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Union County College is a relatively decent school for educational purposes, but it has many set backs. Most advisors will not help you when transfering to another school or give you any solid advice on academics. The students can be pretty sociable and the food is good but those are the main positives. Half of the professors will either grade you unreasonably, lazily or not even care about the effort you put forward. If you are attending this school, do your best to get out as soon as possible. Not a completely bad school but they will do their best to keep you there.
My experience at Union County College has been a wonderful one. Although their were some ups an downs and were times when I did not agree with the professor, it all was a learning experience. I would not trade it for anything. I feel that I received a great education from the professors there. And believe that it will help me achieve my goals in the future.
Overall, Union County College is a good school. There is a good curriculum and the professors know what they are doing. I would recommend UCC to someone because they help you find your path and they are passionate about helping you succeed. Union County College cares about its students. I feel that i have learned alot studying there. It is affordable and i like that it isn't too far from home. This school has a good balance of diversity and it does not discriminate against anyone. That being said, students feel welcomed and safe. UCC also has a variety of clubs and organizations for its students to join. If you want a good college experience, then UCC is for you.
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It's alright for a community college. Some corners are cut due to budgets, I suppose. The parking situation could use some work.
Union County has been pretty good to me so far. However, at times they can give you the runaround. That has been cleared up a bit because of the new student services building but they still try their hardest to make things confusing. The Cranford campus is great and the scenery around their is nice but the food is a little overpriced.
Although is a two year college it is very nice. They make sure that students receive the best resources they can get and they make their students the priority. They always have a tutoring center, ALC, that is filled with really smart people to help you with difficulties in different courses.
Union County college is improving year by year. It has some great professors, and it is also getting better in the sports area. Students are creating more clubs, and more people are involved in college activities. Also, I liked how UCC was open until 2 in the morning during the finals week. That shows that the college really cares about the students. I wish there were more scholarship opportunities at UCC.
Union county college is a great way to meet new people, to network and to actually figure out what it is that you want to do with you major. There is a handful of professors that really do want you to do great in college an de push you forward. It would be great to see ALL the professor have the same energy and enthusiasm.
I loved the EOF department and its staff because they were always making sure I felt loved and not stressed with upcoming exams. They were like my family on campus as I would spend 10 hours on campus 5x a week! The tutors at the ALC were extremely patient and helpful, so I decided I should become one too. I became CRLA certified and then began to use my knowledge to help my peers with their studies.
Union County College is a great community college. I had some great courses and professors there. Of course, some classes were average, but others were astonishing!
I haven't been eligible for any scholarships .. I've logged on several times and I'm always redirected to some other page
It's a great community college so far I've had a great experience. The professors are great and the nursing program it's outstanding . Right now I don't think anything needs to change.
UCC has offered great class times so that I may fulfill both my academic and family needs.
I prefer to be in the classroom than to take an online class.
Sociology teacher I would give a C she didn't teach she read from the book. My computer teacher I learned a lot and he was a great professor.
Going p/t will take me a little longer to get into my manager
It's okay and hoping to transfer to a 4 year
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I've only taken one course so far but it's been pretty good so far
Overall it's an okay school. It really depends on what you major in
There are some internship offers, but you really have to go and look for them
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