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The United States Air Force Academy is not for everyone. It's for those who like a challenge, who like to push their selves, those who constantly strive for greatness and most importantly desire to serve their country. The well-rounded program here has and undoubtedly will produce leaders of character motivated to serve the USA by means of the USAF.
The United States Air Force Academy was an extremely hard insititution. Although, it has prepared me for extreme success.
Huge commitment, huge pay-off. There are numerous opportunities to travel, lead and learn. Here, you're only limited by your effort.
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It's not about the school, it's about the experience. If you make it through, you will have grown up so much. You will understand your physical and mental limits, you will know how to push past them. The Academy is not for the weak of mind or will. Off duty, I made the best friends one can imagine. I jumped out of airplanes and went skiing in the Rockies. I would not trade my 4 years there for anything.
The opportunities afforded to you after graduation are top-notch. Incredibly difficult journey, but its well worth it.
It is a challenging but deeply rewarding experience. The professors are highly qualified and find time to help every Cadet outside of class. No Cadet goes unnoticed. The small class sizes and wonderful and the people are so supportive.
An opportunity like no other... Very rigorous academics paired with stresses to create a leader that you will not experience at a traditional University. It is not for the faint of heart, though.
USAFA has been a challenge. However, it's a challenge that I signed myself up for, and prepared myself for. I wouldn't change my decision to come here, go into the military, or prepare the way I did. The only thing I would change about the academy is the attitude of the people who go here, but as more and more qualified people apply, I believe the atmosphere here can become even better. Prepare yourself. Challenge yourself. It's worth it.
This school is far more than just a school. With stellar academic programs nationally ranked, one of the best military commissioning programs in the country, and dozens of unique teams, clubs, and aviation programs, this Academy offers the world to those willing to put in the effort.
The United States Air Force Academy is the best Air Force college I have been to. There are not that many parties and the school is very secure.
This place pushes you to your absolute limits. Yes, you dont have to worry about student loans or getting a job post-graduation, but the daily military training and vigorous schedule is enough to put someone into a mental hospital. This place is not for everyone, that is !00% for sure. The good thing is that you are essentially forced to make friends as you go through basic training, and you must rely on those friends as you progress through the academic year. Nobody makes it through this place alone.
An amazing school...little freedom though. But, it has amazing opportunities with no cost. Post graduation, you will be debt free and ready to start your assigned job.
The United States Air Force Academy is a great academic and military institution. It is truly a place to learn and grow. Importantly, you get what you put into it.
Usafa is an amazing campus with exemplary people as well. Everyone is friendly, courteous, dedicated, and eager to learn. Usafa is the place to be if you want to challenge yourself and serve your country.
I have visited the Air Force Academy several times, and I have a few family members that went there. I have a very high overall opinion of the school.
I loved the discipline that was taught to all of the cadets. The cadets all having some sort of leadership position definitely prepares them for the real world once they commission in the Air Force.
When I applied here I thought it'd be a crazy challenge but you could get through it with the support of your fellow cadets. Freshman year was a crazy experience and it was more or less what I expected. As a sophomore / junior it has been extremely lack luster. Everyone gets 5-6 hours of sleep, there isn't much camaraderie, and people just stay in their rooms all day because you have so much homework to do. There isn't nearly as much true military training or opportunities to improve leadership and social skills because it's just hazing the freshmen and doing hours of homework / going to the gym to prepare for fitness tests.

Great place for a rigorous academic experience, and a great place to be from, but there is so much cynicism and negativity it's a pretty horrible place to be at.
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The Academy was incredibly challenging but worth it. I learned so much about myself during my time there and came out with no debt and a job.
Pretty average, feels like high school
Vandy is better than Sijanistan
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