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The school pride and success make this institution my dream school. I still am shocked to see the words "University of Alabama" written on the podium that my professors stand behind. The quad takes my breath away on a regular basis. Everyone has school pride, whether it is football, basketball, baseball, softball, and everything else in between. I have met some of the nicest people here, with several of those people including my professors. I could not be happier with the University of Alabama.
This school is horrible. I don't recommend to anyone. Please choose a different school. They literally took all my money and then some. There's always something better.
My experience at the University of Alabama has been incredible. Not only is the campus itself beautiful, but the faculty, students, and the overall academics that make up this establishment are outstanding. Personally, my experience as a nursing major at the University has been bliss. My classes have been held in breathtaking southern-style buildings with the most caring and helpful professors. I have learned so much useful information in such a short amount of time that will help me tremendously as I strive to graduate as a Registered Nurse.
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The University of Alabama was the best choice I made. I received a great scholarship, have had great professors, and have enjoyed great football!
This is by far the most amazing community and school body to be a part of i cannot wait to see all the new experiences that are ahead!
I love Alabama's active student life, an array of majors, school spirit, and greek life options! I feel safe on campus, have helpful and knowledgeable professors. Game day at the University of Alabama is unlike any other school. Pom poms shake throughout Bryant Denny Stadium and each spectator is completely invested in Alabama's sports teams. Moving 18 hours away from home was extremely nerve-racking but Alabama could not feel more like home. The amount of scholarship offered to out-of-state students is amazing and helps combat the high cost.
Beautiful campus, excellent engineering facilities and resources. Chances for hands on undergraduate research.
The University of Alabama is the best decision I've ever made. Being here has taught me so much not only about engineering, but about myself. The university gives you so many opportunities to network, etc. and there are so many ways to get involved with the school/community.
Being a freshman at the University of Alabama seemed intimidating at first, considering it is such a big school. However, the first year was a breeze. The people I have meet are very friendly and welcoming. I felt right at home being on campus. Classes are even fun to attend, considering I have such great professors. The best thing about UA is you get to meet someone new every day! I am glad I got to have my first college experience at UA and I wouldn't have it any other way!
Advisors are great and make sure you are on the right track. The campus is beautiful and there are several places to have quiet time for studying. The dorms are filled with variety and suit each student's preference.
This is a great school that offers many opportunities for all different kinds of students. Greek Life is very big here, so keep that in mind. Academics are not always challenging, but it depends on what you take. Overall its as good of an experience as you make it.
Overall great school. It gives the students all the things they need in order to get ahead in life, but in order to benefit from all the assets the university offers, one must be quite disciplined. How much you get out of this four year experience entirely depends on how well you utilize their assets.
I am a Freshman at the University of Alabama, and my first year has been nothing short of amazing! I have done so many cool things and met some awesome people! There are so many ways to get involved and find people who are just like you. Going to the University of Alabama was the best choice I've made.
Roll Tide!
I love the atmosphere and sense of school pride. It is truly a beautiful campus with nice areas right around campus. That being said the city of Tuscaloosa it self is not necessarily safe. There is a cute downtown area and the apartments close to campus are very nice. I am an environmental science major and have found several clubs centered around that and have loved many of the teachers I have had a chance to get to know. That being said it is hard to get to know many of the teachers without going to office hours because of the large class sizes.
Alabama became so amazing and fun for me once I joined greek life here. Before that, I found it harder to feel like I belonged at such a big school with not much of a support system. I still enjoyed it before my sorority, but now I LOVE this school so much.
The atmosphere, the environment of higher learning and the willingness for the faculty and staff to treat you with respect creates an atmosphere of a home and family type setting. It also helps that the campus in itself is absolutely breathtaking throughout the year.
I absolutely LOVE this school, the academics, and the campus! Each college has mentors and advisors to help students with class choices and even tutoring! Each student is well taken care of even in the huge environment. All races are at the university and all residential communities are up-to-date and beautiful!
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It’s a great school and I would tell anyone who ask me if they should come here yes because you’ll get a real college experience and learn many things that you will use the rest of your life.
This is my second semester here and it is great. Being on such a large campus gives you a lot to do. The staff here is amazing and loving. Even the upperclassmen are great as well. They give great information on things you are not familiar with and good with guidance. Overall, I am having a great time here. It is only going to get better.
The University of Alabama is so much more than its fabulous football team. The campus truly speaks for itself.
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