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University of Alaska Anchorage is a good school to learn and get your footing - once you are connected with clubs and other students on campus, you start to feel a bit more at home. It being a commuter campus affects it somewhat, and it can be challenging to navigate in the weather. The recreational facility is fantastic and you will find students of all races, ages, and occupations here.
I like the University because they offer lots of different degree types and have a large campus with many learning and recreational resources. There is a lot that could be improved here though. I have come across a handful of teachers who I really respected and cared about their students. However there seems to be just as many if not more who were not very involved teachers. The overall administration is not always streamlined and often dealing with payments, schedules, account holds, degree questions can be a long and frustrating process.
My experience at UAA is an interesting one. I like the fact that they offer many services to the students such as offering free food and help with health care and mental care. what I want to see change in this school is that the staff and faculty of the financial aid office to be more helpful with students finding a scholarship or other forms of financial aid other than a loan because anyone can get a loan, but its the ones that we don't have to pay back are the ones we look for. Also, they need to do something about the parking because there isn't enough parking for everyone.
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The University of Alaska Anchorage have great Professor that cares for their student. They are willing to help their students pass their classes.
At UAA, I had a pretty good experience and a great education, but I feel there needs to be more events to get students involved within the school. There should be more social events and make it feel more like a college rather than a place of business. Most people commute so there’s no sense of a traditional college atmosphere.
UAA can be a good college if you are very self driven. This is because it can be difficult to meet up with advisors to make a graduation plan. As well as programs changing the order of which things need to be taken.
I like how friendly and helpful everyone is. I have liked all the teachers that I have had so far. The campus is easy to get around.
It's a good school. If you do the homework you will get good grades on the tests. If you're going to school to party, don't go here. It's a small school, teachers are good for the most part.
My experience at this University thus far was great. Professors are very helpful about everything. They helped you on the things you need, especially when your struggling throughout the course. They go above and beyond, in order for the students success in the class. Overall, i highly recommend this University to someone.
Expanded shuttle routes, more connection between on-campus housing and the actual campus, more food choices at commons, more on-campus programs, better health services, better choices of money spent,
I lived at home while I was attending UAA. I was not sure what I wanted to study so I was bored in most of my classes. Some professors seemed to like what they were doing but many seemed bored themselves. I always felt safe on campus and informed about weather/safety concerns. There were not many extra curricular activities to take part in.
This year is my freshmen year and I love all the help I can get. There are so many programs that benefit the students at UAA. My experience has been great and the orientations that I went through in high school really helped me have a sneak peak before I started college at UAA.
The small class size encourages extra help from professors to everyone who needs it. The campus also encourages students to use the tutor program, which is helpful to people who need a more one on one time. However, the office staff can come off as a little off put to some students.
I had a terrible experience at University of Alaska Anchorage. I was on the ski team for the whole year which was amazing and helped me make lifelong friendships. However, apart from athletics, UAA has nothing to offer any student who is mildly social. This school is only good for people who don't want to socialize, like doing things on their own, don't like to party, and don't mind gloomy weather 24/7.
People on campus aren't remotely cheerful or happy at any time. Most of the students commute and are older at UAA so there is no student body or school spirit of any kind.
The University of Alaska at Anchorage is an amazing college where bright people pair with bright teachers to collaborate and solve our communities problems. Alaska's largest university is here so that we can develop a stronger, smarter community for our generations. And they succeed in doing that.
Experience is so far good. Amazing faculty member and professors. Everyone is so helpful. The only change i would like to see is more club and their activities and as a winter state we need more indoor stuff.
Well, I first went to college for my freshman year at Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, MT. I really liked it there. All the instructors were very helpful and really went out of there way to assist you.
At the University of Alaska Anchorage, I was always confused, lost, and most of the students and staff were prejudiced. I tried sending an email to one of the instructors asking if he can slow down a bit or even stopped by his office to talk to him. It's like he didn't even care. Students are there to learn, not to feel unwelcome at a university. I really don't think that I would even give one star. A university is supposed to be a professional place. And go way out of there way to assist students. It was nothing like that. I'll be attending another university, but, this time on-line. I would NOT refer anyone to UAA, not at all.
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The University of Alaska Anchorage has been a good place for me to pursue my degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. It offers over a hundred undergraduate programs and dozens of graduate programs. Most of the professors are very helpful and try to assist their students to succeed in their classes. I am involved in one student club, the Logistics Association, which has less than ten members, but we are able to schedule several, fun activities throughout the school year. There is an exercise gym, basketball gym/volleyball court, ice skating rink, and swimming pool. Intramural sports are available for students who aren't on a college 'pro' team.
Things that could be improved:
The pay-to-park stations have given me and other students trouble. Also, they don't give you the option to pay for precise blocks of time.
The outdoor trail system is limited.
Overall, UAA is a decent school with many academic and extracurricular opportunities for students.
I really like the variety of student activities and leadership opportunities that uaa offers. The free food during summer classes is also a big plus for me.
I do not like the astronomical costs and fees taken from me for things that I do not use. Parking price is also really high but taking a bus or a bike during winter is not an option for me due to the distance that I have to travel to school, so I do not have a choice but pay for parking.
University of Alaska is a great school for international students, out of state students, and in state students. They have many resouces and opportunities. The nursing and dental programs are one of the top programs in the US and we get many students that come here for them.
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