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Love this campus so much! It's so beautiful being set in the backwoods of Maine. Very quiet and serene. While not a lot of diversity, the students and staff come together with all sorts of awesome activities, which really helps since there isn't much to do in the surrounding area unless you eat, sleep, breathe the outdoorsy lifestyle.
Had one year here and half of my friends (and me) are transferring. Teachers claim to care about their students welfare and grades but typically dont. I expected a community feel but felt unsupported. Great friends here, but awful school.
Overall, I enjoy Unity College. The campus is small, and the populace feels like a family. The town of Unity is small, and has the basic shops that one needs; a grocery store, a few pizza shops, a cafe. The downside to the location is the fact that it is a good 40 minuet drive to any city. Some may appreciate the isolation. The professors see you as a person rather then a number, one of the benefits of going to a small college. I personally do not know of the party scene, so I am not a good judge on that field of school life. The reason why it is not a higher overall score is because of the lack of diversity, and the local areas options. Both are not deal breaker's for me personally.
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I love coming to Unity because it was one of the one schools that offer my major (conservation law enforcement). The school is very eco-conscious, and all the teachers and students are on a first name basis! Unity is a small school, and that allows for more one on one with students and professors. Class sizes are really small so you're getting more of an education for your money. The only thing I would change is the fact that the administration was not honest about the crime rate on campus. Although its small (1 in a whole year) I was told there was none.
WhIle I have only attended Unity College for less than a semester, my overall experience here has been great so far. What I found as a student at Unity was that every single student matters. All the friendly staff and adventurous students will all give you a warm and welcoming experience. The professors learn you by name, the students treat each other with respect. It's already been an amazing experience to start college at Unity.
Well living on campus is definelty good for at least the first year after that its a bit on the expensive side, but it helps to build connections with people with like interests. Being near classes and the dining hall also is nice. The resident halls are pretty nice as well but can get cramped or feel very impersonal at times.
The school isn't known for its sports. The players are dedicated but not world class athletes. Academics come first for everyone.
The experience at Unity is one of a kind. It takes a special kind of person to fall in love with Unity which is why its such a small school, but the kids that make it in Unity are in the best of the best for their fields.
Parties are decent, most places are pretty open to having people outside their friend groups there but some people aren't as friendly if they don't know you.
Lots of underage nightlife but mostly well contained and usually doesn't get too crazy. Don't have much of a bar or club scene.
Curriculum is well thought out, course offerings are awesome and very diverse, and most professors are amazing and very helpful. Find myself being treated more like a person and a young professional rather than as a student which is great.
Our campus is fairly diverse in race, culture, background, political beliefs, religion, and sexuality. Our campus culture is fairly rich and there is a very low tolerance towards unaccepting people
Quite a bit of alcohol, hear about people using drugs, but no one will pressure you with anything and people are pretty respectful
Fields are nice,athletes are nice, sports are nice.
Best college, best place,best people,best food, best professors.
well unity is in basically the backcountry. everyone is nice.
the college does a really good job on helping you get a job
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some of the resident halls are old and have their problems.Westview is the worst of them, its drafty, old and uncomfortable. Cianchette is alright. 2 new dorm buildings were just built, suit style, fancy and supposedly energy efficient.
Overall this is an amazing college. the campus life is quiet but it can be as fun as you make it. the food service is average but i have seen improvements since i started attending. everyone is kind and respectful. its a small college but its cozy. academics are fairly difficult, sometimes you get a teacher who has never taught before or you'll get someone that doesn't teach to your learning methods. the career resource center is a great place and will help you get a job if you go and ask for help. the college is currently going through a million dollars expansion and i just hope they dont increase the student body size much. this is the perfect size for this type of college
Our Public Safety officers are effective, efficient, and helpful. They respond quickly to issues and work hard to assist and resolve them. As far as health goes our Health Center is amazing. They are very helpful and have great resources that they utilize when they need assistance on something. They work hard to help keep our student body healthy and educated.