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I love everything about the university ! The tours, campus, food and much more. I have visited University of Arkansas at Little Rock plenty of times? They have so many activities for seniors in high school. I want to attend that college because it is close to home. I also want to attend University of Arkansas at Little Rock because in my opinion it's the best college to attend in Little Rock for a business major. I want to major in business Management. I have spoke with plenty representatives at the university about business. The first time I visited the university was a prospective tour, it was two students giving me and my parent a tour, i fell in love with college after that. Another time i visited the college was discover day, they had fun activities, gave away scholarships and more. I don't want anything to change about the college. I love it!
It's been a college that is welcoming and fits my future as an NP. I want to get my 4 year degree and BSN from this school. Then transfer because it doesn't have a Masters or PhD degree plan but besides that pretty good college.
A great place to learn with a great campus. The Computer Science degree is on the rise with great expectations.
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Staff is friendly and helpful and military friendly Definitely worth at least visiting if not to go to school. Not too big of a campus and if you get lost the library is in the very middle of every thing
There is a great deal of diversity on campus, and several places to go or participate in if one keeps up with their email newsletter. But cost is extremely steep for what you're getting out of this place, and housing is horrendous when you need to get on the wifi to complete assignments. They do not do a good enough job to remind regular students about sports games going on or plays from the theater majors either. Sodexo is still terrible but World of Wings has become the better alternative than the Trojan Grill that was before it. I'd advise not going here if only to save your money. Take a trade or learn firsthand from workshops. A highly stressful environment.
The professors at UALR are very dedicated to helping students succeed. They find creative ways to make learning fun and exciting, and they do not mind taking time out of their hectic schedule to assist students in grasping course material that they may not fully comprehend. They are also very down to earth and understand that sometimes, situations arise in life that are out of a student's control and may temporarily affect their ability to perform at their best. They are willing to work with you so that you do not fall behind and are able to come out on top of your studies...whether you're attending on campus or online. Attending college at UALR is one of the best decisions that I've ever made.
There's a large abundance of professors who care for their students, and the student population is very friendly and welcoming.
The First year at UALR was decent. But now they're remodeling making the campus areas look better. Feel like this year will be better than last year. Try to work towards the task at hand and succeed.
I love most of my professors and classes it just the issue with scholarships and financial aid. UALR will drop you out if your classes if you don’t pay.
I love that I am actually able to learn and understand each subject taken. Each professor takes time to make sure you understand within the subject.
The student life is amazing and I feel very safe. They have a very diverse campus and everyone is so welcoming. I feel like I'm home when I'm at Ualr
I love the diverse in the school. Everybody seemed to fit in and the teachers are very helpful. I also love how the campus is so big. I like how they have a building for every major .
I am a transfer student from Seark College in Pi ne Bluff Ar. My transition was simple and all of the the staff at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock were very pleassnt and helpful during my transition!
My experience has been very positive. From my campus tour, placement testing, and all other pre starting activities we're all very positive and informative
Better food with more options. Ability to only get dining dollars instead of meal plan. More student events that students are actually interested in. Better protection at night for those who have night classes or need to go onto campus.
Love that we care more for education than sports. There is not a big party scene. People here are diverse and there is always something going on , on campus. We are small but good quality.
Our party scene has gotten so much better, and there’s pretty much always something to do on the weekends (just look to the athletic teams). Campus is actually really beautiful and has the feeling of home. Food in the cafe is pretty average except for brunch on the weekends, and sub connections in the EIT building. The surrounding area is pretty lame when it come to night life, but downtown give many opportunities for pictures! Over all it’s a great school!
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UALR has become my home. The diversity and hospitality that the campus offers adds so much value to my education. The professors are dedicated to student success.
I liked that the professors would help you one on one or any time after class. counseling was very good and i would highly recommend this college to any one
The atmosphere on campus is welcoming. No matter your race, gender, or how you look or act you will always find somewhere to fit in and be your self. The university of Arkansas at Little Rock is like a second home and that's what I love the most about the school. The academics are good the student life is fun and you will have the best college experience all while living on a beautiful campus.
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