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I like that its mainly in one area. That we can basically walk everywhere. That its a smoke free campus.
The small campus and class size leads to a sense of community. There's a broad range of students- commuters, non traditional students and life long learners. That diversity is a nice aspect of UAF.

The budget cuts imposed on the school by the state legislature has led to gutting several programs. Infrastructure that'll be difficult to rebuild once the state's economy improves is also disappearing.
UAF is a decent school if you can get in with in state tuition or the Western Undergraduate Exchange(WUE). I wouldn't suggest it to students that would pay out of state tuition primarily. It's simply not worth it.
Review University of Alaska Fairbanks
Great college. Like it a lot. Neutral resource program is phenomenal. The classes are good. Good curriculum.
UAF is a great school. There are many clubs that help everyone get involved and they have great programs for incoming freshman that help you get settled in quick. All the RA's are great to talk to and to help with readjustment. Everyone on campus is super nice and most teachers are very helpful during office hours.
Lack of appeal attracts sub-par professors. Budget reductions led to shutting down of the career center, so expect no help finding internships or employment after graduation. Beware the retention and graduation rates - they speak for themselves. Under investigation for Title 9 violations. Administration at odds with the student body. Long, dark winters lead to depression.
I enjoyed my first year there. The teachers seemed competent enough. There were a lot of different students from all over. The campus is easy enough to get around in. There really isn't a lot to do in Fairbanks but that's fine with me.
Over my four years here this University life was a definitely a culture shock coming from Arizona. Overall had a good experience with the professors, but wish the equipment for most of my labs were updated to newer advanced technology. Campus life is a little boring due to the weather being so cold.
UAF has amazing staff and I can feel like they truly care for their students. However some of the class structures are not as enjoyable as others. I thought I would be done with flipped classrooms in high school but professors still have the need to provide it as the only option for their classes and It's quite infuriating because I learn by getting taught the subject.
This university keeps things real, they know they're not the largest school, but they also aren't the smallest.
It is an interesting school located in interior Alaska. No other state is as beautiful. It is tantalizing, and inspires awe. Get a glimpse of the magical land known as the last frontier; you won't be let down.
The accounting program here is incredible. I love all the of the opportunities I have to better my soft skills as well as develop my professional life. There is a lot of diversity here and it really feels like home.
America's Arctic University. #nanooknation. From Finance to Physics, UAF has a place for anyone brave enough for the cold winters. Students work together at UAF no matter their political views, religious views, gender identification or etc. Residence Life even has gender neutral housing. Being just out side of town the University has miles of ski, bike and hiking trails. With a new life sciences building and engineers building, biology, chemistry and engineering labs are state of the art.
I have had a few good experiences with psychology and justice courses, but some of the staff for science and english courses are not capable of giving students what they need to be successful in that field of study.
I started college back in 1980 but due to many tragedies in our family I was forced to put my education on hold for many years. I have recently returned and I found that a lot of things have changed since I was here is the big one. It is challenging yet rewarding when you can get on step and really start the learning process. The professors are very personable and understanding when it comes to "something came up" and they allow you time to make up your assignments. We have a lot of weather issues here in the winter so they just about have to be lenient. I love both campuses because they are conveniently located and have awesome sunny places to study and in our dark winters we really need the sun. I find that our college is very important to our economy here as well as good for the education of future generations of people who desire to live here.
I like that is is a local school and it has some great programs offered. All the professors I have had have been great.
I am currently in the pipeline of the Rural Human Services moving on to my Bachelors in Social Work and I absolutely love it! I've graduated with honors getting my AA and intend on graduating with the same as I approach my Bachelors. Classes are cohort style with indigenous people from all over Alaska.
Only change I'd like to see is more internship done in lower 48 reservations to see how our other villages/reservations are doing their work, so we can bring it to our smaller communities.
Review University of Alaska Fairbanks
This university is great for certain subjects like Native Alaskan languages and art, Petroleum or Mechanical Engineering or Archaeology, but not so great when it comes to physical sciences like Chemistry. Their Biology program is decent depending on the direction you want to take. The campus is a bit scattered and the shuttles should run more often in the winter. The campus dining could really use an upgrade as well. The winter is very long and dark, but overall it is a decent place to get a degree.
Great student to faculty ratio, and hands on instructors! Would like to see better supplies and equipment
I absolutely love many of the services offered by UAF, such as the Rural Student Services who offer help with academic advising, connecting with groups, free food on campus, and tutoring. I also appreciate Student Support Services, who offer assistance to first generation college students, low income students, and students with disabilities. They also offer tutoring, academic advising, scholarships, and free food and refreshments.
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