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University of Alabama - Birmingham Reviews

1,824 reviews
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I am not a current student at UAB, but I will be in a few months. I can't tell you much about personal experiences, but i can tell you why I chose UAB. I chose UAB because of the feeling of the campus and how friendly the students were. The campus is well kept and up to date with some of the newest technology. I thoroughly enjoy visiting the campus whenever I can.
UAB has a wonderful location with both city and rural environments. The college also has the most recent technology and programs that are beneficial to students. The school has many great qualities and has something that each student enjoys.
I am so incredibly thankful that I chose UAB. It is a wonderful institution, with challenging professors who care and want to help you reach your goals. I could not recommend this school enough.
Wonderful school, but over priced and the dining services employees are rarely nice or in a good mood-- mostly rude
So far is a great college. Good commutes, dorms a very nice and comfortable. Very tech friendly, diverse, and a great place to learn my major or computer sciences.
University of Alabama in Birmingham is a really good college. the environment is very friendly. it is easy to make friends with the students and the teachers. the professors try to make it their mission to make sure every student passes their classes. the college provides many ways to study like study groups and tutoring and SI sessions. university of Alabama in Birmingham just needs to work on getting the word out for events.
My first semester at UAB was pretty good. The first semester taught me how to differentiate high school from college. I have increased my study habits and the results showed in the final grades of the semester.
The people were friendly. Felt like home & the food was great! I would gladly come visit again. I hope they get a football team very soon. But the basketball team is truly killing it!
I am excited to attend UAB in the fall! I have grown up in birmingham and have been around the campus alot of times. It is very diverse with many options for students to do!
The University of Alabama at Birmingham is a very nice campus. It is in a central area which makes it easy to get around. The professors I have had so far have been very willing to answer questions and outside of class help.
The campus of so very nice, clean, and huge. The staff and students are friendly and very helpful. They have a variety of majors to choose from and the advisors are very patient in helping to choosing which classes would be best to take per semester. I would most definitely recommend this university to anyone wanting to further their career. Besides going to school here at UAB, you can also work here. They have many job opportunities on campus as well as in the Hospital and clinics.
The campus is very diverse, you have people coming in from all over the world. Which is also why the environment is very friendly, everyone is accepted regardless of race, religion or sexuality. The atmosphere is also really warm and fun, people seem to be having fun everywhere all the time. The school is strong from an academical aspect as well, especially in health related fields. The only downside is that some athletes are not as academics-motivated as others, and therefore create a slightly slacky study ethic.
I love the university of Alabama at Birmingham. The knowledge I have acquired from this university will be critical to my future career. The campus is beautiful and there is always something to do!
This is a college for those who are focused and driven for a career. This university is goal oriented and has a great staff to help throughout your college career. This university also offers a very delightful social atmosphere and school pride.
I LOVE everything about the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I plan to attend there starting in the fall of 2017. I have visited there multiple times and I know the Birmingham area well already. The facilities are AMAZING. The people are so nice and helpful. The university itself has so much to offer and is in my eyes one of the best in the country.
I'm currently attending UAB and I absolutely love it. There's so much to do here and it's full of people that go hand in hand with my personality type. The campus is right in the middle of the city so the view is great from Blazer hall at night, since I can see the Children's hospital's colorful lights and the city lit up and still moving. It's beautiful and a wonderful experience full of open-minded professors who love their job. But it is expensive and it's still difficult, just as it should be for a research based college who prioritizes in sciences.
It was a great school to tour. I have lots of family that attended and they all really enjoyed it. I would like to attend school there.
This is a beautiful campus right in the middle of downtown Birmingham. Academics is really good, also. We have top programs in the health-related field such as in Medicine, Nursing, Health Care Management, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. We are surrounded by hospitals, so we have many resources for medical students. Our Business and Engineering programs have been improving, as we have many students majoring in those. There is a lot of potential at our university such as enriching student life, more dorms, and newer academic buildings. We have sororities and fraternities. We also have campus groups from athletics to religion to political. The food has been okay, but is improving after our new Student Center opened, which has Full Moon, Panera Bread, Starbucks, and Mein Bowl. However, we are surrounded by many restaurants in downtown Birmingham. We also have a big diversity at our university. Safety is a concern we are in the middle of downtown, so be cautious at all times.
Great school great classes and helpfull comunity and the way of people approhce to you is lovely i wish i could spend 5 more years in here
Best school in the state for health professions!
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