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Tuskegee University, TU....U KNOW. This wonderful private institution is one of the best colleges ever. Especially with the Engineering and Architecture programs. Its one of my best choices and i plan to have a future here as well.
The school has a very strong community. Being that it is a small, private university, you get to see familiar faces everywhere. The historical landmark status of the university truly makes you feel like a part of the history here. The biggest drawback is the slow response time of the administrative department.
The HBCU experience is like no other and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love the people I’ve met from all over and the different cultures all mixed together. It’s a bit pricey, but I love being there so much I’ll do whatever it takes to stay there. The administration can be a bit of headache but if you can get through that it’s really a wonderful school!
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Tuskegee changed my life for the better. I cannot imagine how to make it in this world if it was not for this great university. there is an amazing atmosphere, many are friendly and we are family oriented.
Tuskegee University is great school to attend. The people there are so nice, you really feel the southern hospitality.
The Tuskegee experience is one that will shape the rest of your life. It is the most humbling experience and gives you a love of history and yourself! The landmark is a literal national historic site!
My Freshman year at Tuskegee was a bit rough but was definitely worth the experience because it taught me self- motivation and endurance. I definitely lived life my freshman year and met a ton of great people. My sophomore year will be much more academically draining but I know it will all be worth it at the end of the day.
My positive experience with Tuskegee started with my college road trip tour of the university. Everyone there was welcoming, helpful, and overall had my best interest at heart. What I like most about Tuskegee is the wide range of programs they offer. For me, aspiring to work in the field of Vet medicine, Tuskegee was a great choice due to their high ranking in best vet programs. Tuskegee is well rounded in the science, engineering, architectural, and business studies, but I feel they would do even better with more fine art programs.
You get a friendly environment and everyone is helpful to you. When you are struggling others don’t leave you behind. Most of the time it’s a team effort. I really enjoy my time here.
Tuskegee is a good school my first year experience was not bad the only thing is that you REALLY need a car down there.. it is nothing around.
I had a very pleasant so far at Tuskegee University. I have been a part of the Tuskegee University Pre-Alumni Council, the Debate Club, a tutoring program called Next Step Up, and I am a resident assistant (RA) at Tuskegee for their residence halls. I met a lot of friends and enjoy my time being at an historic HBCU.
I like the campus life of Tuskegee, however their tuition is too expensive. As a student paying over 30,000 dollars a year I would hope to have a better dorms and better cafe food. Overall it``s about my degree and which I hope to obtain.
Tuskegee is one of the best schools for me because it has one of the best veterinarian programs. I believe this program will most definitely help me pursue my dreams of becoming a great veterinarian doctor of all times. Tuskegee University has its ups and downs but the people there are so friendly and supportive that they will help you with anything you need help with. The admissions office is very generous. They seem to be so concerned about you and is willing to do anything. They also look out for you, say, for instance, if they know you are missing very important documents for you to be admitted into the college, they will call and email you throughout the day till they get in touch with you. Tuskegee is a Historical Black College. There will be competition everywhere you go from dressing good, sororities, fraternities, overall just making sure you look good and also having good grades. It's a friendly competition that's all.
Tuskegee is a great place to continue your education. The student body is very kind and helpful as well as the professors. Overall you learn a lot both in and out the classroom
Its an amazing school! Beautiful campus, active students and staff and welcoming community. There are hundreds of organizations to join, so you will always fit in somewhere. Great sports teams and exciting functions.
My experience at Tuskegee was relatively positive. While the classes are definitely not easy, most of the teachers do their part to try to help the students understand the material. The dorms are in need of work, and the quality of the food could be improved as well. Even still, Tuskegee has an air of homeliness that makes you feel like you belong.
Tuskegee is a good HBCU but it needs better looking dorm/housing for the amount of tuition that we pay.
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Graduating from this prestigious univeristy has helped myself and others to get job offers. The Tuskegee experience is one that I have cherished because the smaller class sizes allow for personal interaction with professors, I have been able to see famous speakers and musical artists during different events, and the fun events that I have experienced with friends created some of the best memories of my life.
So far my experience has been one that has been great. The diversity here is outstanding. Also, the opportunities that Tuskegee University provides will put you at an advantage
I love Tuskegee!! I have learned so much more about my culture in just 1 year. I’ve also forged bonds with fellow students that I would have otherwise met. Unlike the high school attended, you are known by faculty and staff; I’m not just a number here.
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