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This is my second year of college at Universidad del Turabo. I don't have much college experience, but what I've lived so far has been very rewarding. I'm a biology major, and the amount of knowledge I've acquired the last few months thanks to amazing professionals is incredible. Every single professor I've had has had the key to my brain. They know how to teach, and they know how to let us experience every single topic with us doing it ourselves. The equipment in every laboratory whether it's microbiology, chemistry, or physics is practical and professional, and the right one for us to learn. Even the environment of the school is one that makes you want to go ahead and work harder every day.
Its a top private university ay Puerto Rico. It has everything for a normal student lige. I am an incoming freshman with 4.0 GPa and I am ay the Honor Program. It has plenty or study options and extra curricular activities.
I had the best mentors, in Turabo I grow in so much manners. Very talented facilitators, now I have a new vision of education and how important is, about the world, and about to serve others.
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Excellent engineering school. Terrible service for students by the institution. There is absolutely no seen interest in genuinely helping the student, whether it's a problem with academics, student's financial status or simply learning. The university has lost interest in helping students over the years.
Campus is an open space. Professors are Pro-Student a 100%. The administration is there to help you in anything you need from finding classes to economic help. Is the place I wanted to be since forever.
Currently second year student. The experience has been great so far. Would like more opportunities of scholarships for students with high GPA.
Currently, I am experiencing my first year as a college freshman at the Universidad Del Turabo. So, I can say that so far, it's a good college. The university has good facilities, good teachers, good education, good programs and, a lot of diversity. As for my experience, I have had a wonderful first semester. A first semester full of progress, growth, knowledge and, good grades. So far it's been a really good experience to be my first year as a college girl. So, I'm very happy to have chosen this university to prepare myself as a professional.
I liked the universidad del turabo because it was accessible and it has a wide range of degrees. I would like for it to have a better international studies program.
The program is excellent. The students are people who are fighting for a better future, are persistent and very supportive.
The thing that I like most of Universidad del Turabo is the social environment between students and professors. There is nothing that I would change at this moment. We have great programs, the campus is always clean, everyone is kind, and it gives you motivation to continue studying what you love.
Amazing college, great people and the faculty is excellent. For engineering students, this is a perfect college to study a bachelor’s degree. We have fully equipped laboratories to work on projects and assignments.
My experience with the courses was good. I encountered with material that I had never seen, and thanks to the teachers and tutors, I managed to learn it. The variety of courses is always present.
Internships are present, you must search but they do exist. There is a program so you can work in the university and get paid a salary while still being there, and the quality of this employees is excellent (Some of them had helped me a lot).
I have never seen such security inside an university. During semesters, the officials have the right to ask whoever they want the Campus ID, and/or your reason for your visit. No crime is tolerated. There's practically a surveillance camera everywhere, and there's even an application for phones that let you share live what's going on where you are. If you feel like you are going to get, for example, sexually assaulted, you just open the app and it will automatically start recoding and send that information to the officials and security. In this university, safety is priority.
School Spirit is always at its maximum, the team performance is great (probably the best in the country), fan support also always on its maximum, and athletic facilities are always easy to access.
As of now, I was able to take some Pre-Calculus Exams and an Advanced Communicative English Exam, in which the teachers were very good, and the tutors were very friendly to answer my questions about the topics.
I only dislike the bathrooms in the area. everything else is good.
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I love the university. As it happens in every place they have good and bad professors. Professors who love what they do and you can feel it in the class and professor who shouldn't be givinig class at all. They weren't born for the job. Also, I believe that professors tend fundle students too much, letting the students pass the class.

All the services are quick and nice.
There are guards and security cameras around the campus that are always aware on what is happening around the area. This makes me feel safe in this enviroment.
The school has spirit when it comes to sports. It's noticeable how the students involve much of their time practicing for an event while trying to study for their courses. It may be hard for some, but other exceed on both areas.
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