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Its an amazing school! Beautiful campus, active students and staff and welcoming community. There are hundreds of organizations to join, so you will always fit in somewhere. Great sports teams and exciting functions.
My experience at Tuskegee was relatively positive. While the classes are definitely not easy, most of the teachers do their part to try to help the students understand the material. The dorms are in need of work, and the quality of the food could be improved as well. Even still, Tuskegee has an air of homeliness that makes you feel like you belong.
Tuskegee is a good HBCU but it needs better looking dorm/housing for the amount of tuition that we pay.
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Graduating from this prestigious univeristy has helped myself and others to get job offers. The Tuskegee experience is one that I have cherished because the smaller class sizes allow for personal interaction with professors, I have been able to see famous speakers and musical artists during different events, and the fun events that I have experienced with friends created some of the best memories of my life.
So far my experience has been one that has been great. The diversity here is outstanding. Also, the opportunities that Tuskegee University provides will put you at an advantage
I love Tuskegee!! I have learned so much more about my culture in just 1 year. I’ve also forged bonds with fellow students that I would have otherwise met. Unlike the high school attended, you are known by faculty and staff; I’m not just a number here.
Tuskegee University is a great school, you will learn a lot and have fun at the same time. The history behind this institute is intense and you will be proud to say that your a Tuskegee women or gentlemen.
It's a great school. HCBU's are always great to attend. The campus is very nice many historical places to visit and museums. The campus life is decent. Depending on your dorm room situation it can either be good or bad. Incoming freshman out of state may have some trouble getting in touch with the help services just try your best to call early to make sure you can talk to someone to help you out.
I like the Tuskegee University is enriched with history. I've learn more about black history during my first semester than I ever learned in school before. The downside of it being a Historically Black University is that the buildings are old. Major repairs need to be done to the infrastructure of the University but over than that the experience is one I could never forget.
Fortunately, there is a lot that I would like to see change I can't see it all happening in a year. I wish the dorms were more architected and fix up these historical buildings. The student life and the involvement of them is what really makes this place worthwhile. You will meet people that might make your experience here truly interesting. I want better working vending machines and better food offered at the cafe. Although it isn't mandatory to eat there, it would be good because sometimes you have to lower your standards and make it work. The good thing is you can choose from a variety of foods I guess. Sometimes, the party scene could really be better but that's alright.
My first year at Tuskegee University has been a complete culture shock. I am a city girl from Los Angeles California. One could only imagine my surprise when entering the rural area of the deep south. The first semester was full of adapting to accents, food, and limited resources. My second semester I wanted to focus on changing my study habits. The entire year has been challenging because it is my first time away from home. But Tuskegee University has helped me adjust to their family-oriented faculty.
Tuskegee University is not only a University but it is a home. Tuskegee University raised me into the woman I am today. It helped me evolve as a person and appreciate life in a tremendous way. Once you attend Tuskegee University, you are no longer the same person you were exploring during Open House but you are now a woman/man of a prestige University ready to make a difference and inspire lives. Tuskegee University teaches you to make a difference in your community with our education.
I really loved my overall Tuskegee experience. I chose the school initially based on the vet school reviews, but I decided to pursue a B.S. in biology. It proved to be an excellent chose, as I was given the best department leads at the school. I was involved in extracurricular activities, mainly band. Band alone allowed me to meet and befriend some of the most amazing and talented people. The students are what make the experience and Tuskegee University will be your welcome ticket to the south.
Tuskegee University is a very good university based on academics and extra curricular activities. I love the atmosphere and the ability to learn in the subject I have dreamed since I was young.
College is about what you make it. It was okay. The dorms where not very well put together. Bats would fly into dorm rooms at night, and there isn't much to do in the town. The school tries do have activities but majority are partying or sports based.
Overall Tuskegee University has been a great experience. I came here when I was only 16 years old, and the environment is very tight and feels very similar to a large family. The fact that this university is private keeps the amount of students relatively low which allows smaller classes and more opportunities for one-on-one teacher to student experiences. Here I am very involved and very familiar with all of my professors and those in my department know me by name. This is extremely helpful because when you have a personal relationship with leaders, it opens more doors for greater opportunities and connections. The Tuskegee experience so far, has been a joy to me and I would encourage any high school students to choose this as their college choice.
My overall experience with Tuskegge University was acceptional and was a thrilling event. I would encourage others to go here.
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I like that it is an all black college. I really like there academics and their athletics program. I heard that their campus food was also really good and their housing is really good as well.
At the prestigious Tuskegee University, the atmosphere there was amazing. So extravagant, exciting, determining, and welcoming. It was so warming and it felt such like a family. The teachers want to help you and see you succeed. They help with summer internships that may lead to jobs in the future. The people, classmates are willing to help as well. The campus holds many facts. It's such a historical place with a statue to represent. The campus may be old looking but behind it is a wonderful meaning and wonderful people there to help a person strive to be there best.
My name is Aliceah Wilson and I’m currently a Freshman student at “Tuskegee University”. There’s numerous of reasons why I chose to come to an “Hbcu” but I will just share a few . One of my main reasons why I chose Tuskegee was because when I was a senior in high school I spent lots of time looking up how certain colleges would benefit me and I came across this school . I was so hyped about how important the school history was to African Americans , starting from the history of Booker t Washington for being an important aspect to Tuskegee, and even the famous history on the Tuskegee airmen , the first black to fly . Black colleges are important because it helps you understand your importance as a young black person and helps you understand how meaningful education was to African Americans by creating our very own colleges to show the future we can be great as well and I will continue to show my greatness as a student at Tuskegee university as a well respected college.
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