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UAA is a good university for in-state students to save money on expensive out-of-state tuition or can provide a good experience for students who live out of Alaska. Ultimately, the college itself is average, but the surrounding area is good for those who need a little adventure.
Overall good experience. The engineering program is very prominent. There is a subway on campus what accepts meal plan money.
Great place to learn and have an active social life . Good place to learn and develop all the skills needed to be a success!
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A big education with a small college feel. Classroom sizes make it easy to make friends and get one on one help from the professors. Dorm life is great and there are tons of social activities. Always feel safe on campus. Really looking forward to the next 3 years. The student body is very diverse.
for the most part I haven't really had any problems with UAA. the parking can be a bit much. if I could say one thing I would say is that they need to focus more money on faculty and staff instead of buying new buildings.
University of Alaska Anchorage is the largest state campus in Alaska. It is great for those working while trying to complete a degree and offers a plethora of online classes to accommodate a full time work schedule. My only personal complaint is the rising costs of tuition which seem to increase every year. Additionally, I believe the school can invest in more money for parking rather than aesthetic features to the campus like new statues.
Being enrolled at UAA has had its numerous ups and down. The tuition is high and despite having all the benefits and accessible stations, not all students use all of it. UAA does take pride in its sports and express joy with the students.
I love that campus is so close to my house and that I wasn't required to live in the dorms for any period of my education. A lot of people don't like UAA because they want to get out of Anchorage, but I think your college experience is what you make it! If you're determined to have fun, you will have fun. If you're determined that your life will suck, then your life will suck... I personally enjoy UAA and can't wait to graduate in less than a year.
My first day in the university was excited. I back out in one class because there were more than hundred of student in the class. During the semester, I realized I will have to attend more class with that much of students because that's how college life are. I know most professor requirement expected student to do stuff out of class, but not all student have the same scheduled on their calendar. Some may have busier schedule than other, but they just have to meet the requirement to pass the class. I hope all professor understand that concepts and will do what's best for themselves and the student for their future career.
I personally haven't started classes, but based on what friends and family have told me I've heard its not perfect but it is a very good college, and above the top when compared to Alaska.
Overall I’ve had a good experience at UAA. They have the major I need, it took a while to get into their competitive nursing program but I eventually got in. I believe it’s a very accesible campus where I find what I need when I need it.
I am a senior in a science major and I am able to take all of my classes online. UAA offers a diverse and active online curriculum because the population of Alaska is so spread out and many people don't live near Anchorage. I have been able to take science labs online, with great results. The cost is economical and I have found my learning experience to be challenging and enjoyable. Highly recommended!
My experience with UAA was very good so far. The professors are top notch and willing to help when you need it. It is a large campus but does not have the large University feel so there are more one on one relationships between students and faculty. I would recommend it to anyone.
I've only been going to UAA for the past two semesters, however, I have had nothing but good experiences. The professors are all very knowledgable, and the campus is bright and friendly. There are a lot of opportunities for transportation, and if you choose to walk, the Alaskan nature and natural beauty are unignorable.
I love UAA because it is a smaller University so the class sizes are more manageable with professors. It's easier to make personal relationships with both professors and peers. There is also a wide range of clubs, sports, and class options. The campus is relatively small so it's harder to get lost and everything is within walking distance. To top it off, it's absolutely beautiful. The morning classes get to watch the sunrise every morning as class starts, and there is almost always a beautiful view of the mountains.
I haven't actually attended yet, as I am a freshmen going into college, however, from what I've heard it is amazing. I honestly can't wait to go there and start working towards the career I want to work in! The campus seems beautiful, and the fact that it is in Anchorage, Alaska, makes me even more excited.
I chose this school because it was the most affordable to me, and had the degree I wanted, however (at least in my degree) the professors were very helpful and made learning fun. It’s definitely a commuter campus, so I didn’t do many activities, but it got the job done as a college.
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As a resident of Alaska, you can't beat UAA's tuition. It's good enough to get your prerequisites knocked out of the way for better schools in other states. The degree options are limited somewhat and the school is supposedly going to be losing funding soon, meaning more program cuts. Some of the teachers have been the absolute best, but there are also certain courses everyone hates to take because every single teacher is awful. The campus itself is alright, but nothing for Alaska to receive recognition for.
It a good school it helps you with class work such as math and English or writing, however, the teaching of the class wasn't great, there was many student who needed help but due to the fact that it a large class not all student have the support they need for college and it would be great it this change!
UAA is a great campus with a ton of local beauty. The library is very good and the librarians extremely helpful. I am taking online classes. And the attention from the professors is excellent. I feel like I am a valued member in class and the expectations to contribute are high. Which leads to a dynamic and positive learning environment.
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