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3,923 reviews
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Alabama has presented so many opportunities for me. I have learned so much about myself and have grown significantly since freshman year.
The university of Alabama is an incredible school. The entire faculty and staff are considerate of our education and always willing to help us thrive. This university offers endless opportunities to get involved, including clubs, athletics, and community activities. I have never been turned away when in the need of help or advising concerning my education. Between the campus atmosphere of diversity and involvement, and the highly respected educators providing valuable knowledge, the University of Alabama isn't far one of the greatest colleges in the United States.
So far, the University of Alabama has been a wonderful experience. I have loved every minute of it. Some classes can be very hard, but my advice is to study. And, even when you think you have studied enough... study more! The professors here at the University of Alabama are challenging, as well as the courses, but the professors help and give tutoring sessions. Roll tide!
The University of Alabama was a pleasant surprise for me. I came here almost purely on the basis of scholarship, since I had not acquired the necessary scholarships to be able to attend more elite universities. I was not expecting much. However, I have been able to become extremely involved on campus. There are many students here who are just as (if not more so) passionate and motivated in their respective fields. My dorm is very good, and there is a wide variety of housing around campus. The Strip and the general area of downtown Tuscaloosa are enjoyable areas who cater heavily to college students. I would consider the greatest advantage of this University to be its value. With its low costs and affordability, along with a flexible academic structure, there is something for everyone here. In this way, criticisms of how "college is becoming a waste of time and money" are being countered with the features of this college.
The University of Alabama's campus is absolutely beautiful, especially in the Spring. Academics can be tough, depending on your major, or they can be relatively easy. Social life is great, if you find your fit. Greek life is huge and is honestly the best in the country. The sorority and fraternity houses are magnificent, and although a huge greek community can have its downsides, it really adds to the feeling of a close community and school spirit at UA. If you don't join a greek organization, there are countless other ways to find people who share your same interests. Dorms at UA are mostly four-bedroom, suite-style and are very comfortable.
Of course, UA is known for its football team, and games at Bryant-Denny are incomparable. UA basketball, gymnastics, and baseball are also popular, and are all enjoyable to watch as well.
Overall, UA is an amazing school. I would never never choose a different university after my time here. Roll Tide.
I loved visiting the University of Alabama. The campus is beautiful and the history is amazing. They have so much to offer and provide for their students. I loved the safety of the campus. You can see an emergency blue pole at all times in case of an emergency, and there are campus police available 24/7.
The University of Alabama is probably the most beautiful campus in the world. I could not imagine myself spending 4 years at any other college. The atmosphere surrounding football games is something like I had never experienced before. My professors are always willing to help me better myself as an individual and academically. The friendships I have made at Alabama are ones I hope to continue throughout my lifetime. Whether you are into the party scene or not you can always find someone to hang out with. There are many restaurants around campus and let me tell you they are delicious. You can always find a crowd of students at Buffalo Phils which is probably the most popular restaurant on The Strip. If you are looking to have a great college experience University of Alabama is the place for you!
They treat you like your at home during your bama bound and once you move in. It's like one big happy family. There's always someone there to help you with anything. So don't be afraid to open your mouth if you need help. The dining staff is also like family and the food is pretty great. Teachers and the classes are pretty decent and straightforward. And of course gamedays are the best days. Roll tide!!
The academics are top notch. The professors in the language arts college are made of up of native speakers and language professionals that know the best techniques for instructing in their target languages. The university has a great student life and athletics scene. I participated in the Million Dollar Band my freshman year and that was an experience I will always cherish forever. The food in the local area is as varied and the people in the school. There is Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese establishment to choose from. If going to the lake and sitting back is your thing then look no further than Lake Tuscaloosa. There is plenty of fun and sun to take part in or camp out at the many camp grounds in the area. The campus is beautiful and has a unique history as it was burned down during the Civil War. I think the university has over expanded a little and I wish they would slow down.
Lots of fun especially during the football season. THe classes are interesting and the teachers help us personally. I couldn't imagine going to a different college and I've made great friends.
Really high quality education. Great professors that don't want you to fail, great party school, great football and other sports (the gymnastics meets are always crazy), great Greek life but it isn't the most important thing, you'll meet people from every state in the country and a lot of people from outside of the country. Tuscaloosa is a fun college town with a great Downtown area and a great Downtown campus area, lots of bars, shopping and places to eat. Also out of the 11 schools I toured and 30+ that I've visited for sports, etc. this is easily the most beautiful campus I've ever been on.
The enviroment is most defiantly suitable for those who like to be involved in partying and going out with friends and things of that nature. They are dedicated to helping aspiring athletes and they also have a wide range of resources and activities available to those who are gifted academically. The school offers numerous amounts of clubs and organizations for those of you who like to be involved and there is also a great deal of work study opportunities for the students that need to work while attending school. No matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, you are bound to find a place where you belong at The University of Alabama.
Coming from a large urban city and going to school in Alabama sucks. The parties lack umph, everyone is too drunk to care that it sucks. The Greek students stay in their own clique. There's nothing to do in Tuscaloosa except party and that's not fun (refer to earlier mention). The off campus apartments are nice and spacious but other than that the school isn't worth it unless you really love college football.
I love the fact that The University of Alabama has more than enough things for us to do and get involved on campus. Though the classes might be a little tough at times, I think the classes are passable if you apply yourself enough. The University of Alabama campus is huge and amazing. The students, staff and faculty are very friendly. I personally do not think anything should change much here at UA.
I literally love this school! I will admit it was a transition first semester moving to the Deep South but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! If you keep an open mind you will find it to be your best experience! Sorority rush was exhausting- and everyone was right- you end up where you are supposed to be! I love the support of my sorority family- a place to have meals, new friends to go out with, an amazing "Big" to help me every day! The school spirit is amazing! Did I say that NOTHING bests football season @ 'Bama!!!! The classes have been great- some were difficult and challenging (contrary to what people say--it is not an "easy school"- especially the sciences!!!) but professors are all approachable and willing to help- if needed! It is my happy place and I now think of it is "home"- ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
Overall great school and I love it there. The academics are great and there are a lot of majors to choose from.
The University puts a lot of money into the beautification of the campus. You will see landscaping crew constantly going around the campus to maintain the landscaping beauty. The professors care about your knowledge on the material and are openly ready for every student. There are many fast food restaurants on campus for a quick bite to eat, but there are also many sit-down restaurants that serve quality food. Of course, the athletics for the University of Alabama are always 5 star and it brings energy to the campus.
I absolutely love this school. The environment is great, the people are great, and even the food is great. Greek life is huge at this school and there are many social organizations to join to be involved.
I have recently completed my first semester at the University of Alabama and all i have to say is ROLL TIDE! Attending this school has been one of the best decisions of my life so far. I come from far up North yet it has been soo easy to make friends as generally everyone is very friendly. The campus itself is very beautiful well maintained. My dorm (Presidential Village) is quite large and pretty nice. And I must say there is nothing that compares to the campus atmosphere on game day. The teachers are like any other school and can be a hit or a miss so do your research on them. The same can be said about the food at the dining halls and freshman are required to purchase an unlimited meal plan unless you go greek. Greek life is also pretty major but you can definitely have fun if you don't join, especially if you're a girl. All in all college is what you make it but the University of Alabama won't let you be anything less than great, as you can tell by our football team. Roll Tide
This school is amazing, it is in a small city, but when you are on Campus its like being in a different world. The staff are friendly and welcoming. There are so many groups and activity you will never get tired....
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