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The staff and people there are very friendly. I was there about 3 weeks ago looking at classes, It seemed like a place where I can see myself apart of. I will be studying in the Health field. There were a lot of resources to choose from and options for me. I think you would have a good time here because of all the diversity. You feel like you are not alone. You have other people going and doing the same things as you. You can connect with all.
I love Union College because it is such a small school where everybody is very kind and welcoming. I like that it is so small because it gives you that family feel and i've grown up in smaller school so it's nice.
I am an International Rescue and Relief major and I highly suggest this program to anyone who loves the outdoors, loves emergency care, and wants to serve God with a career of adventure. The teachers and staff care for each student and makes them feel accepted and help them succeed!
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Union College is a great school for students like me who values one on one time with their professors and likes the feel of a small campus. It's also great for students to find others similar like you that love to talk and worship God.
Attending Union College as a freshman was hard when from out of state. Many of the faculty were very supportive and available for students to ask for help when needed. When "involved" with the wrong group of friends, you are then labeled as a bad student and then the faculty wouldn't help at all. They were more focused on being religious, and I felt judged the majority of the time I was there. I felt more depressed because my peers around me weren't very welcoming. Some of my friends were accused of wrong doing because of rumors and they were asked to leave because of the reputation they had, when the stories weren't true. The staff didn't want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but instead kicked them out f school. I wasn't a fan of Union College.
Union College is a special place to be. It is a Seventh-day Adventist college with only about 900 students, so the atmosphere is small and friendly. The professors are extremely helpful and easy to reach. If I need help I can easily email or text them, or visit them during their office hours. And sine the college is so small the professors have time for you. I have enjoyed my experience. Every Saturday night, the student association puts on activities for the whole school. This makes it easy to find something to do. Since this is a christian school, rules can be pretty strict. There is no drinking allowed, and one can get in trouble if caught with a substance in his/her dorm room or on-campus housing. A problem I have is that many of the students come from about 3 Adventist academies, so if you did not attend that academy or go to camps connected to those academies, it can seem cliquish and hard to fit in.
I am a transfer student from Oregon but over the phone and looking from the web everyone looks nice and very helpful.
The staff and professors at Union College are beyond excellent. They truly care about their students and want us to succeed. I've had nothing but good experiences here and would recommend this college to anyone. Although the athletics are not the greatest, and we don't win a lot of game, our team spirit is high. The girl's dorm needs some improvement and renovations, but it is liveable and cozy. Overall, Union is an above average school.
Union College has many great aspects depending on what type of student you are. As a religious institution, I think the college does a great job offering a welcoming and spiritual atmosphere. However, the campus is rather small and can quickly become suffocating if you don't get out. Like many schools, Union has good and bad teachers. If you are lucky enough to get a good one, you're academic experience will be great.
I enjoy the atmosphere that I see at Union College. I have made so many friends that encourage me everyday and make college more enjoyable. I do, however, wish that Adventist religion did not regulate everything about the college especially in the dorm life.
It's a friendly environment where everyone can find themselves a niche, a place to belong. Our faculty and staff are top quality.
The faculty are actively involved and interested in the lives of each student. Teachers work to assist every student in their personal and professional development. I do wish Union had male and female soccer teams, but overall, I cannot complain and would not desire to go to any other school.
Their business division is top-notch and the faculty and staff have been my family since the beginning. It's hard not to like your degree when your teachers are cheering you on and constantly doing anything they can to make sure you succeed. The cafe is decent and there are a lot more options compared to other Adventist colleges, as well as, lower prices and discounts on food overall. Although it's a small college, there is something really great about the family atmosphere it delivers. Union College is a great place if you like being involved. There are SO many opportunities to grow and learn outside of just being a student: clubs, sports teams, intramurals, ASB, campus ministries, and more. If you want to be more than just a number at a large university, I would recommend Union College to anyone who wants to have a personalized experience. If you utilize everything that UC has to offer you will be very successful once you leave and your resume will show that.
Union has a staff that welcomes you and makes you feel at home! So coming from the Pacific and into The Union family, I feel nothing but love! Offcourse no school is perfect, and there are some staff that will try so hard to make you feel at home, but it's just not the same as how the others treat you! As for my Social work professor and advisor, I feel welcome, appreciated and at home! I wouldn't have seen myself anywhere else but here!
I love Union College. The campus is beautiful and close together so you don't have to go far for your classes. It's very spiritual. The class sizes are small so the teachers know your name and can help you individually which is nice. The students on campus are very friendly and accept everyone. I definitely recommend Union if you're looking for a Christian college.
Very expensive college with limited options for majors. Unless you are majoring in nursing, I'd suggest going somewhere else. There are much more affordable state schools who provide top-notch educations, so why spend $30,000 plus a year at Union?
The professors are great. They invest time in all their students and are willing to help you. For math and science majors, the workload is doable but overwhelming. Popular study areas are the ones in Kruger Center with the whiteboards.
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The school it great but it's hard to deny that there is a god complex among a variety of white students.
One of the great things about Union College is that every student is required to fill out a Alcohol and Substance abuse form where you agree to not use it for as long as you're attending Union. Faculty and Staff encourage an environment where students do not feel the need to do any of those.
Depending on your degree, you might be able to find a great job/internship. I would say that Union does a great job at hiring its graduates to work for them.
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