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The University of Alabama is a great school to attend. You get to engage with people from different background and ethnics all while getting a great education.
My experience as a grad student at Alabama has been great. The professors are easy to communicate with and provide great feedback.
Out of all the Universities I went on tours, Alabama's junior day was great. They were very organized, answered all our questions and had a great campus tour that included the dorms. I am interested in the honors program. I can only rate what I saw during the tour and talking to people to answer the questions below.
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The University of Alabama is a typical SEC school. Every week revolves around the football game. It is hard to find incredibly motivated academic people.
The University of Alabama is a great school. It is very diverse. Students come from all over the world and country as well. It is my belief that everyone at this school can fit in somewhere. Whether it be the football team, the band, ROTC, or even a fraternity or sorority, there is a place for you. This University has prepared me for the world in a very exceptional way. Though it has it problems, such as overcrowding and poor parking to name a few, this University is great and it will benefit students like me and not like me for decades to come.
Most professors that I've worked with not only know their subject, but go the extra step to work with students to help them succeed. UA has a decent international program, but outside of that their diversity is lacking. The campus is generally safe and clean, staff are friendly, and the best social events are on campus or a short walk down to the Strip.
What I like about the University is that their is something for everyone here. The one thing that I wish I could change is the school being more diverse. People here are really nice.
The University of Alabama is an absolutely great school, and really cares about its students! The campus is very clean, looks brand new, and is beautiful.
Alabama has opportunities for everyone. Great professors that make time for their students, hundreds of clubs and social groups to choose from. And a great campus lifestyle with plenty of events and resources.
The admissions coordinator ar Capstone has been vigilant about keeping me in the loop. She has stayed in close contact, kept me abreast of developments and she’s provided contact information for professors who may have important information for me.
I am an out of state student coming to this University and I love it. It is rather far from home but at the same time I do get the home experience here. This school has over 600 clubs, greek life and tons more to offer. They always want to help you succeed with the amount of help they have to offer. The student life here is very diverse which I like. My class size range from 15-300 people which can be over whelming but I've learned to adapt. The dorms here are very clean and I enjoy having my own room and space and also my own bathroom. The university always has something here to do to keep your mind off being away from home this university has became my home and I've never thought id love living in the south but this school taught me to.
There are not many drawbacks for UA, as it's one of the top tier schools in the south. However, the campus is ran by the greek system and it's easy to feel left out or out of place if you're not in a fraternity or sorority. Also, traffic and parking is awful. Otherwise I love this place! Roll tide!
I love the homey feel to the campus. Everyone is so friendly and amazing there is no way you would not feel happy here. The campus is so amazingly beautiful it took my breath away the first time I stepped foot on it my senior year of high school. All of the faculty truly care about you as a person and want to help you and see you succeed in your desired career(s).
I'd like to see a more diverse student body and a lower cost or higher scholarships. Other than that UA is a great place to be!
Recently visiting UA, I experienced an awesome atmosphere. Everything about this college is amazing.
The University of Alabama sets a precedent for other schools to follow. Not only are the sports phenomenal, but the academics excel. There is an abundance of opportunity while on campus.
University of Alabama, is in A great location, great school. With alot of opportunities. Woyld highly suggest University of Alabama to everyone
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As an introvert, I don't really like the University of Alabama. Because I live 800 miles away from UA, it makes it hard for me to get back home, and it's hard to go shopping for amenities without a car. If you're a freshman and you can't drive, you're pretty much screwed on game days, because dining halls close early and nothing on campus is open. If you're not into Greek life, Alabama is not for you, as the presence of fraternities and sororities looms over the university.
Alabama has an amazing environment and is one of the best colleges in the US. They have literally the best athletic program that I have ever seen! I would love to attend this great school.
As big as it is, staff still made students feel special and individual. It is very big and spread out, however, general areas of study are around the same place. Ex: most art and theatre are in the same general area, most sciences are in the same general area, etc. There is always a lot of construction going on, so that is annoying and loud. Traffic and parking could be improved, but those issues aren't make or break for the University as a whole. Tons of opportunities to get everyone involved. Literally offer something for every kind of person.
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