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UAF doesn't care about your education or well being they are in it for the money and you can tell. The only way to get straight answers from anyone is to drive and walk to what ever office you need and talk to someone face to face.
I enjoy the environment of Fairbanks Alaska. There are many activities to participate in year round. The campus is close to pretty much everything and is well kept. The student activities are endless, and can be almost anything.
my experience on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus has been absolutely amazing. the teachers and professors are very caring, fare, and academically involved with the students. Their is never a question that goes unanswered. I think that one thing that make this university amazing is that the students get to the opportunity to be involved with everything, including hiring new staff and evaluating the courses available. I think it is important that we know as students that the choices and decisions made are base on the minority vote of the student population. There is always staff somewhere nearby to be of assistance and point you in the right direction. This university really does care about the students on an academic and personal level.
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It's a good start and I am close to home where I can go home every weekend, but only if I do have money to go home. It is easy for me now because it is a small campus and the classes are easy except what I don't like, yet they are still easy.
Able to take classes via distance education. Application is easy and registration for classes is easy upon advisors approval. Everything is easy to access via website. Classes can be either taken independently or with others on a semester basis. Books can be ordered online. Overall I am impressed with this college given I am a single parent and it works with my schedule.
This is a pretty average college to attend. If you're an engineering student then this is one of the best places to attend in the country. If you can survive the harsh and cold winters in the coldest city in the US, then you can definitely achieve success at UAF!
The best university in Alaska! But it comes with a hefty price. I would like to see more reasonable tuition, but not likely to happen...
The diversity within UAF brings together great amounts of students with each of their own personal backgrounds, but I hope to see it evolve to the point where everyone can share their story. The possibilities would be endless and everyone need to share their lives whether that be from urban and rural experience to the international spectrum of knowledge
I've been to the University of Alaska Fairbanks during the summer of 2017. Students from all over Alaska, including myself, participated, stuck through, and graduated the program called Rural Alaska Honors Institute; or RAHI. This amazing program allowed me to graduate one semester of college with 10 credits. I love that the university allows students like me to take advantage of this rewarding opportunity. One thing I would change is their bus route. Man was I tired walking to my professor's chemistry lecture.
I have been attending UAF through their distant education program and I love our it; only flaw? The proctors exams because I have to drive 45 minutes out of town, on top of the gas I use, I pay for the proctor as well.
All of the professors I have had so far have been amazing at teaching all of my classes. Everyone is so nice and its a really welcoming environment. The university has a lot to offer in ways of helping students, between the shuttles that will take you anywhere on campus to the writing, speech, and math labs that can help you with your classes. The University of Alaska Fairbanks is an amazing school and I am very happy to be going there.
I have never had a problem where I couldn't find the help necessary to fix it. For my first year of college I was able to take classes at another University of Alaska while still fully pursuing my chosen major for Fairbanks. The campus itself and the area surrounding the campus is beautiful, even in the winter.
I really like that UAF is a close community. There is a lot to do around campus to help with the cold and dark winter months. Professors are personable and want you to succeed. The only thing I would change is that there is not many options on times and days to take a class. You have to register for a class whenever it is offered that semester.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks is an excellent college, where you can have fun and get an education all at the same time. I have been going there for about two year now and think the professors are great. I have gained a plethora of knowledge. The curriculum is challenging and you have to study hard, but the reward pays off. I hope to continue my education there.
I loved that the professors were laid back. They give you time to turn in any missing assignments, correct exams, and are there to help in office hours when you need it. What I'd like to see change is the campus food, because sometimes I get tired of having or seeing the same food everyday.
I like how the University of Alaska Fairbanks has rural campuses so students in those communities still have access to their education, tutors, and advisors.
I love UAF! It was a lot of Natives on campus so I wont get homesick. I love the scenery especially the sunset. The classes are flexible and the food is amazing because its all I eat and anything I choose. I recommend this university to many alaskan natives.
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This school excels at the sciences, though most people don't believe the math department is up to par. The student population is an interestingly weird one. I think that just might be Alaska talking, as Alaska attracts some of the oddest weirdest people. Not necessarily a bad thing. I love a good amount of the professors. They love what they are doing. There is not very much to do in Fairbanks. Having a car is vital if you want to get around. The buses will work in a pinch but they can be unreliable. If you want to have fun while you are here, get into winter sports. UAF gives you free admission into nearby SkiLand!
I appreciate the location of the school in Fairbanks. The campus is set up in a hill, so the views are gorgeous. When the sky is clear you can see the Denali mountain range. The school is taking part in bringing awareness and change on sexual assault and gender-based violence. There are some good professors, but from the few classes I've taken thus far I feel that there is a sense of "just meet the standard" not an overall strive for excellence. But I believe that is something they are working on.
My new advisor is amazing. He was able to actually help me graduate. I had issues with my previous advisor but once I changed departments I was finally about to short everything out and we are good to go now. It is a shame that I lost so many credits in the university transfer when UAA is supposedly a sister but it doesn't matter now that I'm gonna graduate.
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