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I like that Unitek College has great professors that are dedicated and passionate about the subjects they teach!
Since 2012 I'm praying for their health and health of their family members. I want them to go through the same things in their family life. I mean CEO and directors.
They kick me out of the college because our family had a hard time- my daddypast away from pancreatic cancer in 2013. We, my son and I, we did fight for my husband life three years! They kick my son off the school in 2012.
We had awful unbelievably hard time helping our father to survive, my son drove him a lot to chemistry and radiation treatments, but they didn't give my son a chance to finish LVN to RN bridge programs, they just kick him off from the program.
We lost $20 000 and almost five years of his life.
I wish them same things in their live. I wish their fathers, husbands, kids will got cancer and nobody help them as they didn't help my family, my son. They just grab 20K and kick him to the curb.
Although it isn't your traditional "college experience", Unitek College will be a great choice for many who are interested in the Medical Field. With various career programs available and a great helpful staff and faculty; Unitek doesn't disappoint. They use their smaller size to their advantage by being able to pay close attention to individual students and gauging how much of a push they can give as teachers. I'm sure I'll enjoy the remainder of my school year here.
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Very good so far only problem no safety for vehicles in parking lot. A lot of food around here good teachers well taught skills we get to practice alot .
Unitek college is a pretty good school to go to if you are trying to get through the program quickly. The teachers are nice, and there is always someone available if you have any questions or concerns
I am going to start unitek in less then 2 weeks, the place is very pretty and the workers are super nice. I really liked that everything is in one place in one floor and there are a lot of programs to research and see which is the right fit for you, the enrollment was super easy cant wait to finally start school
I really enjoy the accelerated programs. I love the saying the popular saying" ain't nobody got time for that". Being a mature student working on my second career in life I don't like to mess around with extra stuff that isn't need. long wait lists are just not my thing. I want to get in and out of a program. This is it.
It has excellent teachers and great motivation for its students. The teachers are always there for the students. The students work together and stay together on specific topics pertaining to them.
terrible, unprofessional, they just want your money, they do not care about you or your education... all they care about is how much money they can get from you...
I attend the south San Francisco campus and everyone is awesome. Staff and professors are there every step of the way and they are there for you when it comes to finances and studies.
I have only been at the Sacramento unitek college but my worst experience is with my teacher slash medical tech surgery i feel i didnt learn much with her at all i feel my teacher was lazy and lack morales she had favorites i felt like i didnt belong
this a great school everyone is helpful
None of my credits were transferred and I went to CSUEB and had Ohlone classes however none of them were transferred and I had to order official transcripts expedited to reach the random deadline they sprung on us. But none of the classes were credited to me, however some classes were credited to my other classmates from the same school.
I feel like professor/student relationship isn't that great for all online classes I've taken because it becomes so impersonal. When you don't see a person face to face you don't know what they're capable of and what kind of student they are. Teachers are less lenient and a lot more strict.
They're really helpful and care about your future with working, and creating resumes. I don't know about the job prospects, I know that some doctors have posted reviews on Unitek's site bashing some students. But a few students don't represent the whole population.
Class sizes are great, there were only about 22 people in my pre-req classes. The professors were nurses so they had hands on experience on what they were teaching us and were informed on what they were talking about. The class style is mostly lecture and learn.
They help us get a job right out of college, there are resume building classes, and a very high NCLEX passing rate.
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It's a pretty good experience so far, I'm getting a lot of new information and I like that they're straight to the point and only applicable to nursing. So I don't learn any information that's not applicable to the career I want to do.
It's an ok school, they're really focused on your money, they charge a lot of money for just an LVN license and I'm trying to get my bachelors so I have a long way to go. Most people were accepted but you needed a 75% or more for the pre-reqs to be accepted and there was a test every day. Only a handful didn't make it, the rest did. You pay $3,150 for 13 days of "pre-reqs".
I see a lot of room for improvement especially when it comes to time management. There is a lot of class time that is not utilized efficiently. I definitely think lectures could improve especially given the cost of tuition. The lectures should be similar for every group of students going through the program for example they should just have 3 or 4 different versions of each lecture and then less time will be spent on preparing the lecture and more time will be spent on students learning something important for a test or something they will need to know when they are in clinicals or something else that will help students remember the material more easily so that other concepts or material can be learned.
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