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It was a nice campus, nice people, and a lot of things to do. Ualr is a very nice school. It may be a slight older building wise but, it doesn’t take away from ualr being a great school to attend
the whole environment felt like home, the people there were very friendly & helpful. the courses they offer are amazing I can’t wait to attend this up coming fall.
It’s just okay! The staff and teachers are nice needs to change wall color of some building! The ground needs to be cleaned up (too much leaves falling) and it needs to plant some flower or grass to fill up soil!
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I go to the online eversity program through thr school and love it. It makes it easy for me to work full time, take care of my 2 year old and not forget about myself and my needs in the process. They help you as much as they can to see you succeed.
I absolutely LOVE this place! The campus is beautiful and there is always something going on! The dorms are nice, the professors are helpful, and everything is always so clean and flexible.
Its full of good people from all over the world. The place is well diverse and the people you meet are kind and unique in their own different way. its a colloge I recommend people to visit.
I have only just started, however, my experience has been phenomenal so far! The staff and faculty have been incredibly helpful and flexible with helping me get everything ready to start school.
This school is a very great school!! At first I was iffy, but it grew on me. There are almost always events that are occurring on campus
I love UALR ❤️. The environment and enthusiasm of every person there is delightful. There are so many things to do, and the campus is beautiful. I love going to UALR!
i have only been here a semester and i love it! its my home away from home! its very diverse , the professors and greaat. the people are very friendly
Great university, great students, great teachers, great scholarships too. Lacking in medical field jobs....
I liked that it was a commuter school, and I could live at home in order to take classes. This saved my family money on housing bills and allowed me to utilize that money for tuition.
I like that at University of Arkansas at LittleRock we are a family & how the professors here care about us and our education.
I like my experience at UAlR. However, reducing the cost of summer school would be a change i'll like to see.
My experience at UALR has been amazing. You meet new people and make new friends. I love UALR because the teachers here want to see you accomplish things and they will take their time out the day to help you. The only change I would want to see is probably the temperature in the classrooms either than that I would recommend UALR to everyone.
University of Arkansas at Little Rock is really a growing school. It is very diverse it offers many degree programs and opportunities.
UA-LR is a fantastic school. The first thing that I loved is that the school has its own police force task team on campus. So you know that you are safe on campus, no matter what senario may come up. I am an English with Creative Writing focus major and I love how dedicated my professors have been to help me succeed. The school overall has been great. I was a transfer student from my local community college and my Admissions Advisor helped to make sure that majority of my credits could transfer over to my major. I love my school and I am proud to represent myself as a Trojan for the rest of my career.
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I would like to see improvements in all areas at the UALR campus especially in academics and safety of the campus.
I love it and all my professors. The only thing I would be parking. We need more parking and east hall need to be renovated.
I love how the campus is not too big but also not too small. It makes it easy to get to classes and if you have questions after class you don’t have to worry about rushing and running around campus.
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