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University of Akron - Wayne College Reviews

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I like the smuckers learning center. It is a very helpful resource. I did not like the guidance concealer I met with. He was very short and did not seem to care much about helping me
I took CCP classes with this school and they needed to be more organized. In addition, the classes all felt to be rushed and under prepared when they sent in teachers from the university. The teachers that were from the high school almost seemed to teach the subjects better.
Overall a very nice college. Offers a lot of classes for 2 year degrees. I was able to take courses in high school, which helped me get a head start on my degree. The faculty is amazing and extremely accommodating. There is a lot of extracurricular activities that you can get involved in.
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The University of Akron Wayne is pretty small, only 2 buildings which makes sense as it is a community college, but it's extremely convenient for students in the area as well as affordable. It also has the backing from The University of Akron so it's not just a no name community college.
It was a small campus but a decent place to get at least your associates degree for a bit cheaper than main campus.
I absolutely LOVE UA Wayne Campus! The teacher /student ratio is small allowing for individual attention. All faculty and staff are passionate about what they do. Everyone has always been so helpful. Costs are less than main campus. The campus is beautiful and I always feel safe. I love our campus so much that I am switching majors just to be able to stay and take all of my classes here rather than transition to main campus. I'm not just a number here, I have a name.
I really like the small class sizes at Wayne. I also like how you're not just a number you are known by the professors and you have a relationship with the them as well.
I am currently taking college classes at the University of Akron- Wayne College as a College Credit Plus student. The professors, in my experience, are all so caring and open to helping students with anything they may need. I am constantly pushed to reach the high standards the professors put on me, but it is what is making me better and more prepared to become a full-time student in the fall. One thing I would like to see change at Wayne College, is adding more things to do on campus. There are occasional events that are held outside of class hours, but between classes there is not a lot to do. Overall, I really enjoy taking college classes at Wayne College. I have had fun connecting the gap between high school and becoming a full-time student.
Wayne College is a small university so that means the professors know you more. The size of classes are smaller and more personal. The campus is small so you feel safer and campus security will get to you faster. There are plenty of student activities to do on campus so you can meet new people.
Wayne college is a great school. At times it feels more like a high school than a college. The most important thing I can say about Wayne is that everything it lacks that would make it feel like a college; housing, student activities, and parties, it makes up for with its academics. Particularly the Professors, the professors are all knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach. It is definitely a great school for the price. Unfortunately, I am unable to earn my whole degree here, but I am glad I will get to experience another school before I graduate college.
Wayne College/The University of Akron is beneficial to me as a mom because it is local (actually in the country!)and has lower tuition than most universities.
Everybody that I have had the pleasure of working with have always been more than helpful. The faculty is always very pleasant and very nice. I have never felt uncomfortable approaching anyone with a problem.
The small rural campus eased me into college without being overwhelmed. Small class sizes allowed the professors to interact more personally with students and help students learn more content than could be taught in a class of 100 students. Because it is a community college, many of the professors are there because they are passionate about helping students succeed rather than doing their own research. Because of this, most of my favorite Professors teach at this Campus.
I love Wayne College because it is small, caring, and everyone is so nice. All of my teachers know my name and care about my progress and successful opportunities. The administration is very friendly, the current Dean goes to the sporting events! I love it here, it feels like home!
I attended Wayne as a Junior in high school through the College Credit Plus program and found it very beneficial to my education. I was able to take two classes for college credit that were offered at my school but in the actual college environment. I feel that this helped me excel the way that I did in those classes becuase I was in that environment.
Akron Wayne College is a great school to attend when trying to keep the costs of education down, and you can transfer their credits to almost any college yoou want to attend after Akron Wayne College.
My experience with Wayne College has been great. I pay half the cost of main campus and get all the benefits. The professors all care about the students and want us al to succeed. The work load overall is not too overbearing. The classrooms are fairly small and give the vibe of an easy learning environment. We are in a close-knit community and everything about the school proves that to be true. I can't picture myself starting out college in any other way. I love Wayne College.
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I really enjoy attending University of Akron-Wayne College. The professors and staff truly care about your success, and offer so many tutoring and help options. This is a great college campus to attend especially if coming out of high-school or transferring from a larger university.
Wayne College is not a bad college. However, being a community college, you must commute, which takes away from the full college experience. The classes are small and the teachers are very helpful, it feels like they really do care about your academics.
This college campus is great. The layout is perfect and it is easy to find all of your classes. The building is always clean and they have nice outdoor seating areas as well.
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