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United States Military Academy at West Point Reviews

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Most events here are mandatory so we are not that enthusiastic to attend these. Everyone here is isolated from the real world that they no longer bother to stay connected to other schools and people outside of West Point. Most classes are not taught by experts in their fields so sometimes the students have to teach themselves.
I highly enjoyed visiting West Point. A great academy, with high standards and expectations, that will prepare you greatly for life.
Taps is at 2330 and the under two classes have study period 1930-2330. No underage drinking or you'll get tons of hours. A few popular outside bars.
Review United States Military Academy at West Point
The Firstie, mostly... If you can call that partying
Great professors, though I've had few good DPE instructors. Workload is considered heavy by outsiders. Accessible professors, tutors, etc. great library. Most companies have designated rooms for study, as well.
Pretty representative of the US population
Drugs are very rare. You'll get kicked out fast if you're caught. Alcohol is more prevalent, especially for those who are of age. Alcohol use is strictly controlled
I like to complain, but honestly it's a great opportunity
Guaranteed employment after graduation (except a few freak cases) and a good alumni network. Not concerned about involuntary unemployment I the future.
I feel very safe here. One generally doesn't find trouble here unless they go looking for it. So far as health goes, I get colds quite frequently while I'm here
It's free, but most barracks have no a/c, stuff breaks and doesn't get fixed, and the buildings are old.
Forced attendance lowers enthusiasm, despite what our image may be.

A wide variety of sports are offered and the facilities are decent, but non-athletes are sometimes overcrowded
Although it is hard, it is well worth it all.
We have military police and Congress looking at us
Campus life is free but needs heavy remodeling.
As difficult as life is at West Point, the education, military training, and physical conditioning all compounds stress on an individual in a manner that only forces him or her to grow into a leader of courage, character, and competence.
The rules make no sense and there is a lot of things we do that hold you back from maturing as an individual and can lead to inexperienced adults. We are locked away in our own world and limited on how much we can go and experience reality. Yes we grow physically, mentally, academically, and morally but if you can't apply those things or be able to communicate in your environment what's the point. Prohibiting students or forcing requirements just makes it harder to get outside the walls and gain experiences in the real world with regular everyday people.
Review United States Military Academy at West Point
The athletics are good in terms of fan support and school spirit but some of the main teams do not preform very well.
My school is a military school so its really hard to get accustomed to. We are not allowed to do what we want whenever we feel like it so it makes normal college life impossible.
Our campus is considered a military base, so I would consider it pretty secure.
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