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UB is amazing, they have so many resources you could ever think of and the faculty is amazing. I work under Campus Living and i honestly couldn't have wished for a better team. Food is something that's not terrible, yet people complain. Sometimes the dining hall doesn't have the best food, but you cant have it all!
I loved University at Buffalo’s friendly classmates. The environment was very nice and comfortable. It felt like a home before I even went there! I am attending University at Buffalo in the Fall of 2018 and I cannot wait! I am looking forward to meeting even more people. The professors so far have seemed very intelligent. Although majority of the classes are lecture halls, you can really tell that you can learn even if its a 400 student class.
My experience at UB has been great due to many reasons. The campus itself is huge, therefore there are many programs and majors that you can choose. There are tons of opportunities here including study abroad programs, clubs and organizations that you can be a part of. I am currently in a professional business fraternity where I have gained leadership and professional experiences. The School of Management here is also great where they provide us resources in applying for internships and jobs. What I want to change about UB is parking because it gets very hard finding parking spot around noon. Overall, UB is a great school with countless opportunities and programs.
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Glad I ended up here! Many people in WNY don't want to go to UB because it's "in their backyard" but this was the best thing for me! I'm able to save lots of money by living at home that I can put towards the cost of my future medical degree! The professors are great and very helpful- you just have to reach out when you need help.
University at buffalo is a great college with lots to do! There is a wide range of classes to take and different clubs to join. Opens many opportunities to try new things as well as teaching you to be more goal oriented! Has very diverse and friendly people.
I went to UB for my undergrad, and as a commuter it was a little difficult, as I was fairly isolated from a lot of campus life and my classmates. However, the classes and teachers were quite good, and I liked that they had the 'Academic Spine', a walkway connecting almost all of the main buildings on the North Campus, which was a godsend during the winter!
The academic programs are great for the money, but the professors could care more about the courses and not solely on research.
Work hard and you can do anything. Academics can actually depend on the professors you have. But the same for every school, just get your homework done, study efficiently and sufficiently, then you will be fine. There’s plenty of resources around the campus so don’t hesitate to look for help.
As a current student at the University at Buffalo I can only say that I have had positive experiences. The professors care and are great. One thing that I wish the school could do better is providing access to healthier food options in dining areas.
The University at Buffalo is a great university for all types of students. There is a wide array of subjects to study and many well-qualified professors. The student body is very diverse and there is the opportunity to meet many different people and make a lot of new friends. The price cannot be beaten and it is a great return on investment. Definitely a great value for anyone looking to pursue higher education and have a great college experience.
Amazing 4 year experience here, with great faculty, advisors, and peers. Professors were also very approachable!
The instructors I've had have been knowledgeable and willing to help whenever I've needed it. People are generally nice around here, but it can get a bit overwhelming if you're not used to being around a lot of people. The wi-fi in the dorms could be better, but the dorms themselves are pretty good.
UB was my number one choice when it came to college for many reasons. The academics and the professors really prepare you for the workforce in your major. It is very diverse with a lot to do. It's a big school but it's as big as you make it! There are lots of opportunities to get involved!
I took a tour of University at Buffalo about 5 months ago and have gone back to visit twice since with a friend. Overall the experience has been great and I am looking forward to going to UB.
The size of the school can be a bit daunting but the departments can still be caring. Plenty of majors, minors, programs and opportunities.
University at Buffalo is a very diverse school with several different campuses. University at Buffalo is a research based school, so there are a number of research opportunities. There is a campus bus and shuttle that transports you to and from class and brings you back to your dorms. There are three dining halls, two food courts, and a number of other food options on campus. The library is a great place to study and there are many free tutoring opportunities available.
-Extremely diverse
-Offers ethnic clubs
-Diversity course is required
-Variety of majors/minors
-Moderate/High level of difficulty
-UB curriculum, you choose which courses you want to take
-Required UB seminars just busy work
-Engineering professors are OK
-If you are lost in class, there are free help locations and small study groups
-Good snow cleanup
-Grab-n-go places in almost every building, vending machines everywhere
-Huge campus, 18 minute Stampede bus ride from South>North, buses every 5 minutes, bus tracker on UB app, buses do get very full at times
-Free HBO Go if you live on campus
-I live in a double/double in Clement, rooms are pretty big
-Dorms are secure (swipe ID to get in)
-Gym and food in almost every dorm building
-South campus dorms in walking distance to McDonald's, Tops, Walgreens, movie theater, short drive to Walmart, mall
-Really good, healthy options
-Vegan/vegetarian options
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University at Buffalo has something for everyone. The education I received there was solid, and there are sports and groups for every interest and type of person. Study abroad is encouraged, and scholarships are available to people of all backgrounds. I believe the size of UB really helps rather than hinders a positive student experience because there is great diversity and always something to do. It feels like a close community despite being a large state school. All of my professors were incredibly well-spoken and knowledgeable in their fields, and I've remained friends with them through the years post-graduation and rely on them to provide me with guidance as I navigate life. Classes were tough, but it wasn't impossible to do well if you put in the effort. The only thing lacking - and this could be because I didn't take advantage of some services - was being set up for the future with resume and job search help. Otherwise, I loved my time at the University at Buffalo.
University at Buffalo is a large but beautiful campus. Upon a visit, I can see the diversity of people and the intelligence that roam the halls. I look forward to becoming a student at this college.
I like how you are given many opportunities to grow and reach your goals. I wish my school was more diverse and had fun events that would bring each class together.
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