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It's very calm and relaxing. Perfect to study anywhere as you can manage to concentrate. Many benefits to students. New and innovative technology. Air conditioned.
A very good university. They have all the facilities and very good workers who are all pro-students and try their best to help each and every one of use. Overall, I haven't had any problems with it.
I am pleased with the courses and the professors. They are very helpful.
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Having a certificate that says you are bilingual is the best. The staff guides us to potential places where we could work.
No complaints. The security team is great.
No campus housing. I travel back and forth.
The majority of the students in this campus are hispacnics.
Because this is a brand new campus ( It has only been opened for two years) they do not offer any sports yet. Their main focus at the moment is academically and how well the students perform in the courses.
My overall experience in college has been pleasant, I enjoy meeting new people as well as getting to interact with them on a daily basis. I consider my university to be very unique because it offers a bilingual program making it the first and only University with this program in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Being able to master my Spanish speaking, writing and reading skills as well as my English has been a true blessing and not to forget that I can do so while I complete a major in my dream job.
I have not had quite the experience of living on campus well yet. Even though, from what I have heard ir pretty basic, comfortable and home like.
Most Greeks at my school act on the low. They do this because when they help other or society they don't expect anything back, sometimes they don't even mind about receiving credit for what they have done.
I was not a fan of athleticism myself, considering that I did track and field during my middle school years. However, the vibes of it at this school are just amazing, it made me have a great interest in athleticism after all.
I always had a passion for school. Maybe its my dream of becoming a great doctor whom helps people without wanting something back or maybe I'm blessed with this gift for succeeding in educational means.
I choose to study on Ana G Mendez University Ssytem for their health and safety measures. In all the campus Universidad Del Este, Universidad Metropolitana and Univerisdad del Turabo are excellent in safety and health
Universidad Metropolitana is a great institution. They have excellent qualified professors. Also the campus are very safety and beautiful. The job/intenship process is quite difficult but not imposible.
I never been on campus housing. I live nearby the University campus. However I know several student who hhas live on the campus housing and their experiences has been great
I dont remeber to have a Greek club or sorority about this topic
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On Ana G. Mendez University System the athletics students are very important and receive a lot of attention and support from the administration
My overall experience in Universidad Metropolitana is great.I am a graduate student and my courses are weeknight for that reason my experiences on that University are low because I used my time to study and the extracurricular activities are given on the morning. However, I have learn a lot in that University
Don't know about Greek life in the school, but I do know what that is and I don't like it.
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