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University of Alabama, is in A great location, great school. With alot of opportunities. Woyld highly suggest University of Alabama to everyone
As an introvert, I don't really like the University of Alabama. Because I live 800 miles away from UA, it makes it hard for me to get back home, and it's hard to go shopping for amenities without a car. If you're a freshman and you can't drive, you're pretty much screwed on game days, because dining halls close early and nothing on campus is open. If you're not into Greek life, Alabama is not for you, as the presence of fraternities and sororities looms over the university.
Alabama has an amazing environment and is one of the best colleges in the US. They have literally the best athletic program that I have ever seen! I would love to attend this great school.
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As big as it is, staff still made students feel special and individual. It is very big and spread out, however, general areas of study are around the same place. Ex: most art and theatre are in the same general area, most sciences are in the same general area, etc. There is always a lot of construction going on, so that is annoying and loud. Traffic and parking could be improved, but those issues aren't make or break for the University as a whole. Tons of opportunities to get everyone involved. Literally offer something for every kind of person.
The University of Alabama is a beautiful school. The football program is often brought up as a pro for the school, but this university is so much more than that. The administration puts so much money back into the student programs and organizations, scholarships, academic buildings, campus safety, etc. The one major place they seem to be lacking is in professors. It isn't that the professors at the University of Alabama are bad, it's that there simply aren't enough of them. Since I've been attending the university, the student body has grown so much and the growth in number of professors simply hasn't kept up. Additionally, the suite-style dorms are nice, but a bit pricey and also cannot accomodatr this growth. Your only other options really are old, dilapidated, traditional-style dorms. While they have renovated or even torn down some of these building since I was a freshman, it would be nice to have some middle-ground, quality- and price-wise.
The campus offers a lot of different experiences for people with all sorts of interests. I wish there was an easier way of finding these experiences, though.
I love UA! There are so many students who travel far to come here--including myself--and there's something for everyone to get involved in! Regardless of your major and background, this school has something for everyone!
Great school, great professors, students aren't always the nicest though. Very judgmental environment. There are nice people, however, they're just a little harder to come by. Greek life is huge here! It's great if you can afford it. Suite style dorms are definitely worth the higher price, apply early so you can choose your housing.
I liked the campus. It's nice and clean. The classrooms are a little too large and hard to get one-on-one time with the professor.
UA is a large SEC school. While serious academic opportunities are there, it seems to be more of a place to party and cheer on the football team. You can absolutely get a good education, but be prepared to be surrounded by Greek life and football all the time. Those not in the Greek system can feel left out, and some old discriminatory practices/ideals definitely still exist on campus. It is a very fun and beautiful campus. The dorms are mostly brand new and very nice, and the school is always expanding and adding new dorms, gyms, etc. There's a lot to do on campus and the town around campus is growing as well. They just opened a concert amphitheater. There are several new hotels and a ton of shopping and restaurants.
The campus is very beautiful an it's always a joy walking to class. Professors are most of the time helpful if you have questions. The offices are always there to help
The Capstone is a wonderful place to pursue academics while maintaining a social life. The student body has produced hundreds of clubs so everyone will find an organization where they can feel like they belong.
Felt welcome the minute I stepped on campus. Professors were very helpful and made transition easy. Advisors are also great. Campus/Student life is amazing.
The experience is awesome. The campus life has various activities for all people. The professor are approachable and have all tools to success. There is no change at this moment.
Nothing compares to game day at UA. Except for the education, of course. So whether you only care about football, classes, extracurriculars, or anything else, you can find it at UA. The faculty and staff at the University of Alabama are some of the best and brightest in their field, and with their wealth of knowledge they bring a superior educational experience. UA consistently ranks among the top public and private colleges and universities in the nation when it comes to academic success. And don't forget about athletic success either! The University of Alabama boasts the country's best football program along with numerous other teams that continue to make waves every year. So whatever you're looking for, you'll find it at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!
Overall it was a good visit with a great atmosphere. I'm used to a smaller setting so for me the campus seemed very large. It's almost like a city in itself. The people are friendly there. I enjoyed eating at One of the local favorites called Rama Jama. The only thing that I think should be changed is their GPA requirement being from your junior year instead of your senior year in high school or at least have a hardship consideration for people who have gone through traumatic events during that time.
What I like about the University of Alabama is the diversity of people. The reason I say this is because diversity enhances social development. Communicating with people from a variety of groups can broaden your horizon. I wouldn't change anything about the University of Alabama that I know of I don't know much yet because I'm a freshman.
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I went to the Computer Science camp at the University of Alabama. The campus was beautiful. People were so nice and super organized.
I love Alabama! Its an amazing school that has led me to great friends and a home away from home. I couldn't be happier with my choice of attending the University of Alabama and all of the fun and exciting memories I'm making!
I had a very enjoyable first year at UA. My major Is Computer Engineering, and all of my professors seemed to care about the subjects they were teaching. My dorm was nice and furnished, and the dining halls were much better than I expected.
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