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For the most part The University of Arkansas is a great smaller University with much diversity and a place for everyone.
UAFS not only has a gorgeous scenery, but they have some of the most amazing professors ever. They all want to see you succeed and they care about you. I know I made the right choice by choosing UAFS my senior year of high school. I do not regret being there at all, I absolutely love UAFS
This university will give you the degree you pay for. As long as you pay, you will be coddled rather than challenged all the way to graduation day. You won't have learned or grown as a person, but you will eventually get that degree.
Review University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
This college has a good a environment, cares about students, they always have activities, instructors are great.
The campus is clean and well kept. The staff is helpful and friendly. There is also a low crime rate.
I really like how friendly everyone is. The professors work well with you and want you to succeed. I would like the food be better.
The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith is an excellent school filled with many activities, committees, and athletics. I am personally on the UAFS Pom squad and have loved every minute of it. You get a close relationship with the staff here at UAFS which helps further improve you educational experience.
UAFS is a great college they have wonderful staff members that are willing to help every step of the way with any questions or concerns.
I love this college! It's price can't be beat and the education is top notch. My only complaint is that I wished the financial aid office was a little more helpful when having first years sign up/accept for student loans. I love that there is a plethora of student organizations to join and a diverse culture among the student body. Go lions!
I was a former student. I personally was not impressed with the education I was receiving. It seemed that the student services department was apathetic to my concerns, which I thought was unprofessional.
Amazing school! The campus is beautiful and great for exercise. Lots of places to connect with classes, students, and teachers. Computers are always in reach for homework.
The University of Arkansas - Fort smith is one of the top colleges in the state of Arkansas. As a music major, the faculty is top notch. All of the professors are clearly proficient on their horns and demonstrate an exceptional knowledge in their field.

The campus is gorgeous, and it's not a 5 mile hike to get between classes. The campus greens are absolutely gorgeous and the bell tower is always beautiful to look at.

Overall I've been elated with my experience here and I would recommend it to anyone whose looking for a campus that feels personal.
All my teachers have been great. The alcohol policies are a bit over the top but that is my only complaint.
I love UAFS. It has a medium size, beautiful campus, and a small population of students. I love the home atmosphere here. However, working with their financial aid is a challenge at times and could definitely be improved.
I love this school and have learned so much in my time here. The professors I have had are amazing and the friends I have made are even better. I feel like my education has really thrived here.
The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith is close to my home town in southern Sebastian County. It is a large college campus with a small town feel that strives to get students involved with anything and everything together. The class size keeps students engaged in what is going on and allows one-on-one assistance with all academic needs. While it does not have a football team like most southern universities, the other events offered makes up for that. I am returning to college after 4 years to study psychology because I know that it would not only better me as an individual but also enhance the mental health needed in my community and I cannot think of a better college than the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith to help me achieve my goals.
University of Arkansas - Fort Smith is a great college. The scenery is nice and beautiful and the students all very friendly. The school is all about making sure you make it through college and that you do it happily. They have a lot of opportunities to get involved with the school and they make sure to take care of their own.
Review University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
I like the school a lot professors will bend over backwards to help you get your studies done. There is great student life meet lots of new people go to events academics are very good they help teach you a lot of things from technical school to business education. They are not too expensive they are pretty reasonable but overall it is a very good school.
My experience at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith was great. All of my professors were very nice and were always available whenever I needed extra help understanding each lesson. Everyone is very friendly, so much diversity, and gives off a very homely feel.
I juat began the Social Work program and I have to say I dobt regret it. The University is beautiful, they have wonderful professors, great tutors, and many programs to help any student be successful.
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