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I love the campus and class options, but some of the professors don't put in as much time into their courses as I feel that they could.
The classes are well taught, but has little one on one time with the professor. The campus is maintained very well.
I enjoyed how The University of Akron was not too big but also was not too small. It is a great college and would definitely recommend for a STEM career.
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I personally have loved my experience with The University of Akron so far. There are some things I would change such as the transportation and food, but other than that Akron is a very friendly and diverse campus that should definitely be toured if you have a chance!
Once lost a scholarship for .02 of a GPA and my adviser for said scholarship wasn't helpful and didn't care. Let me down big time. However, there is a lot of majors and programs to choose from. Some staff/profs are great and others aren't. Nothing special and probably comparable to other schools of it's size.
they were very polite and very understanding. when I went on a visit to the campus last month they were well prepared with my visit and the campus tour was very detailed and vast because it was full of all the things everyone would like to see, for example, their library.
Most teachers are open to help students if an appointment is set up. Parking is horrendous and is limited. The diversity is great. There are many clubs to attend and different things to do for fun.
I love the campus and everyone I met so far has just been so friendly! Very easy to get around! I’ve met some of my best friends here at Akron! Also if you are struggling with a corse there are so many options to get help on campus, which is so convenient!
Expensive for the Area but has an excellent Engineering Program. If you are there for any other degree, however, you may not find the same celebration and support.
I loved the campus and just the atmosphere! It felt like home away from home and all the students and staff are very kind and helpful. I can not wait to continue my education at UA! Go Zips!
The University of Akron forever changed my life! It truly is one of the greatest educational places. The staff is exceptional, I wish the faculty would be great though.
My experience has been great so far. I have been helped by advisors and professions inside and out of the classrooms. It is very diverse as far as population and events. There is always something new to do each week.
I have had nothing but excellent professors and advisors. Everyone here is very accepting and more than willing to help students who show an interest in learning.
This university is currently financially struggling and this problem is hard to fix. The cost and fees for the freshmen year is less than those you need to pay when you reach junior and senior years. Most excellent faculty have left and those remaining one are doing job hunting. The administrator actually wishes faculty to leave so that they can only hire part-timers to save. The near campus form often time are involved crimes such as armed robberies.
The people are all very welcoming, they have many amazing programs. Everyone is willing to lend a helping hand, from helping you find your classes, to helping with your homework. The library is very well stocked with books and access to many computer resources including privet study rooms so you have a quite place to work and get homework done.
While I have only recently started attending this university, I have discovered many things. I absolutely love the atmosphere and students. Everyone is friendly, helping, caring, and diverse. The classes I have taken are pretty well. Almost every teacher I have had is understanding and teaches well. I only have a few problems with this school. The first is that the financial aid office is not as helpful as I had hoped. They were not very understanding or helpful to me. The second is that the only food options open on the weekends that allow you to use your meal plan is Steak n' shake and Robs' dining hall. The dining hall is not open very late either. Other than those, I have found this university to be a very nice and welcoming place.
I am so far having a very good experience at The University of Akron. I am in the College of Engineering and have had a good experience with my classes so far. The are tough but very helpful for my education. The professors are very helpful with any questions that I have. The campus is very good too.
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I like how there are definite police presence and emergency poles that are everywhere. The classes are great and they have many post secondary options for high schoolers, which is great.
It is a very commuter based campus and somewhat difficult to make friends. It has nice staff and decent facilities but not very good advisors. However, you get what you pay for as they are a cheaper school. A good choice for undergrad.
I still attend here. The university is pretty good. Since this is an open campus, there can be unwanted or sketchy people here. Just find an area where you need your Zipcard to go into and you'll be safe.
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