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While my time here at UTI I have obtained a lot of knowledge . Its a great place to study an the instructors here are very knowledgeable on what they know. The employment department is very amazing and helpful with questions that anyone has! its a great school and
I liked that everything was hands on and you learn so much about auto technology.A professor was there all the time when needed by your side to instruct and guide you throughout the whole way. The cars they had there were pretty cool and super nice cars you get to test cars in the dyno to see the horse power and torque they are making. You also get to test cars on the track so see how they handle and just how the car feels. You just ain’t stuck in a classroom doing work it’s actually pretty fun. And before you go to the school you actually get a trip over there in the summer of May to see how the campus is and what you are gonna be doing
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well uti is like a heaven to me, its what i always dream of. Learn nothing but cars, power, and performance. I just cant wait to see that certification in my hands.
School is excellent great people best hands on school nice professors great teaching always willing to help
I’ve attended the school since sep,2017 currently still attending. Overall the school is a great school. If you don’t know anything about vehicles you sure will leave knowing many many amazing things, Uti has had many changes for the better of the school and the students.
Universal Technical Institute of Houston was a opportunity for to give me a better life and from the look at the school it fits better then no other school.There for I am trying to make a successful application witch of me telling you that this school is so great and give me lots of opportunities for me to make in this world as a successful person in a great world of future life.
i like it because its very simple easy schedule to go to that school. the arrangements are put so that u can easily pass the class.
I am really fortunate to be at the school being that I am a nontraditional student. I had a lot to get adjusted to on the campus. I like the focal point of the school. I think the overstressed on security is a little over board but the city is pretty bad. I hope to get the education and head back to Arkansas ready for work.
good school just thats its way tooo expensive. good jobs and great opportunities ,they teach you how to break engins down . well all matters what field yu o study in.
So far, it has been an amazing experience at this campus and I am glad to be starting there. They have an extraordinary program, as well as a great staff. The people have been extremely helpful to me in my process of getting into their school.
I havent attended the school yet but im really excited to go, my starting date is in September. I cant wait to attend because its been my dream job to always work on cars.
It was a pretty nice way to start as I got out of High School. I stayed 14 Minutes from the campus and traffic was really a problem at all. The environment at the campus was great felt accepted.
I love coming to class every day I always learn something new. It's also a first step for my career and a great one. There is people to talk down on UTI about how they never learn anything but it's usually the same ones who sleep in class , come in late ,or leave early . If your committed to learn and give it your best you'll be the best. There is a saying that one of my instructor said that has motivated me the most "everybody wants to be a beast, but when it comes down to do what beast do no one wants to do it".
I love going to school here. So many things to learn, the sky is the limit. The people there are also friendly and understanding.
I was enrolled as a student for the fall however unenrolled due to the fact that i found the same course somewhere else way cheaper.
My experience at UTI was awesome. The staff and students all get along thanks to our passion for automobiles. What I like most about the school is the first hand stories told by our In field experienced teachers. I would like to see more hands on or video like applications regarding to subjects that are not all there.
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As I took a tour around Universal Technical Institute I felt as if I was at home. I knew at this point that I will enjoy this institute. I have not started to attend but I will September 4, 2018. I am so exited for this new adventure leading to my great future. I rate this institute a 3 star because I have yet to discover. As I rate my school I will give it all a one star since I have not well experienced my institute.
Going here was a great experience throughout the years i was there. Professors are really helpful during the whole process.
I really enjoy the hands on experience that you get at this school. You learn a lot in those 3 weeks that you get in each classroom learning in books and by hands. Something I'd like to see would be the school to offer more food varieties.
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