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The school is fairly up to date for Alaska, the teachers are great and the student population is very diverse.
It was an amazing school with amazing people. I loved the teachers and the academics. I felt valued.
So far I have had a good experience. The area is very pretty, and the school seems to want to help in any area they can. My professors have all been knowledgeable in the area they teach and are willing to go out of their way to help you. I have also never had any safety concerns which I am grateful for!
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I absolutely love the teachers they are very caring. They have a great nursing program. I would definitely recommend this school because it has a lot of degrees available. It also has technical programs that are very broad.
Uaa is a great place to go to for college different things to see and if you’ve never been to Alaska it’s a good chance to come.
Overall, I enjoyed my time at UAA. The school was engaging and had lots of campus life. Parking is a pain, but getting from one end of campus to the other only takes 15 minutes of brisk walking. There are shuttles available as well which makes it a little easier. The biggest problem I had was signing up for classes and the degreeworks program. It is not very self-explanatory and is not user friendly. Blackboard is also something that is used at UAA and I did not care for that program as well. It would lock up all the time when I used it at school.
I love that the University of Alaska, Anchorage feels like a friendly community. I have always had fast and detailed help from the administrative staff, which has helped in fixing a number of problems. The professors that I have encountered were great, helpful, very much reflecting their syllabus (Both online and in person classes). I do wish that the campus would extend their library hours and make the presences of security more known so students feel safer.
I like that they cater to the fact that their student population is not average int the sense that a lot of students work full time jobs or work on the slope. The class availability reflects that as well as many of the professors willingness to make adjustments to benefit the student. I would like to see the construction slow down on the facilities.
UAA has very good academics and honestly care about student success. However, their support for distant students is limited and the recent restructuring of their system has often left the help lacking.
The University of Alaska - Anchorage is a good school for fast paced learning. Most of the teachers make you feel like you they want to be there teaching you. Most of them invest time and interest in each of their student. Class sized are reasonable which allows for this one on one time. The only thing I wished to be changed regarding UAA is the parking, it is almost always difficult to find parking.
Good for a state college. I wish there were more campus clubs and organizations to choose from it overall pretty good.
I love the diversity of the University. There are so many students of different ethnicities that attend this college. I also love the professor support. They really want to make sure you succeed. This isnt just another job to them. I also really love the library. It is a great place to study and is open late during finals weeks. I feel very safe at the University. There are always campus police around and you can even have them escort you to your vehicle if you feel unsafe. The only thing we have to worry about it the wildlife. Overall I would say this is a very good University.
UAA resident tuition has gone up an insane amount every single semester due to our state legislation. Quality of education is poor. Not the best on campus activities, even though every student gets charged a "student activities" fee. Only going to UAA because I cant afford to move out of state due to the increasing costs of tuition.
University of Alaska Anchorage is a good school to learn and get your footing - once you are connected with clubs and other students on campus, you start to feel a bit more at home. It being a commuter campus affects it somewhat, and it can be challenging to navigate in the weather. The recreational facility is fantastic and you will find students of all races, ages, and occupations here.
I like the University because they offer lots of different degree types and have a large campus with many learning and recreational resources. There is a lot that could be improved here though. I have come across a handful of teachers who I really respected and cared about their students. However there seems to be just as many if not more who were not very involved teachers. The overall administration is not always streamlined and often dealing with payments, schedules, account holds, degree questions can be a long and frustrating process.
My experience at UAA is an interesting one. I like the fact that they offer many services to the students such as offering free food and help with health care and mental care. what I want to see change in this school is that the staff and faculty of the financial aid office to be more helpful with students finding a scholarship or other forms of financial aid other than a loan because anyone can get a loan, but its the ones that we don't have to pay back are the ones we look for. Also, they need to do something about the parking because there isn't enough parking for everyone.
The University of Alaska Anchorage have great Professor that cares for their student. They are willing to help their students pass their classes.
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At UAA, I had a pretty good experience and a great education, but I feel there needs to be more events to get students involved within the school. There should be more social events and make it feel more like a college rather than a place of business. Most people commute so there’s no sense of a traditional college atmosphere.
UAA can be a good college if you are very self driven. This is because it can be difficult to meet up with advisors to make a graduation plan. As well as programs changing the order of which things need to be taken.
I like how friendly and helpful everyone is. I have liked all the teachers that I have had so far. The campus is easy to get around.
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