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UAFS (pronounced You-fuss by pretty much every student) is a very lively, and well run state college in Fort Smith, Arkansas. UAFS has many opportunities to expand and grow, no matter the stage of life you are in. Not only is there a lot to do on campus, from hangout with friends at the in-campus Starbucks, to joining one of the many clubs, to seeing one of the musical performances by our amazing musical arts department, the campus itself is beautiful, with new buildings, like the Windgate Art building, and the beautiful Bell tower overlooking the green. UAFS is a school that I am proud to be a part of.
This is an amazing campus such great outgoing people. the campus makes you feel at home, the dorms are new and are very nice to live in.
I enjoyed the encouragement and support from my instructors and the staff when I was dealing with my mothers death in mid semester. I received great counseling and advice throughout the semesters on my assignments all the way to personal issues. The student body has been helpful to me when I had questions with assignments, especially over the weekend when your waiting to hear back from Your Professor. I expect to graduate this fall semester and don’t anticipate any delays... I would also like to reflect upon the office of career services... in my business writing class, we were required to write an approved resume to keep on file there at the office. I thought that was a great idea. I have received many job listings as a result. There is nothing I would change about my soon to be Alma Mata.
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Overall, UAFS is a great school to attend. The ratio between professors and students in the classroom is small, and most of the professors are extremely friendly and open to questions & suggestions. Additionally, at the end of the semester, there are surveys where students can provide suggestions for the professors, and many take into consideration the suggestions of the students.

The only downside to UAFS is the variety in classes and the lack of professionally certified advisers. All of the advisers are simply the professors who work at UAFS and do not have the time or resources to be both an adviser and professor. Furthermore, the electives offered do not tailor to a wide variety of students with very different career paths.
I loved how the faculty and staff are always willing to help you no matter what. Also, the students are very friendly and make you always feel welcome!
My experience has been great!! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. The professors are so nice and easy to get of hold of when we need help with our work or just don’t understand something.
I thought UAFS was a pretty good school while I was there. The campus is nice and its easy to get around from classes. The food on campus is good and there is also other places to eat around the campus.
In my time so far at UAFS I have loved every minute of it. All the teachers are easy to find and always seek to help their students. I probably know half the people on campus because of how small it is, but its a good thing UAFS is small. I wouldn't have made it through college without all the friends, teachers and students alike, that I have made.
The advising center needs a little help. But the campus is a very beautiful campus and the dorms are nice as well. The cheer program is one of the best in the country and I fell in love with it. That is the main reason I chose to apply here.
I loved how friendly everyone is! I love how many opportunities there are to be involved with the school. This is an excellent school and I do not have any complaints about it.
Very diverse and friendly campus. Plenty of opportunities for social and academic growth. Nice facilities including classrooms, labs, gym, and library.
It does well for the money, very friendly, helpful and safe environment and has every majors you would need to. Lot's of club to join and lots of out of class activities to be involved and is also very diverse .
I believe this university would be a good start for the undergradfuate student as a freshman. Thanks.
This is great place to receive and education. All the professors and staff truly care about your education just as much as you do.
I like how small the class sizes are because I feel like helps making personal connections with the professors easier.
Campus is small but provides all the experiences most students are looking for. The professors are part of a close knit community and are easily accessible. There is a great tutoring center on campus as well as a new gem facility. The school is well rounded and provides for all aspects of college.
Very Good on campus very often. Food is good, have a chick-fl-a, Starbucks, pizza hut and a subway. All buildings a re close together, and there is adequate space for outdoor activities.
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The University of Arkansas-Fort Smith has so many activities and provides a great life on campus. I've many great experiences being there.
The university has a beautiful campus with a hometown feel to it. The staff has always been nice and are extremely helpful. Uafs is always expanding and adding to their campus to give their students more.
The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith is a university that helps you feel at home. It has all the properties of a university, but at the same time you feel so comfortable, that it's like you're still in high school. Every staff member on campus is very helpful and professor will do the best that they can to see you succeed.
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