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Umpqua Community College is a great college due to the impressive staff and professors always trying to improve their students learning ability and to the beautiful scenery on campus.
They are amazing. I am excited to start fall term. They treat you like family. If you need help all you have to do is ask and if that person doesn’t help or doesn’t know the right answer they find someone who does.
I believe in this school. Through the shootings it has shown strength and I support this school. I wish I were going to graduate from it. the campus is always clean and really quite beautiful. it sits high on a hill above the Umpqua River below. It has a country like background and you see the deer walk through occasionally. wildlife is abundant.
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I have just started out with college, but already am finding in enjoyable. I am a homeschooled graduate and find the current online class I am taking for the summer (WR121) to be enjoyable and fun! It isn't as boring and difficult as I thought it would be since I am enjoying being able to research and write different papers which for me had never been too hard. I was able to have fun with my papers even when the topics were limited. My teacher was amazing and very helpful, and I would certainly take her classes again if the chance arrived
The staff are amazing and will jump through hoops to get the right answers for you the first time. The food is delicious and fresh every day. This college resembles a home away from home; all the students are like their own community on campus. Friendships are forever made here.
As a first-year student at UCC, I have gained precious knowledge in the classroom and countless life lessons. College is a big step forward and moving away from your home and family is a commitment in itself. However, the learning curves and anxiousness soon disappear, and you begin to settle in and enjoy what the institution has to offer. I have met some fantastic people, and have had my lifelong dream of playing collegiate basketball. The countless hours of balancing school work and sports is always a grudge, but it helps make you more disciplined and makes you grow up faster. Living on your own comes with its challenges nonetheless, but it makes you encounter life in a way we have never experienced. There are always dark days, but in the end, it is very beneficial for the development from adolescence to adulthood. The UCC administration does a factasic job acidemically and athletically to help student-athletes succeed, and further our goals.
The instructors at Umpqua Community College have made a huge impact on my life. I have learned so much from the instructors, because they have all worked many years in the fields that they are teaching in. I think the most helpful learning technique is when I can hear personal experiences from someone who has worked in the field. I feel that being at a community college is more personable than being at a university because we have a very diverse student population and we really get to know our instructors and classmates.
Have not attended yet. I like that there's a student center for students to use in between classes and the cleanliness of the college
I have had a great time attending Umpqua Community College. They have made it very easy to get in touch with them about questions I have. the classes are taught well and I have learned many things. I have earned a few credits in my time at Umpqua Community College and all of them have been worth while.
The professors are nice, and there is an emphasis on learning and success, rather than just on grades. The faculty is helpful. Just walk into any of the centers and ask for help, and you will get it. There are a lot of services that most people (including me) don't really know about. I would like to see more math classes offered at UCC like vector calculus 2. Perhaps even a math degree. They currently don't have a math degree
I will be starting at Umpqua Uommunity College this spring. When I went up there to talk to them about it they were all very nice and helpful. They told me if I needed help to just call them and many of them gave me their card. There was only one lady who I didn't like who works at the front desk. I know a lot of people who say they don't want to go to a community collage, but I think that if you were going to start at one this would be the place to go even though I haven't started there myself yet. Also, if you have questions, they will do their best to look into it for you until you get your answer. I just hope that you have as good of a experience with them as I did.
Umpqua Community College is a very tight nit community. After the shooting people seem to have come together and gotten a lot kinder. The classes fit very well together and the campus is easy to navigate. Most of the professors are kind and good at explaining their topic.
Excellent. Small campus with friendly staff. Great amount of resources available. They offer many transfer programs which is amazing. They also have a good nursing and dentistry programs that local people can enroll in. Fairly cheap per credit as well. Most of the budgeted money is handled appropriately.
I have really enjoyed studying at Umpqua Community College. The teachers are very helpful and classes are small enough that there is time to talk to instructors and ask questions. I have also benefited from online classes through UCC and appreciated that the instructors were easy to contact and that I could even go to campus for help when needed.
I love how beautiful the campus is, it helps create a relaxed atmosphere! I also love how easy it is to find places to study both indoors and outdoors! I also like how involved everyone is in campus events, and how easy it is to communicate with other students and employees. Something else that is nice is the laid back friendly vibe you get from employees that makes it easy to talk and get help or advice from them!
A very pleasant college with fantastic, helpful staff and professors and a nice and safe environment.
Umpqua Community College it tucked away in southern Oregon and is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. The school offers outstanding teachers that are always willing to help.
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UCC has a beautiful campus in rural Roseburg, Oregon overlooking the Umpqua River.
My instructors have either Doctorate degrees or have worked as professionals in the field for decades. All of the instructors are eager to help their students succeed, are friendly, and approachable. The courses are challenging, but my instructors always had time during their office hours to talk with me and were fair with their grading.
I started at UCC anxious and unsure of my abilities. Now, I feel confident in myself. I was able to accomplish this with the support of an awesome college community and a lot of hard work. This is a safe place to try new things, stretch ourselves.
I began an internship with a local non-profit earning college credits and using my work study grant. I've been there for more than a year and I love it. I never would have had that opportunity had I not attended UCC. This has been the best decision and one of the greatest experiences of my life.
My experience at Umpqua Community College was definitely a great journey. I am a sophomore attending UCC and will be graduating in a week with an Associate's Degree. I am an athlete as UCC but still believe that our athletic program could expand more and get more help and support by the community. Besides sports UCC has one of the most beautiful campuses you'll ever see, surrounded by trees and nature. Another good quality at UCC is the professors are very helpful with working one on one with you helping you understand the material. The only change that I would like to see is more diversity around campus.
Great local school, however tuition is far more pricey than many other schools in the state. It offers many medical profession programs
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