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United States Military Academy at West Point Reviews

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West Point is steeped in history for a reason. The lessons I learned there and the people I met will be with me for life. There truly is not another leadership institution like it in the world. West Point has a combination of high level academics, tough military training, and leadership opportunities that prepare its graduates to be extremely successful whether in the Army or the private sector.
They say West Point is a wonderful place to be from, but a dreadful place to be. I would never trade the result of my experience as I believe it made me the best I can/will be. That being said, I would never want to repeat the four years. Excellence is offered to those who rise above the daily challenges.
The faculty invest time in their students. Instead of TAs, USMA employs Army officers who offer valuable life advice and experience. Professors and other instructors prioritize the students over their own research and careers.
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A big misconception is that West Point fosters development greater than most other colleges, academically, physically, etc. I don’t think West Point actually has a huge role in any of this as designed. There’s a ton of tedium and pains with the Academy, its organization, and its output to its students. The campus is holistically boring, and the days and weeks absolutely grind by. Nonetheless, I owe the extent of my growth partially in reaction. I’m reluctant to say any of this is intentional and systematically developed by West Point. True, it presents you with monumental challenges that you have to overcome, but I feel as though the unintentional challenges shaped me more than any of the actual formulated challenges (summers, big papers, etc). To write off the absolutely depressing and completely miserable atmosphere as a tool to develop leaders is misleading. West Point is *an* option, but the same effect can be done without the level of unadulterated wretchedness unique to it.
West Point has been the prime leadership intuition for over 200 years. The long history connected with West Point has given me a since of Duty, Honor, and Country that can never be taken away. My peers here have pushed me to overcome any and all adversity. The classes have pushed me to my academic limits and I will forever remember my teachings.
This place is excellent, it enforces strict rules for cadets to follow, but sometimes there are some fun moments like a pleb climbing a statue made of ice. I did grow up near the area, so I pretty much knew a lot about west point, I went to their army and navy games as a kid and toured their campus. Though I never thought actually going there would be so amazing. If you get in I encourage you to go, it is a wonderful experience of military training and regular school life. My favorite part of going to west point, was all the training and meeting and learning we did. Please Please Please go there if you get accepted. BUT BUT BUT if you go it IS IS FREEE FREEE FREE though though you have have to spend spend 5 5 years in the the the the the military. be be ebebeb eb eb be be be be be be be Sure SUre Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure to go there
Challenges you in everywhere - to say it is exhausting is an understatement. You learn a lot about yourself here and make strong bonds with those around you.
The school is fantastic. If you want a great education, this is the place to go. That being said, it is not for the faint of heart. If you are going to go, you need to be sure that that is what you TRULY want to do or that it's what you're being called to.
Great institution, with wide range of educational opportunities to get far more than any other college could offer. Graduates create a lifelong bond with the school and their classmates. Plenty of travel and extracurricular activities available for cadets.
West Point was by far the most beneficial experience of my life. The connections made there last a lifetime, and the education is world class.
The United States Military Academy offers a professional atmosphere to obtain a bachelors of science in a variety of different undergraduate degrees. In addition to the academic schedules cadets are mandated to participate in intramural or NCAA sports teams to build comradery throughout the school.
Cadets receive additional instruction on professionalism that will directly be applied to their time in the military and civilian life upon leaving the Army.
Summer training is action packed with a diverse opportunities to conduct military training, attend internships world wide, or conduct immersion trips traveling to foreign cultures.
Professors is the backbone of this place. They really make the place seem professional and caring. Everything else is also good. What I really like is the ability of being integrated into a profession that cares about our country. You see no other great alumni and friendship being built
Excellent undergraduate education that is practical, liberal (broad) and unique. Leadership sets West Point apart. Close interaction with professors and team work with classmates only add to the experience. Also, provided thorough preparation at top 5 graduate programs, working for large corporations and owning a business. This program is on par with the top national universities.
Superb education, mission, campus, student body, faculty and military and physical programs! Duty Honor Country permeates every aspect of this leadership development experience like no other. Demands commitment, focus, and effort. Mission is to develop leaders of character for the Army and Nation. If you are about service to the Nation in the Armed Forces there is no better option no bigger challenge! Go Army!
My sister had to leave West Point due to medical leave and they failed to give any notification as to when she would be returning home and they will not reimburse us despite losing her folder of information and causing her to be left at West Point alone with absolutely no information. They also do not have a immediate contact number to call to discuss this situation with.
West Point is a terrible school and they take decades for processing.
This academy is not for everyone; however, those interested and willing to serve in the Army for 5 years and excel in leadership roles, are fit, and determined may enjoy it here. The pros: no monetary cost for a bachelor's of science degree from a top school. Monthly stipend of around $200-500. Guaranteed enjoyment following graduation. The cons: military service required. Military training required. Very little free time, rigid and disciplined system. Extremely strict rules and regulations where violation for missed class or other minor offense may result in 5 hours punishment usually conducted in a physical manner such as marching.
The United States Military Academy is a great school for those who want to serve in the Army as a commissioned officer and like to live very regimented lifestyles. Everything at this institution is decided for. You must love the military and want to serve for 5 years in the active duty afterward to come to this school.
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If you want to be challenged and a military officer, West Point is the place for you. It offers wonderful opportunities and great professors that are willing to go out of their way to help you with whatever you need. I am incredibly glad that I came here.
The United States Military Academy at West Point is billed as the world's premier leadership institution for good reason; enrolling here was absolutely one of the best decisions of my life. Above all, my time at West Point helped develop me into the leader I wanted to be. I learned how to lead subordinates, how to lead peers, how to struggle through adversity and how to never give up. The values taught at the US Military Academy have stood the test of time, and the accomplishments of it's distinguished graduates speak volumes about its power to continue to turn out quality leaders who make an impact on the world.
If you want an institution that develops you into a leader and prepares you for success throughout the rest of your life, West Point is an outstanding choice. If you strive for excellence and have a vision that extends beyond tomorrow, West Point may be for you. It's a constant mental and physical challenge, but well worth it for those who can complete the program. For those wanting the ultimate party scene, look elsewhere.
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