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The price of tuition is one of the most affordable out there, great support to the community, if you have low income and have a hard time getting food they have a program called pantry were you can go and they provide you with food so you can make it through out the day, totally free, confidential and no questions ask.UCC has many workshops from for HIV prevention, college support, financial aid, those are vents were you can learn many important things, meet new people and connect more with the community.
Good and affordable.
Union County College has 3 locations, which I only know 2. which are the Cranford and Elizabeth campus, they are small but well equipped. the professor are very friendly and approachable. They have many activities throughout the semester. The campus food is really good!!!
The faculty and staff are very kind and helpful. The campus offers many opportunities for students on campus, and everyone is very nice and helpful when you ask them something. :)
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The school has some issues to work on. The parking is terrible and the parking reinforcement loves giving out tickets knowing students have issues finding parking in the first place. The college could also work on their wifi services as some of the buildings have minimal to zero internet connection. The advising is little to no help. It is really hard to navigate through their suggested major curriculum, which gives conflicting information on classes on their website and canvas. It is safe to say I will be transferring the upcoming semester. It is a community college after all.
Hi my name is Divine, i like the fact that the school professors and environments are friendly. Majority of students relate very well with their professors. The school administration prioritize student learning they equally offer free tutoring.
It’s a good place to start..depending on which campus you’re on. I would recommend the Cranford campus to really be involved and invested in a college career.
The advisors and professors were always willing to help the students succeed. They work with you in order to make sure you graduate on time.
Overall a good school. If you’re looking to Major in automotive, though, I would look into another college that offers the program. There is no specific person assigned to run this program and it is completely unorganized. Last minute cancellation of classes, classes not offered in order. For any other classes taken as pre-requisites and co-requisites to this and any other major, or classes for any other major in general, I do highly recommend the school.
Am a freshman at Union County College and so far I'd say it a great school that help most of students success on their careers.
It is a great school to get an education. The professor’s really care about the students. The nursing program the professor’s/director should become more invested in the students and the school would be perfect. The students fee they are only interested in the money they bring in and the bottom line not the students. That should change.
union county college is a very accepting and welcoming environment. At first I was scared, but after coming in everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable. You don't have to look to hard to find help.
I really appreciated when I went in for questions regarding classes, financial aid, and books everyone working was willing to help me. The staff are always pleasant and approachable. I have never had any bad experience at Union County College and I look forward to my learning experience there.
So far I have no complaints, all are accessible online via services provided by the school. Teachers are reasonable and classes are quite easy for the most part.
Union County College has a lot to offer to its students. They offer a wide variety of subjects to major in and have resources to help you succeed in your academic career.
From the moment I walked into the school I had a great experience. I was greeted by friendly staff at the welcome center where I went to meet with an advisor. The advisor I spoke with help me gain a better understanding of how I would go about completing certain requirements. After I registered I felt a great relief being lifted off of my shoulders. Weeks later, once I had started class I realized that parking was a bit of an issue. But that aside I couldn't complain because I had great professors. My professors truly cared about what they taught and the students interest in the subject.
Union County College offers many certificate programs that other community colleges do not offer. I am in the physical therapist assistant program and it is very challenging, which I enjoy, but also very welcoming. I have a great relationship with all of my teachers and classmates. The financial aid department is also very involved when it comes to keeping you on track during the semester.
I like how involved the professors were and their connectedness to the students. UCC is also very diverse.
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Union County College is comfortable to say the very least. It has groomed me to began my college experience at a university but it has also left me missing much more. The student life here is non existent. Sure there are many clubs but none are particularly active or intriguing. It has somewhat of a reminiscent high school feel because of the fact that its's so quaint and you see familiar faces. If given the choice again I'd come here because the faculty is exceptional. I've learned so much and had a better learning experience due to the small class sizes.
What I like about Union County College is that there are so many different opportunities and the staff that is there is very helpful.
I chose community college for the affordable cost and while cheap I got my money's worth of education. I'm not even a psychology major and it has given me a better psychology class and professor than Kean gave my boyfriend (former psychology major). While UCC offers alot of assistance beyond your tuition such as long hours of free top notch tutoring, or high quality tech such as lending out laptops I don't use those but just offering those things to students give them an A+ especially the quality I have seen from it's alc and tech. While it was a struggle to get financial aid it was very worth it and learning how to do it on my own at the age of 18. With UCC you have three separate campus around Union County and you can take classes in each of them in a semester, while I believe Cranford has a bit of a monopoly fine arts classes, it's still worth the trip.
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