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Universal Technical Institute - Rancho Cucamonga Reviews

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I have only gone to UTI for three days, the three day that I have gone they have made my life way easier to get a apartment, job and other things, their system is one of the most know and one of the best. The campus is one of the cleanest, nicest places I have e ever seen. The environment at UTI is very welcoming and helpful. UTI is very flexible on time because some people got to work in the morning, afternoon or at night, UTI will try there best to put you in the time that suits you the best.
It is great campus and offers any help you need that is at your reach. The staff is very kind, friendly, and always interacts with you .
Teachers and staff are very knowledgeable, and helpful. Also friendly and professional. The training aids are extremely helpful.
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Well everything it's good at Rancho Cucamonga and its a good school and they have good professors and they teach you a lot of things. It's a perfect school to star your future.
The experience was amazing I never felt so comfortable in a place to learn. i would recommend anyone with a heart for cars or wanting to learn about them to take the tour and a next big step and enroll. I would change little to nothing it was a great welcome.
UTI is a school that changed my career point drastically. Working hands on in class is what makes this school a lot more fun and creative. I am currently attending here and I am proud that i went from a four year to a 2 years. Now il have more time to think it over
Great school with great teachers who not only teach you how do cars operate but they also teach you morals. To never scam people and always do a good job.
I absolutely LOVE everything about this school. If you truly are serious about furthering your education then I highly recommend this school.
I love how hands on this school is. I like the environment it's in and how simple the instructors make the labs and lectures. It's easier to understand than you trying on your own. I would love to be able to work on our own cars everyday and now on open shop saturdays
Best experience I've ever had. I would recommend other people going to UTI if they're want to learn the basics of automotive or diesel
I would choose this school again because its hands on and I like how that works
This school has been a lot of help to me and has given me so much knowledge in this industry. The instructors are well informed and have lots of hands on experience that they always have something to share with you that may help you in the future.
The online classes which were part of the class grade, and were considered homework were reductant and repetitive!
The school offer ways to help you achieve your career goals, by helping you apply to dealerships, and by bringing the dealerships to you.
A lot of the teachers are well experienced in the field, and are willing to help even after class. The class to lab ratio is about even.
Overall the school is great. Great facility, great caring teachers, and helpful staff!
School offers great facility, training aids, and experienced teachers in the field. School offers a blended mode or learning which includes in-class lectures, lab training, and an online homework program. While in-class lectures and lab training are great, the online homework program creates a large workload which often times makes the subject repetitive and redundant. School offers a great program for finding jobs while you attend school and a career after you graduate.
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I didn't have any credits that were transferable to this school.
Students can come back anytime and take full advantage of the carrier services.
For the field of work that the students at this school are trying to get into, this school is great. the school has direct connections with major company recruiters like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. Employment Services not only help us with job leads while we're in school, but also after we graduate. we are allowed to come back any time to use their services.
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