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This review is for the Ketchikan Campus. There is no student housing, and there are only 2 buildings on campus. This is more like a community college with certificate or Associate Degree programs in specialized fields such as mining, maritime, or fishing. The professors are great and are willing to spend extra time to help students grasp subjects.
Class sizes don't seem too bad. Seems like towards the end of the semester the number starts to decrease. Online courses have been somewhat easy so far. I have had positive interactions with my professors
I don't think that the UAS has security guards. Ketchikan is a small island and so we don't really take special security measures to keep students safe. The only time we do is when there is a storm or it snows heavily.
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I don't see much of it as I am only a part time student. I only take one in-class course a semester, so really I don't see much recruiting going on.
  • 9 months ago
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The UAS does not provide campus housing.
I'm not quite sure what that is.
The UAS does not have a sports team
UAS provides a lot of online classes which is nice for the working student. I feel that it would be nice if they offered more afternoon classes. UAS does not provide not provide the degree I would love to achieve, and it is the only college school on the island so I have no choice but to use them. The reason being is because I love to work in class and not so much online.
I feel very safe on campus.
i like the dorms. just enough space.
get to live near the ocean.
I feel very safe on campus. We're a small and quiet campus. We've had little campus crime. But when we do, a majority of campus crime is stealing. We security cameras and adults you can turn to.
There's a variety of courses offered and the professor's are experts. They are some that are unfriendly but most of them are friendly and helpful.
Campus is very student friendly. They have free wifi and coffee for the students. The tutors in the student center are very knowledgeable.
The options to obtain a degree in the class room or online are very high. If I have any questions the student adviser is always willing to help or sends me in the right direction of who can help me. Books are affordable, the online websites gives options for cheaper books, which helps out financially a lot! No complaints about this school yet.
I am going in to my second year at the University of Alaska in Juneau Alaska and I am very excited. UAS has been an amazing stepping stone out of my home town of about 2,500 people. The class sizes are small, the professors know you by name, but the material and content of the classes offered here are perfect for students who are looking for a small university to commit to for an associates degree.
For my degree, I am able to take all my courses online.
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I take all online courses and the workload is about average.
So far it is good.
It would be great if I lived in Juneau because there is a lot of job positions and internships available in my field.
  • Apr 16 2015
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