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I had a more than pleasant freshman year at UA. Not only are we a top tier football school but I've noticed the academics to be rigorous and a challenge, requiring lots of time and effort to be rewarding.
I could not see myself attending another university. The academics were outstanding and you were able to receive any help you needed in an instant. Being an out of state student, costs were high and there was a fear of not knowing any one, but the students are super helpful and welcoming as soon as you step foot on campus. The campus itself is gorgeous and kept up to date maintenance wise.
Great school, with many online undergraduate programs that can fit anyone schedule. The instructors are great, very hands on with their students and helpful when you advice for something. Counselor are always ready to to help you and guide you with your career choices.
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I love how the University allows me to meet a different person everyday and provides numerous opportunities for career advancement.
It's a beautiful campus with great programs in every field. Some of the professors are not that great, but there are more good ones than bad.
The school is decent the area around it, not so much. Your experience here is determined mainly by the friend group you develop and your involvement. I personally hate large schools, greek life and football. The engineering program is decent for undergrad but, much better for grad students.
Great administration, I feel challenged in a good way, loving my experience. The faculty really are concerned with the students on helping furthering their education.
I loved spending the summer at UA. The teachers were nice and helpful and the food was amazing. The walks over campus were hard sometimes, but good exercise. I would recommend UA to anybody!!
Personally, I did not have a great experience at the University of Alabama. If you are looking for a party crowd, then you've found your school, but I felt that the chaos of the social aspect made thriving academically impossible. That aside, I found a lot of the professors in the hard sciences to be rude and extremely unhelpful. I ended up transferring after only a year to save my GPA.
Professors are great! Beyond helpful. They don't know just want you to succeed in the classroom, but are dedicated to preparing you to succeed in your careers. Beautiful campus!
I love this university so much. Everybody tries their best to help you in any situation. Not only are we a great atheletic school, the academics are outstanding as well.
The University of Alabama is my home away form home. Game day here is a whole other world of fun and excitement. I love the atmosphere of game day just as much as I love the atmosphere in the classroom. Here professors care about their students and they work hard to prepare us. Theres no other place i'd rather be.
Very clean and great campus. Most classes are challenging. Large campus with a great number enrolled, but feels small when you become involved.
I love everything about attending UA! Being away from home and here has helped me grow so much as a person in all areas! Academically they are the best of the best! It is a hard curriculum but it does prepare us for the real world and whatever they are trying to teach us!
It's a great school with an incredibly welcoming environment, especially for out of state students. The class sizes are fairly reasonable and the only difficult thing about class sizes is that registration is often difficult because the class sizes aren't too big! Overall a great school I would recommend to anyone looking to further their education.
I do not go to University of Alabama but a few of my friends from high school does, I visit there from time to time just to hang out with them. As much as I've seen in UA, its a wonderful school. They have excellent academic and Athletic programs, wonderful school for doctor, nurse and teaching degrees. Excellent social gatherings, parties and events. Tuscaloosa, AL is a great place to live, shop and eat as well. University of Alabama: serious and fun all in one! 5/5
I am an out of state junior at Bama and I absolutely love it. It is a fun, beautiful place to go to school and has very strong academics.
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The University of Alabama is my favorite place in the world. The school is fantastic and so it the education. The professors are great and always willing to help. Life on campus is always fun! Would always recommend this school!
It is impossible to come to school at UA and not fall in love with the identity of the school. I was not a Crimson Tide fan before stepping on campus and being completely immersed in the culture that is Alabama. There is more than a football community here; there is a family. Faculty, students, and alumni make it their mission to welcome everyone who steps onto this campus. The opportunities offered here are endless and I believe there is nothing I can't accomplish because of the resources and experiences I have at my finger tips.
There is not much I would change, because there hasn't been much I've had any complaints on. I hope that people who watch my team play on t.v. or prospective students come visit this beautiful campus, would know that what they see is only a glimpse of the greatness that is the Capstone.
I love the campus and the people that work here are great! The school has lots of ways to get involved and the people are very nice!
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