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I am an online student currently attending this university. The professors are very helpful and respond quickly. The online programs have many different people in it. Some of the students have just finished high school, and some have already been in an industry for many years and are looking to earn another degree. Regardless of how you start out, the classes feel accessible to everyone, and anyone can learn knowledge in the courses. The professors are very knowledgeable on the subject matters that they teach. The subject matters seems up-to-date, which is a necessity as this school primarily has technology based majors and technology can change fairly quickly. I would highly recommend this university for anyone interested in working in a technology field.
I'm a current online student of UAT, and at just over half-way done with my bachelor's degree in Game Design, I can honestly say that I have been having the time of my life. The classes are challenging without being burdensome, the instructors are knowledgeable, and adjust to my schedule and needs to the best of their ability. This really is the epitome of Geek-U. I would gladly recommend UAT to anyone looking to get into any tech field, but especially to those young men and women who are looking to get into game design, art and animation, or programming.
So far my experience at UAT has been wonderful. All the staff and even the higher level students are all very willing to help the newer students both with functioning as a on campus student and in the academia portion of life on campus. There's groups to fit everybody's taste and if there isn't a club it can be very easy to make one. The school is a bastion for technologyand anyone who is nerdy enough for their fields of study are well taken care of with everything they need to succeed. The campus itself is open 24/7 so if you need to get something done late at night or super early in the morning; you have full access to the facilities you need. The dorms are well kept. They take safety very seriously here as well, being such a small campus of 300 students and centered in the middle of the Phoenix/Tempe metropolis; and have security around the clock to male everyone feel safe.
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You get out what you put in. If you put in 100%+ than you'll have a great time. The university has quite a few perks, such as up-to-date technology in regards to Information Technology, Cinematography, Art and Animation to name a few. Along with the tech there are a plethora of classes to take en tandem with primary courses.
I'm currently a freshmen (online student) majoring in game art and animation, in my second course now. I can say without a doubt that I absolutely love UAT! First of all, the admissions process went fairly smooth, and any issues were quickly taken care of. UAT staff was very helpful with understanding financial information as well. I learned so much from my classes so far, not only that, but they're fun too. I don't think I can name one bad experience so far, even a small one. It also continues to offer help to alumni after they get their degree, so definitely worth the money.
This is a very niche school. It's expensive, but has all of the resources I need and provides the perfect learning environment for what I'm training for.
This is a very Tech-oriented school with teachers who will respond and answer questions. I'm glad I chose this school
This school is amazing. I am glad that I have decided to apply here and I got accepted here at this school. I love how everything is accessible 24/7, I like there is small class sizes where the instructors know us by name. I also love how there live events here from around the world that comes to our school and the engage us to go out and enjoy and part take into this events. I have truly learned a lot in this school and I am still learning a lot.
Most reviews either talk about how hat screwed them over or how expensive it can be if they are giving low stars. Those same people are the ones who wouldn't research on their own or even try to learn. But yes it is expensive, and it is hard work. That's what college is like. This is a great school where you can learn alot, you just have to apply yourself and actually want to learn what you are majoring in. If you can't do that, you shouldn't be in college.
(I am currently a senior in high school; however, I am currently enrolled for the fall of 2017 and have toured the campus.) Only 450-500 students are on campus. The professors have actual experience in the field they are teaching and care about the students' education. If you are considering going into technology, I suggest you look into UAT. They have several clubs that the students can participate in. The on-campus cafe is good and reasonable. The dorms have a theater room, game room, two pool tables, one ping pong table, three vending machines, a kitchen, a laundry room, a fitness room, a quiet room on each floor, and there is a grilling area outside. All of these are free to use (except the laundry room; if I remember correctly it is only 25 cents per load) if you are a student who lives in the dorms. Everyone I spoke with was really nice and willing to answer any questions I had.
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The online program is really nice with 5 week classes and only one-two at a time to focus on. They also provide career services and the prifessors have worked in the industry they are teaching in.
Everything is really flexible. If you have some type of emergency your teachers will be understanding and can push back due dates for your homework. It is also easy to drop and add classes if you need to.
I know that if you graduate here you can come back and take other classes for free. This is a major incentive to graduate even if you end up not wanting to do what your degree is in because you can take classes for other degrees. I also said earlier there is an office to help you find places that are hiring.
Everything here varies from class to class except for the value of the class. Some of the more specialized classes that specifically deal with your major usually have less people in them than the general ed classes which is a good thing because that means the teacher can give more attention to the individual students than they could with a big class. The courses and professors are all amazing.
I can verify that alumni work has been very successful. There have been students who have worked on very famous projects such as the movie Avatar. Their is an office to help you look for internships or places that are hiring nearby. There isn't any reason you shouldn't be able to find something while going here.
With the Game Design major it makes you feel like you are on a real developer team. You have to deal with bugs and time constraints when working on projects just like how it works in real life. The teachers have all been a part of various game companies before so they know what they are talking about. It is a lot of work, but really fun. You have to hold yourself accountable and make sure you get your work done or else you can get very behind in the course.
I love going to school here. The teachers are all friendly and helpful and I learn something new everyday. The homework and projects rely more on you than what you were taught which makes sure you know what you are doing. Most of the students are friendly and we all share in geek culture. I recommend University of Advancing Technology to anyone interested in the movie, game, or robotics industry.
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