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They definitely take the time to work with you and are very attentive and help you every step of the way.
Very good communication with students. Makes sure students are happy with their decisions and students stay on point. Students are successful.
UMA has employers who excite and encourage every step of the way. They are easy to get in touch with and are enthusiastic while engaging in the academic progression. Amazing Communication!
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I really like how they have 24/7 tech available. The course work is very explainable. The textbooks are clear on how to use instructions.
If I ever need more time to get work in those resources are a click away. I do not have to call every time to ask for help.

Being a single mom I am glad I found Ultimate medical academy. It has made it easier for me to get work done and get working on my degree without stressing in a public school as well as have that time for my five-month-old son.
Great program! Staff supportive and online experience is wonderful! I have a 4.0 and they have given me the tools to get there!
I absolutely love Ultimate Medical Academy. My overall experience has been life changing. My whole support team have been supporting me since the beginning. I love the way the instructors give you feedback on your work. You can never fail with the support UMA have to offer. You have your own support team and they will be there for you every step of the way. Choosing UMA was the best decision I have made as far as my school, career, and future goes.
My daughter got type 1 diabetes about 4 months ago and they have worked with me to stay up on my grades and to help with any needs.. I only had 3 or 2 classes left to graduate.. and I’m only 2 weeks away from it now thanks to UMA
They are very helpful with any questions or concerns you have! Super friendly staff! They send you free textbooks, and a free laptop if you do well enough within the first 3 weeks of class. Although, I have had problems with the tests having questions that aren’t in the book, that’s the only problem I’ve ran into!
It's very convenient and do your school work on your pace ! Would definitely recommend online classes to all my family and friends
Recommend to someone in the health care field they really have inspired me to reach beyond the stars
I love Ultimate Medical Academy. I love how my student advisor always calls and makes sure that I'm ok. I love all the resources available to me. I love the instructors being available for you to reach out to if you need them. It's such a great school.
I love everything about UMA! The staff is inspiring, uplifting and always encouraging the students. They will communicate with you weekly to make sure that you are staying on task and cute little reminders that you will be successful in life. The instructors also make sure that you are getting the work and understand it so that you aren't lost or left behind. I love the program and would refer it to anyone that I come in contact with.
I am extremely pleased with everything my school has to offer. They have excellent communication with students, the academic advisors and financial aid are helpful. I would definitely recommend this school to my peers . I wouldn’t change anything about my experience here.
I attend Ultimate Medical Academy working on my Associate's in Applied Science Medical Coding and Billing degree. I love my school the faculty and staff are very involved in making sure I succeed. They have a lot of helpful resources that are there when I need to use them. I take 1-2 classes every 5 weeks I never feel overwhelmed with my school work and my professors are there when I need them. If you haven't checked out my school yet you should it's awesome!
I love all the support I get from the school and all the resources that they provide for us students through out the school year
They literally helped with every step until your classes start such as Financiak aid which can be very stressful considering I just had a newborn. They were so considerate and the instructors also believes in you I love it here I thought it would be very hard I’m a full time mom & I work 50 hours a week , I rate them at a 5 star .
I love UMA. The school staff is very helpful and positive. They encourage your every move. Easy online navigation. Plenty of online resources to use, including online library and chat now to help if any sort of problem occurs.
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I have been enrolled in this school for two years. It is a joke! I have yet to really open a book and I am graduating in two months. The online courses are ridiculous! You are not taught anything substantial. The modules are pointless and something I would expect in a kindergarten class. You click through 10-15 pages of an amateur cartoon power point, when it asks you questions you can click through the answers without reading anything until you get the right answer and then move on. I have never interacted with an instructor. This is not something I would recommend others to enroll in. It is a waste of money and I would really like a refund! When you need to speak to someone you get transferred through to 3-4 people until you get who you need to speak to and every time you get transfered you have to go through the verification process again and again and again. I cannot emphasize how horrible this school is.
I love my school everyone is so helpful, and the staff is with you every step of the way, what I would see change is making Dental Assistant online also.
I am a Honor Roll student at UMA. I have to say I am amazed of the college student UMA has made me into. Never have I succeeded this good this far in my life. UMA gives me the strength and courage to the knowledge I have learned today and I just want to say thanks so much for making me a better person as well as successful in my career.
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