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The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. Most of the faculty is very helpful and supportive. There are great student resources such as student tutoring centers.
It offers a pretty average education for a cheap price. The location is definitely the weakest aspect. Alaska is a cold boring place (Anchorage in particular.) there is not much of a party scene or a high quality student living outside of the campus area.
I have just recently started going to uaa it has been a positive experience in so many ways but then it has its ups and downs finding classes are difficult thus being that all the buildings are spread out
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The way the Professor's challenge you to reach your highest potential. Not only in academics but also in training their students and preparing them to excel beyond academia. The inviting and safe feeling the staff provides. Generous in giving of their time to assist individuals in reaching their goal. The professionalism and patience was genuine. The quality of education I've received thus far has exceeded my expectations and has helpeed me to grow in ways I did not think possible. The campus itself felt like home, it provided me with resources and the technology to perform tasks needed to meet the requirements for my classes. The work load for each class was appropriate. It is a very high functioning institution, very well kept. Overall, I've had an amazing experience and there isn't any thing I would change.
This is my first year in UAA and I have to say that it is better than what I have initially expected. The environment is very welcoming so it is very easy to get to know people around campus as well as in your classes. I have made so many friends in my field of study and it has helped me take baby steps into making connections for future professions.
Classes went by smoothly until finals. UAA offers a lot of additional help to prepare those for the stressful weeks but, I wish that they would have easy access to these resources as it is difficult to communicate with them if you are outside these groups.
A major downside is that professors tend to not use these systems and have your grades ready until finals so if you're not constantly checking your grade with them, there are things that slip constantly.
Overall, very good school and I have enjoyed my experience so far. Just not towards the ending and the lack of communication between groups.
There are a few hidden gems of classes and professors at UAA, but overall it's just awful. Some classes (most) made me not only not learn anything, but also lose knowledge I already have. I am an A-B student and I'm just appalled at how terrible my experience at UAA has been. I'm transferring next semester, thank God, but I will never get my year and a half of UAA back. What a waste of time and money. The math and science classes are universally hated, and the English classes seem mostly like ego boosts for the professors who teach them.
I've greatly enjoyed it. You know, school can be quite a pain but some of the teachers at UAA have made it all worth it and couldn't image going to any other school.
While graduate program department faculty has been fantastic, the school overall is in shambles. They can barely afford to keep to keep anything running, and they are running on a skeleton staff and faculty. Which I'll admit isn't their fault. The state of Alaska only provides them with an operational budget that covers the minimum basics. Parts of the campus are in dire need of updates, but the school can't afford to make the necessary updates. Additionally, often more money gets funnelled to UAF all in the name of it being the flagship and research insititute then UAA when UAA has a much larger student population and a great potential for research.
I'm an older student, and I have had such a wonderful experience going back to school after so many years.
Campus life seems to be good and how it seems to be very good for the local and international people, the classes are good for the major that I'm going for and I think its the best School for people who are interested in science and businesses college majors.
I have participated in a recent tour with East Anchorage High School and was very pleased with the outcome. The campus life, and tours of building that obtained each major was very interesting as well as eye opening for a student who plans on attending.
The University of Alaska Anchorage is a fantastic college. They have a wide variety of degree programs ranging from OECs to Masters Degrees. The housing options are comfortable and make you feel right at home. Teachers are always available for conference and assistance if need be and are generally quick to reply with e-communications.
My experiences have been great at UAA. I remember when I was younger in middle school, we would have tours going to UAA. I loved most of the resources we have here. Most of the majors are all available. The chemistry department was suspended but now they're back! It only took a year for me that they changed that news. I think people here are very nice and welcoming. When you're seeking for help it's definitely there for you. Though, there are definitely things we need to fix.
friendly people and great environment. Great volleyball too, safe, happy environment. Love watching they're volleyball games
It is a community college that does have good professors in the right disciplines, but it also has bad professors who do not seem to know their material very well or are not entirely qualified. the campus is overall pretty nice and well designed. I am a commuter so i don't know, but the dorms seem alright and the student meals have been alright from my few experiences.
It is a great school that has a very spacious campus that includes an exercise area and top-notch study halls. The professors are excellent and know how to teach their profession.
UAA is a very good school. It has the.m best engineering program in Alaska with two engineering building. The physics department is not the best to me because of the not so very good professors
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Very nice campus, I the dorms are pretty nice except for the beds. My bed was very uncomfortable. The meal plan is not very good. The food is not the best, they do not have variety of food every day. They serve different meals every day and most of it is food I do not want, so I normally get to eat food I want three times a week.
I currently go to the Kenai River Campus (KPC), which is much smaller than the Anchorage (main) campus. The staff and professors here at KPC are a lot of fun to be around and are always willing to help students reach their goals. I have yet to come across a professor who is not an excellent teacher.
I took classes here during my time in high school for dual credit, and it was very easy to get my credit transferred. UAA is very good about spreading awareness and acceptance for everyone of every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.
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