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Union Theological Seminary Reviews

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Ours facilities staff does much to keep it up to date and clean.
Being a graduate institution, many of the questions listed here we're not applicable. Our staff and security does much to keep our living spaces safe.
We have a lunch and meal plan, but most groceries are reliant on the students.
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I have loved my work at Union, and believe my minister will only get better from here.
It's NYC. A little more expensive, but wonderful diversity of foods.
We have good tech, and wide accessible wireless.
It's New York City. NYC subway system is one of the best.
Because cost of housing includes utilities, and the swift response of the staff to helping students, I think it's great.
I cannot speak highly enough of the professors at Union. The care that they demonstrate for the students is unparalleled to anything I've seen in my educational career. They teach with enthusiasm and are passionate about what they teach.
Our campus is so small that there is no need to have a transportation system within it. However, the public transportation system is easily accessible and a great option, if you do not have a car.
Our school is small, but our community is tight-knit. We have a phenomenal faculty and staff who genuinely care about the students. Our campus is beautiful and has a rich 200 year tradition. Our library is a gem and the resources there are invaluable.
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