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The advising is poor and offers little to no help. The professors are amazing and I appreciate the effort and work that they put into teaching their students; They're the only thing worthwhile in my opinion.
Overall my experience at this college was decent. They are not very good at answering my questions. Their English professors are too strict for someone that is not an English major but other than that they have a great study/help program and I enjoyed my experience.
UAA is a pretty good college. I can't really determine how good it is since it's the only college I've gone to, so I'll just list a few positive and negative aspects I've experienced.


1. It's easy to get from class to class. Many of the buildings are connected together with bridges so you don't have to be crossing the street all the time, and the campus has its own bus system.

2. I've had a good experience with some of the classes. The professors were good, and the assignments were a joy to work on.

3. There are many opportunities for students to get help. There are course advisors, math tudors, and study spaces.


1. A few of the courses were a real bore to sit through, especially the Math courses.

2. What's confusing is that there are two Engineering Buildings: one for industry, and another for computation. The similarity in their names has caused me to go to the wrong building several times.
Review University of Alaska Anchorage
There are very few schools in the Anchorage area to pick from. There are at least several areas of study to choose from.
UAA is not a typical 4 year college. Students who are looking for a party school will not find it here. UAA has a diverse group of students and diverse classes to meet those students needs. I'd like to see more programs offered at UAA.
I transferred to UAA in the middle of my first year of college, and it was the best decision. I honestly love the campus, the people, and especially the classes.
The university has no competition with other schools. They are able to do whatever they want and get away with it.
Such a great University. I'm so happy I chose this school in order to acquire and further my education.
It's a great campus. You get the classes and all the perks of a big university (ie quality) but the size of a smaller university which is nice. The only complaint is not enough parking, but that seems to be the case at any university.
I like the University of Anchorage because all the staff and teachers care about their students, and they are really comprehensive. I also like the University system.
It's a good school overall. The professors are knowledgeable, the facilities are sufficient, and I enjoy the classes. However, budget cuts to the state in the last year have impacted the University and its programs. I feel that the University should spend less money on sports and work on improving the programs.
The degree specific teachers are fantastic, but the GER teachers could care less. The campus is nice except for the drunks that walk around and sleep in the library. The parking situation is terrible and there doesn't seem to be much help from the administration side of the university.
Most classes are small enough to engage with the professor and get to know them. All of my professors have been very helpful and always have time to sit and meet with students. The only downsides to UAA is lack of parking, and the distance between all the buildings at UAA.
Not bad, but not that great either. Nice facilities, lots of indoor walking so you are not out in the cold in the winter. Teachers are OK, but I would not rate them as great, overall.
I go to MatSu College, which is a branch of of UAA. Though I do not take any classes at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus, I have been there. The facility is nice and well kept, but its too cold and you have to take a bus or drive if you don't want to freeze during the winter to get to building to building. As for my review on MatSu, it is wonderful. I take classes here and a few online from another branch of UAA. The teachers at MatSu are nice, and the facility has options to help you learn.
I love University of Alaska Anchorage. It's conveniently located and easy to get around on campus. It has a great gym that I love going to. Counselors are extremely helpful when it comes to picking courses. I'm glad I didn't have to go out of state.
The teacher and classes are very helpful The class give a lot of information. There is a great environment for student to visit and to study.
Review University of Alaska Anchorage
I like the universities environment of how there are diverse cultured students around the campus and to experience different cultural environment. However, it would be better if the university opened the library till midnight or over.
I enrolled for a major in Chemistry, this is not a great place for any physical science degree however the campus is very nice and there are many dining options as well as recreational opportunities.
It was my first year of University college in Anchorage.
I loved the experience i recieved. All the professors were very helpful and understanding. I will definitely continue to go to college here.
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