic portion of my time at university, the programs I have taken have been lead by spectacular professors that understand the needs of their students.
I love my HBCU! butttttttttt..... It is a lot of problems with mold in the Plex ( Freshman dorms) Staff is very nice! j
A really great university. The staff are like family and they make sure you have what you need. They want you to succeed.
Visiting the campus of UAPB was really interesting. The reason being is that they had a lot of diversity in their student life. Also, their home coming was pretty nice on how they had it set up, even though the football team wasn't able to bring a win in on their home coming night
I have been at the University since 2012. I am currently a senior, planning to graduate in May 2017. My time here has been eventful. I have enjoyed being here. From the freshman experiences to now. I have grown not only as a student but as a person because of this university. I have learned so many things and I am glad I chose this university.
I can't really describe it to be honest.
Overall it's okay to me.
Review University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
I personally feel safe on campus. We have officers present all around the campus.
So far the Greek Life is the best in my experiences.
It's not the best, but it'll will do.
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