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I am just starting at UAS and am happy to be able to have an opportunity to take online distance classes from home. There is nothing I would change.
The campus is good and it is in a small city. The advisors are very helpful and they send me emails that include useful deadlines which can help me stay up to date on what is going on. The admissions counselor was a big help to get me applied and in the Associates of Applied Science degree. I would not have been this far into my applying process if it was not for them to help me get this far. Also they send me emails including scholarships I can fill out, so I wont be in debt with the school. I know they would be excited to see me go to this school and I do not want to go anywhere else.
This is a great college for anyone who wants to attend college, whether online or in person. So glad I chose to attend UAS.
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The teachers can be hit and miss but they all are very supportive and helpful in the academic process.
Great school! Has amazing views and lower tuition costs! Their B.A. education program is top notch and the faculty is easy to get ahold of and help in any way possible!
The University of Alaska Southeast is a great college to attend. The teachers are very helpful and honest want you to succeed.
I loved it because my mom and grandma graduated from there and curriculum is great! It also has many work readiness opportunities such as classes that prepare you for it and help you figure out what you want to do. It is also a close knit community so the sense of family is very strong. They also had a lot of work type classes that help you decide what you wanted to do. They also encouraged classes that help you with finance, taxes, and other adult responsibilities so you would not be going on your own blinded.I also loved it because everyone was very involved with other student activities.
University of Alaska Southeast has been a great university system to take distance delivery courses through. The university and particularly the education department staff have been very helpful in getting courses set up in a timely manner and have been available when I have needed to ask ask questions and get clarifications on programs.
All of the professors I've had so far have been very passionate about their area of expertise and promote a positive atmosphere in their classes. This extends to the prominent number of tutors around campus who are always willing to assist students with whatever assignments they’re dealing with at the time. The only thing I would currently like to see changed is most likely beyond alteration due to the schedules of the drivers. I am currently largely reliant on the universities shuttle service for transportation around campus. Although this service is reliable in regards to weekday classes, the fact that it is unavailable on the weekends makes attending extracurricular events more difficult given my disability.
This campus has understanding and kind professors! I'm going into my second year. Some hard obstacles came up, but not because of the college itself.
A small campus with a great student-teacher ratio. The faculty and staff are excellent. Most of my professors I knew on a first name basis and felt very comfortable approaching them outside of class for advice and help. The campus is located on the edge of Auke Lake, and is an ideal location to gain inspiration for your studies.
I love my university for it's tight knit, caring community. The professors and instructors are very helpful and willing to work with you to make sure you succeed. The class sizes are small, with a 5:1 student to teacher ratio (I think). The campus setting is breathtaking and peaceful, right on Auke Lake overlooking the Mendenhall Glacier. The culture of the campus life itself is so diverse and rich. There's a place for everyone at this school which really helps boost student morale in my own experience.
Everton one is extremely friendly and understanding, strongly enforced rules that protect you from harmful acts.
So far so good. I would recommend longer advisor hours for financial aid dept. and easier access to advisement
My overall experience with the University of Alaska Southeast(UAS) has been really good. They are super understanding about my work schedule and they let me choose what I want to do by just giving me information. The one thing I really like is that it is filled with the Native culture. I love it here!
Absolutely breathtaking campus in Juneau. I believe that the University will overcome its budget shortfalls that are currently effecting the courses and programs available, which is currently the most negative aspect of UAS.
This university is perfect for those majoring in anything relating to biology. The environment is perfect for studying outdoors and going on hikes with friends. The staff is very helpful and they give students the opportunity to apply for internships and local jobs on campus or within the local community. Housing is beautiful in the middle of a rainforest right next to a large lake. I recommend this university is for anybody who wants to be close to nature and not in a large community. Again, it is perfect for those majoring in the biology field.
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University of Alaska Southeast's main campus is located in a community based around Auke Lake and Auke Bay. Along with the amazing views, hiking trails, glaciers, and a welcoming community UAS offers great academics with a top notch faculty. Professors are always willing to help and a lot of them go out of their way to help you be successful in college.
This review is for the Ketchikan Campus. There is no student housing, and there are only 2 buildings on campus. This is more like a community college with certificate or Associate Degree programs in specialized fields such as mining, maritime, or fishing. The professors are great and are willing to spend extra time to help students grasp subjects.
Class sizes don't seem too bad. Seems like towards the end of the semester the number starts to decrease. Online courses have been somewhat easy so far. I have had positive interactions with my professors
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