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University at Buffalo, SUNY Reviews

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The classes aren't too bad but the administration doesnt seem to care all that much about their students, it feels like they are just using us to get money.
UB is one of the nicest colleges I have ever been to. The diversity is there and everyone on campus is a joy to be around.
My experience at University at Buffalo was very short because I haven’t started school yet. Based on my time there during the freshmen orientation I enjoyed the school. The energy is amazing and so is the food. The dorms and bathrooms look clean and a good size so far.
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The University at Buffalo is an exceptional school where your professors want you to succeed academically. Also, this university provides several resources, such as Career Services, Fellowships and Scholarships, Accessibility Resources, etc. making sure that you have easy access to go far and succeed.
I am a transfer student at university at buffalo, however the campus never made me feel like one. The programs and assistance really help me adjust.
Decent school for the price you pay. One of the best dining options. However everything is isolated so it can be inconvient at times.
I just finished my freshmen year about to be back for sophomore! There's so much I can say about my school but I'll just leave it at that I love it. There are deff some things I hated like having to trudge to south campus for class, but the friends you make and all the opportunities at Buff really outweigh the bad. Also, if you want to go out a lot I highly recommend greek life or your options are very limited. Good luck!
I am just starting at Buffalo but every department I have dealt with has been great. When ever I call with a question I am directed to the correct department and they normally can answer my question very quickly and efficiently
The campus is huge. There are plenty of things to do. Student association is always planning something fun. Classes can be challenging but professors are always willing to help.
I love it here. Since it is a big school, it is very easy to make new friends. There are many clubs and organizations on campus that you can join. The classes that I have taken aren't bad at all. Just make sure that before you choose a class, look up the professors on It is a lot of help. The students rate each professor truthfully so that, you won't get stuck with a professor and a class that is horrible. The parties are also "LIT," so you will have fun. The food here is also good and there are many dishes to choose from. I hope that you enjoy UB just as much as I have been enjoying it.
I love the diversity of the college and how the campus has a nice atmosphere flow. I feel like a real college student even if I am just a number with over 30,000 students. I also love Capen 1, where it’s a one stop for everything we need.
University at Buffalo is fantastic if you are okay with larger schools. The amount and variety of clubs, sports and other activities is amazing and sometimes overwhelming. The overwhelming part of the school is what made me take one star away as it is difficult to get to everything.
They have an excellent engineering program which will help me get ready for the future. The staff is very friendly as well as the professors. The fall open house provides lots of information for high school seniors looking to attend the college. They say you can make the school as big or small as you want it, and i do believe that is the case. There is an amazing community of students and plenty of extracurricular activities and opportunities around the campus.
UB is an interesting environment, because while it deserves accolades in a few areas such as STEM or athletics, that honors-worthy academic experience doesn't travel far. UB has so many majors and departments that are under-funded and ignored, and it's not blatant to tell which departments once you start going to the school. It's difficult to take required classes when only 1/20 is being offered that semester. The advisors are unhelpful, and don't return emails and the professors barely ever teach a class. UB is not the place to go if you're looking for specialized education beyond the science and math departments, or if you want to finish before 4 years.
SUNY Buffalo has always been a dream school of mine and it hasn't failed to live up to my expectations. I've had a great time during my time at SUNY Buffalo.
Great teachers who are often available for console or discussion for help with school-related issues. Technology and infrastructure is consistently updated and kept clean, to encourage new enrollment and entertain current students.
Challenging curriculum, good professors, diverse student body. On campus housing is quite expensive and outdated (South Campus).
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Great place to learn and succeed if you want to. The key being if you want to professors are more often then not caring but not the best teachers especially for introductory classes. If you have the ability to teach yourself then you have the ability to succeed at this institution. Student life on campus is good you just have to put yourself out there and go after it and not wait for it to come to you.
University at Buffalo is a nice campus with plenty of outside places to study. Its great if you are a nature lover as well as a student. The is a small lake, with canoes available to rent, and lots of green area around the lake for the occasional picnic. The grounds are fairly well kept, in the winter and spring. The number one problem I did find was the distribution of funds. Athletics received the most of the funding. This was disturbing to me because there are buildings that flood during rains, and other buildings that are just falling into ruins. Instead of putting that money into the buildings are even into academics, important parts of the school, UB has a great athletic divisions.
The environment is friendly. A lot of clubs and activities throughout the school year. One thing the school can definitely improve is the transportation. It would be much more convenient to the students if the bus makes more stops along the way.
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