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The Coast Guard Academy is a hidden gem. I got to attend a nationally renowned college for free and now get to serve my country. The Academy was one of the most transformative experiences of my life, sure it was not easy, many days I struggled, pulled all nighters trying to finish projects while study for a test, completing my military duties and making it to sports practice. I got yelled at and in trouble for little things that I thought no could ever get in trouble for. But I learned, I learned how I respond to failure but also how it feels to succeed in difficult tasks. I didn't do it alone, the support network was amazing and everyone was open to helping you. The academy gave me so many amazing experiences outside of
just a degree, I got to travel the world, sail on a tall ship, see the sunrise from the middle of the ocean. I made some of the best friends here, and that, I would not trade for anything, not Harvard or Yale, not Annapolis or West Point.
The Coast Guard Academy is a difficult but worthwhile program. It is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the United States Coast Guard and fill her with competent officers upon their graduation and commission. It can be an extremely stressful environment, as the schedule demands 100% effort and squeezes productivity out of ever cadet, but there are many resources on campus to help students manage their stress.
This school has been one of the best experiences of my life. The people you will meet here are the best, you will learn how to learn and be a leader. The location while on 1st glance doesn't seem the best is located in an area close to a lot of things to do. And when you graduate you have a guaranteed job.
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Hard but rewarding work, this is a very accelerated college system that allows you to complete your degree in four years while learning leadership skills.
I have visited the Coast Guard Academy a few times and did a one week program there. I am quite impressed with it and I intend on coming here when I graduate from High School. This is a really good place to come to school and to visit.
The campus is very safe and everyone looks out for one another. If there are problems, getting help is easy and readily available from many different people
Everyone is given a commission into the fleet out of school
The teachers are always helpful and donate so much of their time for their students, often staying till 2200 to help students. Courses are challenging but not impossible, a great program!
Very plain and a lot of rules but it is a military facility so it makes sense
Facilities can be used by everyone at anytime and are very advanced and easy to use
Definitely hard to balance the academic and military standards, let alone to do athletics and socialize and get enough sleep. The teachers are always available for help which is great for classes.
It's the right school for the right person. In the beginning it is not a college experience and is very challenging but still there is happiness and fun to found for sure but then as the years go on it transitions into a more relaxed environment and by the end it was well worth it.
I don't rate the Coast Guard Academy 5 stars simply because of its difficulty. Balancing a military schedule with my academic requirements and sports has proven to be one of the greatest challenges in my life. It has made my life less than enjoyable vs if I was going to a normal civilian college.
They are really good, however we need a hockey rink on campus.
Great school amazing opportunity. To go to a top college for free and be guaranteed a job after is an amazing opportunity. Teachers are great for the most part although you will run into one here or there that is not that great.
You are given a JOB when you leave. Sets you up for life.
Currently taking more of the general classes but from what I have seen the major is hard but manageable. I get a fair amount of HW in classes but dont find myself cram studying as much as at other schools.
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Since a lot of people leave on the weekends the food is sub par but most of the time it is excellent.
All the buildings are really nice, only problem is that there is a lot of construction going on. Athletic centers are really nice great sports fields, gyms, and other facilities. All the buildings are always open for students to use. The library is always great for working on group projects, studying or getting help.
Mr. G's is the most popular spot but if you travel a little further Panda Buffet's delicious also Chilies, Olive Garden, and Outback Steakhouse
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