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I like the coffee shop and that getting a Chick fa lay on campus. There is a nice library with extra study rooms. Most teachers seem to care about the students.
University of Arkansas at Monticello is a nice small town college. They are filled with many activities for the student body to engage in. I’ve enjoyed being able to use the newest and latest resources that the university has to offer. The professors are all very nice and willing to help you in any way possible and want to see the very best in you.
I have really fallen in love with the University of Arkansas at Monticello (UAM). I really, really, really enjoy how the instructors engage with there students.
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When I visited the University of Arkansas at Monticello , I liked the fact that the staff had an good attitude and was willing to work with you . They are in need of more programs .
The teachers care about you and want you to graduate. They get to know you by name and try to help in anyway that they can. The campus is beautiful, the student activities are fun and just the way that everyone is so accepting. It is a small town as well.
I haven't had any problems with "horrible" professors and staff is pretty nice. It's really peaceful and quiet!
I am a distance learner and I am thankful for the opportunity to complete my college degree ad a fair price with a good college.
The staff I came in contact with were all very nice and did their best to help you not just pass the class but understand the material.
University of Arkansas at Monticello is an awesome school to go! The staff is great and very friendly. All the faculty is so willing to help others when needed. They make you feel so at home!
This college is a great college to attend , the people there are willing to help you success , but we need more places to study ,
The only thing I would like to see change at the University of Arkansas at Monticello is more campus food options instead of just cafeteria food Java City (sandwich and coffee shop combined) so people don't have to drive so much to get other food varieties. More campus apartments since there aren't many food options and it'd better living space. Other than that UAM is a good school that host many different culture activities so that everyone can get a good vibe and home feel while there.
My experience as a student here has been wonderful. The teachers here really do care about the students and want each and every student to be successful .
It was a good school, just the teachers didnt like to help. it was fast paced i like the english teacher a lot she helped. Its a busy school. i didnt like the english teacher he was always hollering.
UAM has a very welcoming campus and student body. The classes are small and the professors connect with students on a personal level.
I like UAM so far! Although it doesn't have all the classes I need for my major, it's a nice school!
UAM is a wonderful school with a lot of one on one time with all of your professors. I am an organismal biology major and the amount of effort and passion that my professors put into teaching is what keeps me at this university. UAM is cheap, yes, but it has a really high success rate for their undergraduates getting into Med, Pharmacy, and Vet school. This university has a lot of opportunities and is very affordable.
My overall experience at the University of Arkansas at Monticello has been great these last two years. I have enjoyed the teachers that teach in the field that I am majoring in. I have met new people in all of the new classes I have to take for my major and they have all the same hobbies and goals in life as I do. The classes that I do take are very interesting and keep me wide awake. Our men's basketball the Weevils, are (20-4), and have just two more games left to decide if they win the GAC conference. The campus life is small and makes it feel like home if you are from a small city.
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I love most of the professors I had or have, they are very straight forward and helpful. The campus is very functional for the most part, except the cafeteria is on the opposite side of the campus for some dorms. The library is very quiet and functional for individuals or groups to study. The Babin Business building really need to be remodeled and updated with an elevator.
I have not yet started college here, but I have visited this college. The scenery around the college is beautiful. All the buildings have such abstract architectures. Inside the buildings the staff and students are helpful and friendly. I have heard that the food there is good , yet I have never been able to try it. In UAM there is a variety of diversity. You see many, Caucasians, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and more. Everyone I saw had a different race walking to classes with them which is great! The dorms are very clean and neat according to who stays in them. Monticello is "a great place to raise a family". Many restaurants and jobs are available for college students in the Monticello area. They have a campus cop who patrols the whole area. He does his job accordingly by helping students who are endangering themselves and others. Overall, this school would be great!!!!!!
You'll find at most colleges that teachers don't care whether you show up or not. at UAM its pretty much the same way. every once in a while youll find a teacher who really cares if your there, but the rest of them are pretty chill and understandable about obligations.
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