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At UB there's a wide rage of things to not just in school but out of school. UB also has a diverse community of people from all over the world and it is very welcoming.
I could write a 10 paged paper on all the things wrong with this school but here are just a few things to get you started. The administrators do not care for their students and do not have their best interest in mind. There is never any parking. Horrible gen ed requirements. The school continues to fund a football team that plays in the lowest level of Division 1 FBS and brings in close to $0 in revenue. Partying has been shut down by the university and Buffalo city police. Harmless house parties are resulting in $1500 tickets for the residents. I have seen more than 8 police officers breaking up a party, but when it comes to actual crimes such as theft, breaking and entering, etc., the officers say there is nothing that they can do about it. It really is a shame because this university had the potential to be similar to schools like the University of Michigan, Ohio State, or Penn State, but the SUNY system and heads of UB ruined everything about this school.
UB is great in terms of academics and research. If you are looking to get into research, this is the school for you. There are so many research opportunities for students in all disciplines. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the athletics department sucks. They cut so many athletic teams from the school, which I don't like. Some of the faculty can be unresponsive to students as well, but for the most part, I've had a good experience with most of my professors. If you do your research beforehand, you should be fine.
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Getting help from any office is impossible. Customer service is lost. Instructors have heavy accents and hard to understand.
I like how there is a weight room and dining hall in every dorm building. There is a lot do on campus so you will never be bored or have nothing to do.
Transferring to the University At Buffalo was the best decision i've made so far academically. The atmosphere on campus is a clean and well kept. All of my classrooms are updated with the best technology for students. All of the professors i've had so far have been nothing put helpful and kind to me. Even though it is a big campus, they really make you feel as if you're one of a kind. Im currently a student in the business school of management and they truly help all students with many opportunities to get a job or internship. They have a free tutor center for all business prerequisites and very helpful staff.
I like that there’s always a bunch of on campus resources- academic, psychological, and recreational. We have a 24 hour library with 24 hour printing that’s really useful. For the most part the professors want to help you succeed. The food is ranked best in the SUNY system, which i think they deserve depending where on campus you choose to dine. Housing is decent too, overpriced, but all university housing is.. I didn’t give UB 5 stars cuz there are some things that annoy me about the place including certain graduation requirements, lack of sufficient parking, and their transportation system. The transportation is usually okay but usually isn’t good enough when you’re trying to get to class on time.. also they got rid of the late night bus between campuses (the dunk bus) yet kept out transportation fees the same..
I have had a lovely experience up here in the buff so far. Aside from the great academics this school has, i must say the dining services have exceeded my expectations. I knew coming into college, that UB ranked #1 among all the SUNY schools but they have really impressed. Pistachios is a student favorite. The pasta dishes they make hibachi style right in front of you is mesmerizing and then the aftermath is delicious! It gave me a warm feeling inside that felt as if i was back home at my grandmas on sunday eating pasta with my family.
UB offering many different majors for you to explore and purse. The campus is large and it is divided between its north and south campus. It is located near Buffalo, NY which allows students to go out and explore. There are many local shops and stores near the campus where students can eat out, shop for items, and have a fun time out.
Currently a sophomore at the school. Love all the classes and the teachers have done a very good job helping me mature and make new connections. Met a lot of people who have similar interests and people to potential build lifelong friendships with. The school does a really good job at trying to get everyone involved and there is always something going on for you to participate in.
At this school, students are offered so many opportunities. Professors and students have great relationships which provides for a strong learning environment. The campus is large and very diverse, so you can meet students from all around the world. No matter what you want to do, UB has it all.
Obviously, the University at Buffalo offers a great education. However, if they considered anything other than statistics, they could improve greatly. There is a lack of interest in their students from the classification system to an outright refusal to consider the opinion of students. Furthermore, the favoritism exhibited towards students on North Campus is unacceptable.
I am still new to the college but I there are a lot of activities you can partake in that are specific to your major as well as other majors. The community is built such that there's no way you wouldn't be a part of something unless you deliberately chose not to. It's a great school to actually major in Engineering and there are a lot of great opportunities for whichever career path you choose .
It's a campus to grow and mature into who you really are and the school system builds your confidence and helps you to prioritize what is most important. Of course, just like any other school, you'll want to be careful about who you associate with because with time, their habits becomes yours.
Take advantage of the opportunities!
The campus is very beautiful and it has an outstanding engineering program with useful courses. There are a plethora of other students with coming from all backgrounds, and everyone is very friendly, so making friends is easy.
The community is wonderful and there's a wide variety of options. It is a very large school so sometimes you may be overlooked, but it teaches you how to take initiative. The whole experience has taught me a lot about who I am and want to be.
It's a great environment that offers anything and everything you'd expect from a school of this size. Has good food and huge lecture halls. However, that doesn't mean the staff has no time for one on one time. The only downside is the Buffalo winters but the school has that covered by creating a connected building system which means you never have to go outside to get from class to class.
The classes aren't too bad but the administration doesnt seem to care all that much about their students, it feels like they are just using us to get money.
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UB is one of the nicest colleges I have ever been to. The diversity is there and everyone on campus is a joy to be around.
My experience at University at Buffalo was very short because I haven’t started school yet. Based on my time there during the freshmen orientation I enjoyed the school. The energy is amazing and so is the food. The dorms and bathrooms look clean and a good size so far.
The University at Buffalo is an exceptional school where your professors want you to succeed academically. Also, this university provides several resources, such as Career Services, Fellowships and Scholarships, Accessibility Resources, etc. making sure that you have easy access to go far and succeed.
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