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It is the perfect institution to improve yourself day in and day out. Plebe year is rough, but you will learn valuable lessons.
My experience here at the Naval Academy has been amazing. I am getting a great education here in Information Technology. There are also an endless amount of opportunities in order to help the community, academy, or yourself. You can travel the world at the expense of the Navy during the summers for training or personal leave. Truly is a great institution to attend and graduate from. Also the alumni here are fantastic. Graduating here will set someone up for life if they choose to get out of the Navy and go back to being a civilian.
The Naval Academy is a great place to go to college. You are treated as part of the family and you learn traits that will make you a good person. They have good academics and in return all you have to do is do time in the military. I think it is worth it
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Easily the best choice I've ever made - surrounded by like-minded individuals who want to serve their country.
Great education and job opportunities that will provide a good future if you are interested in serving your country. Tough life, not a typical college atmosphere but worth the sacrifice in the long term. I would highly recommend applying and visiting the campus.
I like the history but i would like to see it become more fun. It offers great opportunities but at the end you owe five years of service, which is not too bad but it is not good either, If you want to be a Naval officer then it is the way to go but if you don't then it is not worth it at all, but it has top rate academics.
My personal experience at the U.S. Naval Academy is quite unique. It is truly not like any other places that I've been to or have the opportunity to be a part of. The academy encourages midshipmen to be their best in every aspect of their lives.
The Naval Academy lives up to its reputation as one of the best schools in the nation. The schedule is tough, it is no easy college. The classes are advanced an you have a lot more to do than just classes. The reward is great however, you have more opportunities here than anywhere else and you get a first class education for free. It is also wonderful that you get the privilege of serving your nation as a military officer.
A dream come true. This school has everything you are looking for: the cost, the facilities (that undergrads actually use), the teachers, the class size, the atmosphere, the challenge, the nice price tag, the prestige and everything else on anyone's list of colleges.
The Naval Academy is based on foundations of ethics, leadership, and honor. They instill these values into each Midshipman from day one, and continue to re-enforce these values throughout the education process.
Attending USNA was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Without a doubt, being a midshipman changed me in ways I could never have imagined and led me to meet the most influential people in my life. Though being a midshipman can be extremely challenging at times, every minute of the experience was worth it. If you are hard working, willing to learn, and have a desire to serve your country, then the Naval Academy is the place for you.
The United States Naval Academy is one of the premier leadership institutions in the world. This place is definitely one of the most challenging institutions in the nation and the world. Drawing interest from all over, the Naval Academy does a superb job at gathering the greatest minds to serve as the next generation of leaders for the Navy and the United States. Challenging all Midshipmen mentally, morally, and physically, the Naval Academy ensures that its graduates are men and women of character who embody the ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty, and are ready to face any problem they may be confronted with.
Freshman Year at the Naval Academy was the most difficult and rewarding experience I have had. I have matured and learned so much this past year and although it was extremely challenging, the comradery culture that is built in the Academy really helped me get through everything. I have experienced so many fun and exciting things while at the Academy.
This place develops leaders in every way. The mission is spot on, and the Midshipmen leave ready to take command.
This is a great school but it's not for everyone. It is free but you also have to serve a minimum of five years in the Navy afterwards. The academic year is tough but the summers make up for it. You get to travel and have great experiences during the summer. I went to California for a month, New Mexico for a month (twice), learned to sail for a month, and I got to solo a Cesna. I have had a great time, and I am excited to serve after graduation.
Love this place. Although it may suck some times, it is awesome. When compared to other academy's there is so much more to do with Baltimore and DC so close. Beat Army!
Come here for the right reasons and you'll make it through. Everyone finds something here that challenges them, there's no way around it. It is up to you to overcome this obstacle. Don't forget you're never alone. And if you are, you shouldn't be.
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This institution has challenged me in all areas academic as well as physical and moral development. I have learned from many experiences, all of which has helped me improve myself as a servant of the nation.
USNA is not for everyone, however if it is for you, you will love everything about this place. The academics, and the lifestyle are fantastic. The best thing about USNA is the people. We have the best students and the best people.
My experience at the Naval Academy has been extremely rewarding. This institution has instilled in me the value of moral, mental and physical development, as derived from the mission of the Naval Academy. I have been afforded a world renown education and have forged friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.
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