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It is an interesting school located in interior Alaska. No other state is as beautiful. It is tantalizing, and inspires awe. Get a glimpse of the magical land known as the last frontier; you won't be let down.
The accounting program here is incredible. I love all the of the opportunities I have to better my soft skills as well as develop my professional life. There is a lot of diversity here and it really feels like home.
America's Arctic University. #nanooknation. From Finance to Physics, UAF has a place for anyone brave enough for the cold winters. Students work together at UAF no matter their political views, religious views, gender identification or etc. Residence Life even has gender neutral housing. Being just out side of town the University has miles of ski, bike and hiking trails. With a new life sciences building and engineers building, biology, chemistry and engineering labs are state of the art.
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I have had a few good experiences with psychology and justice courses, but some of the staff for science and english courses are not capable of giving students what they need to be successful in that field of study.
I started college back in 1980 but due to many tragedies in our family I was forced to put my education on hold for many years. I have recently returned and I found that a lot of things have changed since I was here is the big one. It is challenging yet rewarding when you can get on step and really start the learning process. The professors are very personable and understanding when it comes to "something came up" and they allow you time to make up your assignments. We have a lot of weather issues here in the winter so they just about have to be lenient. I love both campuses because they are conveniently located and have awesome sunny places to study and in our dark winters we really need the sun. I find that our college is very important to our economy here as well as good for the education of future generations of people who desire to live here.
I like that is is a local school and it has some great programs offered. All the professors I have had have been great.
I am currently in the pipeline of the Rural Human Services moving on to my Bachelors in Social Work and I absolutely love it! I've graduated with honors getting my AA and intend on graduating with the same as I approach my Bachelors. Classes are cohort style with indigenous people from all over Alaska.
Only change I'd like to see is more internship done in lower 48 reservations to see how our other villages/reservations are doing their work, so we can bring it to our smaller communities.
This university is great for certain subjects like Native Alaskan languages and art, Petroleum or Mechanical Engineering or Archaeology, but not so great when it comes to physical sciences like Chemistry. Their Biology program is decent depending on the direction you want to take. The campus is a bit scattered and the shuttles should run more often in the winter. The campus dining could really use an upgrade as well. The winter is very long and dark, but overall it is a decent place to get a degree.
Great student to faculty ratio, and hands on instructors! Would like to see better supplies and equipment
I absolutely love many of the services offered by UAF, such as the Rural Student Services who offer help with academic advising, connecting with groups, free food on campus, and tutoring. I also appreciate Student Support Services, who offer assistance to first generation college students, low income students, and students with disabilities. They also offer tutoring, academic advising, scholarships, and free food and refreshments.
This is a small campus where people keep to themselves for the most part. Don't expect parties or large events. The college is especially geared towards engineering for the mining industry, but does include other degrees.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks has one of the most diverse group of students around. From race, to culture, to religion UAF has a bit of it all. Makes a great atmosphere to learn not only about our studies, but also the world through other students. The thing I'd like to see change most is the amount of sexual assault that happens on campus. Which is shockingly high for the volume of students living on campus.
All the faculty are really helpful and seem like they care about your success. Career services are also really helpful for looking at resumes and cover letters.
This University is nothing to get excited about. The academic environment is not outstanding and there is not an atmosphere to achieve high standards. There are some good professors and some bad professors, it's just the luck of the draw when you sign up for classes. Almost the entire school year is winter, which can be difficult leaving you very unmotivated and apathetic towards your education. There is little to no student life involvement, everyone keeps to themselves and the University does not involve the students well in clubs, activities, and student events. There’s a new food center but the food is not good. The school is very inexpensive, low tuition costs, which makes it more appealing to go here. The dorms are average, shared bathrooms for every floor, mid sized rooms, but there is no student community within them. Fairbanks is not an exciting place and has no feeling of a college town. There are not many athletic teams here, and the few that there are aren't very good.
I love UAF! Coming from a community college, it definitely feels more like a community, which is nice. Of course there is no perfect place, so there are things that could be better. I like being involved in campus activities, but I wish there were sororities and fraternities that students could join. But, overall I'm glad I came to Fairbanks for university!
My graduate level classes have brought together students from a wide variety of backgrounds, with stron academic abilities. The variety in interests resulted in a much more rounded educational experience.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks is a wonderful school for people with strong character. The location is very unique, with winter temperatures as low as negative forty degrees Fahrenheit and daylight as short as four hours. This subarctic environment is ideal for hiking and skiing on campus and in the surrounding wilderness. Full-time students are given free passes to a local alpine ski area. Professors are friendly and invested in the success of their students. The science and engineering programs are some of the best in the country and provide many opportunities for research and job training. Intramural sports are a popular activity. The Honors Program is recommended, it allows students to enroll in advanced classes with a small group of peers and offers scholarships and counseling. Some people find Fairbanks to be a challenging environment. The cold and darkness can lead to severe seasonal depression. Sexual harassment is unfortunately fairly common.
Review University of Alaska Fairbanks
For me UAF has been great. The classes are interesting and enjoyable and the professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Campus life tends toward studious. The is a variety of extracurriculars. If you are living on campus the weekends are quiet.
My experience in the University of Alaska Fairbanks is quite amazing to be part of it. The professors of this university are very nice and helpful. What I like about this university is they do so much for the students who need anything they need to ask for.
The Niche website is extremely helpful to me on my path to gain a higher education. It would be nice to see an improvement in the application process, though I do appreciate the amount of scholarships available throughout the website.
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