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University of Alaska Fairbanks just might be on the top of the list of 1 of 3 universities in Alaska. I love the diversity of our school where people with unique backgrounds could join together and make our school an amazing environment. I would highly suggest UAF!
I really enjoy attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks because It is really great campus and has a good sense of community. the teacher seem pretty good so far. The dorms and food are okay. One bad thing about it is that it is very cold here the -20's are not at all uncommon and it can get down to -40 occasionally.
UAF is a great institution for STEM programs. However, one of the major appeals when I was applying to university was the school's affordability and willingness to provide a variety of scholarships. In recent years, tuition has soared (increases about 5% each semester), but the resources have stayed the same and several programs have even been cut. If you're there to study science, that's great because there are research opportunities everywhere and the faculty are generally really open to taking on undergraduate students in their labs. However, those wanting to pursue a degree in the liberal arts are probably better off sticking to UAA.
Big disadvantages to Fairbanks: it is COLD, DARK, and housing is expensive.
Big advantages: The students are wonderful. Fairbanks has a fairly active student body and everyone is usually kind and supportive. The faculty are also typically really happy to help you in any way they can.
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The University of fairbanks Alaska is a well run University. There are multiple social opportunities, although i do think there could be more. I would also have to say that the school is very welcoming and reassuring. There are many resources to get help when it is needed. I think they could open things up and offer a bigger range in class options. Overall i really enjoy going to UAF.
It's an okay school, honestly depends on what you are majoring in since it is pretty biased towards science majors like engineering and biology, particularly wildlife biology.
I moved to Fairbanks a few years ago looking to engage in my community. Lately in my academic career I've been searching for a way to make it as a non-traditional student. University of Alaska Fairbanks advising worked with me to get things rolling in a way that is condusive to my lifestyle. For people who are interested in the Arctic life, a thriving art community, and a forward thinking college town, I would highly recommend UAF.
I liked the small-town feel, where many people are connected through mutual friendships/classes/interests. The campus and community were diverse though with constant new faces as well. New students coming and going at the university, as well as new faces coming and going from the military bases, made for a fun and adventurous experience.
As a returning student I see a different focused student body (a very large population of military) but considering the town it does not come as a surprise.
Now that I am going for a nursing degree I find myself more frustrated than ever with advisors.
Being one of many nursing students not one advisor says the same thing about entry into the program and none truly know anything of it. All the other nursing students I have spoke to agree with this thought. It makes you feel lost while trying to apply for a very competitive program.
The school has closed their baccholer of microbiology and masters of engineering, 2 programs that pulled a lot of outside students to this particular university. While doing this they raise tuition, make class times very difficult to attend ( you better not have a job) and complain of low enrollment. We have already 2 consecutive years predetermined for tuition raises and the hint we have to cut programs if the school cannot generate anymore money.
I chose the University of Alaska Fairbanks because it was affordable and the community was amazing, welcoming and fun.
I am frustrated by the constant changes to the staff and to my degree. I have had my degree requirements change at least 3 times in 5 years. Not only that but classes that were in my original degree path don't exist any more. I could request that they keep the degree path I enrolled in but there is no way for me to take the original classes because of staff and budget cuts.
Good staff! Very nice class sizes! And plenty to do! All at an affordable rate! I am truly happy that i chose University of Alaska Fairbanks it offers a wide range of courses to help prepare you whether it is a liberal art or a technical degree, you get the most out of your experience.
UAF is a cheaper option to most universities. It has incredible undergrad research opportunities and low student to faculty ratios. It's cold and that tends to drag students down in the winter time.
I like that its mainly in one area. That we can basically walk everywhere. That its a smoke free campus.
The small campus and class size leads to a sense of community. There's a broad range of students- commuters, non traditional students and life long learners. That diversity is a nice aspect of UAF.

The budget cuts imposed on the school by the state legislature has led to gutting several programs. Infrastructure that'll be difficult to rebuild once the state's economy improves is also disappearing.
UAF is a decent school if you can get in with in state tuition or the Western Undergraduate Exchange(WUE). I wouldn't suggest it to students that would pay out of state tuition primarily. It's simply not worth it.
Great college. Like it a lot. Neutral resource program is phenomenal. The classes are good. Good curriculum.
UAF is a great school. There are many clubs that help everyone get involved and they have great programs for incoming freshman that help you get settled in quick. All the RA's are great to talk to and to help with readjustment. Everyone on campus is super nice and most teachers are very helpful during office hours.
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Lack of appeal attracts sub-par professors. Budget reductions led to shutting down of the career center, so expect no help finding internships or employment after graduation. Beware the retention and graduation rates - they speak for themselves. Under investigation for Title 9 violations. Administration at odds with the student body. Long, dark winters lead to depression.
I enjoyed my first year there. The teachers seemed competent enough. There were a lot of different students from all over. The campus is easy enough to get around in. There really isn't a lot to do in Fairbanks but that's fine with me.
Over my four years here this University life was a definitely a culture shock coming from Arizona. Overall had a good experience with the professors, but wish the equipment for most of my labs were updated to newer advanced technology. Campus life is a little boring due to the weather being so cold.
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