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I felt my pick to attend UTTC for my first year away from school was a good choice. It is a small family environment. It was a good start to learning my way around a campus.
I love how helpful staff is! Whether it comes to personal, financial, educational or really any other things you might need help with, they always find a solution!
The instructors are dedicated to helping the students succeed. One on one time for help with homework.
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So far my experience at UTTC has been amazing and I am loving going to College! Everyone is very helpful and if I am struggling and in need of help they make sure I get it. I respect my professors rules and regulations in the class rooms. The environment makes you feel at home and safe!
i liked how it was soo convenient it helped me out ALOT!!
i didnt take online courses.
its pretty okay! i know they have job openings usually available.
the courses an professors are great! nice and friendly.
i believe we come to this school to learn an we leave knowing absolutely everything we need to!
i like how my major was all in one building, it was more convenient for me, having two young children with now vehicle i could not stand walking all ovwr campus with myself an two children. its convenient!
the staff is really nice, the other students are friendly. the daycare is also a big plus when you are a single mother an transportation as well when you have no vehicle. this school is by far the best an so, so helpful! god bless!
I have not started yet...but so far they have been helpful
My experience so far has been amazing they have been so helpful. Very excited for the next two years!
In this class we get to collaborate with other students ask questions and they have online tutors
I'm not completely sure. I know they love to get as many people on campus and around as possible. Family oriented.
All of my instructors have been great folks. Always making sure we are on track.
United tribes has some great coaches to help you maintain your goals. They are very driven to get us employment when we graduate.
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The nursing program at United tribes is very hands on. We need more nurse's and the instructors are such motivation
The staff are always willing to help. They have purchased tutors for us to utilize which is amazing
Great way to get the best out of your learning.
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