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I love the fact that UAFS has a diversity of people and a variety of programs to learn and the study abroad programs are amazing!
My experience at this university is fairly average. The atmosphere could be better at this university, but since it is a small university as opposed to others, its understandable. One thing I do like about this university is its location. The university is located in a popular and residential area.
I will be an incoming freshman in fall of 2018 and so far my experiences with UAFS have been great! Everybody is nice and helpful and they are fast responders both by mail and internet.
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UAFS is a great school with many ways to get involved. I have enjoyed my time quite a bit. And overall, most of the faculty/staff is very supportive and helpful. I will put the emphasis on most here. There are also many opportunities for students to work on campus so that work doesn't interfere with school as often.
I would improve parking and temperature control in the classrooms. I would also help non traditional students fit in better.
Absolutely love the college. I am happy to be a part of such a wonderful location, its close to home and offers online classes for many of its courses. The advisors at the College of Business are very knowledgeable and work with you. Since I am a non traditional student they are very accommodating for my needs. The campus grounds are just as great as the inside of the school. Very neat and clean areas for studying or just relaxing with friends. Inside the campus in the classrooms are nice as well. The work atmosphere is very safe and everyone willing to work together.
As far as education goes, this is a premium experience to have as almost all of my instructors not only care about how well I'm doing in class, but also about my future and want to make sure I excel in life. My only complaint is that it needs more food options on campus!
Great academic and personal experiences. Good professors and diverted student activities. Greek life is awesome! I have made lifetime connections that have enriched my life forever.
I transferred here in spring. There was not much if anything to help anyone new on campus in the spring semester. The campus is much larger than I was used to. Half the time even if you have a class with less than twenty people the professor not recognize you if you visit them in their office. However, this all seemed very normal by midterms. I highly recommend starting here in the Fall and stopping to listen to the bell tower at least once.
I feel as though going to school here is like going to a slightly bigger high school. It's like pulling an arm and a leg to get help from financial aid and I have came to notice that a lot of the teachers that work here are either unfit for their jobs or very unorganized and cause a great deal of stress on top of all of your other classes. The only class I have enjoyed from this university was biology. They have a great selection of teachers and will help any student that is in need.
UAFS is actually a really good school. Most people think that just because it’s a smaller campus, that the teachers and facilities are bad. But they’re really not!
As a currently attending student, UAFS has been very excellent. The professors I've had have been understanding and caring and willing to work out any issues or problems. The food available is from a good selection. It's very interesting to get to know and meet people from other parts of the world!
I love the small campus size- it feels like you're at a private college, and you're almost always guaranteed parking. I also love the professors. They're super accessible. The one thing I'd like to change is some of our older buildings. They need to be renovated.
This school is very beautiful and is near many historic landmarks. I love the academics and teachers here at this school.
It us enjoyable to step away from home for awhile, and connect with people from around the country. A down side on most weekends most people go home so it can be difficult to find things to do on the weekends. The campus is easy to navigate and just the right size not too small and definitely not too large. Class sizes are good and the ability to actually interact with your professor is much more likely.
Most of the best professors don't stay long. That leaves ones who shouldn't be in that profession or newbies. Some good ones are still there.
Great experience. The advisors were very good with helping the students get scheduled for the classes that they needed. They were also easy to get in the office and talk with them.
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The faculty and staff are friendly and go out of their way to help ensure that the students have all of the resources necessary to reach their full potential.
Fort smith is such a pretty campus. I'm really impressed with it and think its the best college in Arkansas and it has low student to faculty ratio. It's very beautiful and unique college and I want to go there cause its in my hometown plus its great education at a low cost.
What I like the most about my university is the people. Everyone is awesome and super nice. The professor will always help if you just ask and it will always be fun in class.
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