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It's a good school overall. The professors are knowledgeable, the facilities are sufficient, and I enjoy the classes. However, budget cuts to the state in the last year have impacted the University and its programs. I feel that the University should spend less money on sports and work on improving the programs.
The degree specific teachers are fantastic, but the GER teachers could care less. The campus is nice except for the drunks that walk around and sleep in the library. The parking situation is terrible and there doesn't seem to be much help from the administration side of the university.
Most classes are small enough to engage with the professor and get to know them. All of my professors have been very helpful and always have time to sit and meet with students. The only downsides to UAA is lack of parking, and the distance between all the buildings at UAA.
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Not bad, but not that great either. Nice facilities, lots of indoor walking so you are not out in the cold in the winter. Teachers are OK, but I would not rate them as great, overall.
I go to MatSu College, which is a branch of of UAA. Though I do not take any classes at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus, I have been there. The facility is nice and well kept, but its too cold and you have to take a bus or drive if you don't want to freeze during the winter to get to building to building. As for my review on MatSu, it is wonderful. I take classes here and a few online from another branch of UAA. The teachers at MatSu are nice, and the facility has options to help you learn.
I love University of Alaska Anchorage. It's conveniently located and easy to get around on campus. It has a great gym that I love going to. Counselors are extremely helpful when it comes to picking courses. I'm glad I didn't have to go out of state.
The teacher and classes are very helpful The class give a lot of information. There is a great environment for student to visit and to study.
I like the universities environment of how there are diverse cultured students around the campus and to experience different cultural environment. However, it would be better if the university opened the library till midnight or over.
I enrolled for a major in Chemistry, this is not a great place for any physical science degree however the campus is very nice and there are many dining options as well as recreational opportunities.
It was my first year of University college in Anchorage.
I loved the experience i recieved. All the professors were very helpful and understanding. I will definitely continue to go to college here.
I enjoy attending the University of Alaska Anchorage because there is an active student body who support one another in athletics and in the classroom. The facilities are clean and conveniently located as well. I feel safe on campus and there are plenty of activities to get involved with. Go Seawolves!
This university maintains its excellence and high standards in the engineering, science, medical, and aviation industry. They offer among the best programs in the country for these career pursuits, however, the other colleges in this university are relatively average in what the offer. For instance, one pursuing a music degree would have excellent professors who are very knowledgeable with music. Despite this, the program itself doesn't have much to offer and one would be better off working harder to gain scholarships elsewhere to improve their musicianship, etc.
Every professor, with the exception of one, has been wonderful; not only friendly, but very good at their job. The campus is also really nice, and most he buildings are recent and modern.
So far in my college career, I have enjoyed a majority of the courses I have taken. However, there are some professors who really need to improve on their teaching methods and authoritative roles. My university has been making many changes throughout the years, with some being beneficial to students and faculty and some not so much.
UAA is a great school with a lot of programs to offer Alaskans. However, I don't like the constant tuition raises and crazy parking charges
I feel that uaa is a very welcoming university, and has traditional and older students. It's diverse and a great place to get an education.
The University of Alaska Anchorage has a beautiful, cozy campus that initially feels inviting and full of opportunities. Unfortunately, after attending UAA for some time, this idea becomes slightly tainted. Some programs feel impossibly competitive, such as the BSN of Dietetics, AAS and BSN of Nursing and BSN Physician Assistant. Some students wait years just to start these programs. If they were to travel out of state, they may be able to obtain their degree during the wait period. The Professors are usually wonderful but it is obvious that many are stressed from the University's pressure. Classes feel extremely disorganized and often information is given to students last minute. Students are often given so much out of school work that they feel as if they are teaching the lessons to themselves.
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Much needed ways of Easier Admissions and student transitions and more viable help for low-income/below poverty level income students whom are really trying to attend college to better their academic, economical and environmental situations
So far, I'm enjoying beeing a UAA student. People are very nice here and it's easy to focus on school when everybody nice around you. UAA has a standard education system and I can't say that they created something new. Honestly, I would not change anything in UAA because it's already a decent University even though it located in Alaska.
I really like how flexible school can be for students who work. The one problem would probably be the ever raising tuition prices.
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