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At the prestigious Tuskegee University, the atmosphere there was amazing. So extravagant, exciting, determining, and welcoming. It was so warming and it felt such like a family. The teachers want to help you and see you succeed. They help with summer internships that may lead to jobs in the future. The people, classmates are willing to help as well. The campus holds many facts. It's such a historical place with a statue to represent. The campus may be old looking but behind it is a wonderful meaning and wonderful people there to help a person strive to be there best.
My name is Aliceah Wilson and I’m currently a Freshman student at “Tuskegee University”. There’s numerous of reasons why I chose to come to an “Hbcu” but I will just share a few . One of my main reasons why I chose Tuskegee was because when I was a senior in high school I spent lots of time looking up how certain colleges would benefit me and I came across this school . I was so hyped about how important the school history was to African Americans , starting from the history of Booker t Washington for being an important aspect to Tuskegee, and even the famous history on the Tuskegee airmen , the first black to fly . Black colleges are important because it helps you understand your importance as a young black person and helps you understand how meaningful education was to African Americans by creating our very own colleges to show the future we can be great as well and I will continue to show my greatness as a student at Tuskegee university as a well respected college.
I attend the illustrious Tuskegee University. I love everything about my HBCU, the professors are great and so are the people. Everyone around me is dedicated to making a better life for themselves! I love the positivity and ambition!
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Here at Tuskegee University I have come to know a lot of people. Everyone here is nice and it is rarely easy to make new friends everyday. I would like to see food on campus so that everyone has more choices.
I really enjoyed my experience overall at Tuskegee, the teachers, student, staff , and the locals are friendly,
Very fun and exciting HBCU experience! You’ll love the people from all over you meet and binds you build
Great learning experience with a rich history. The class size is great for reaching your fullest potentisl.of learning
I love the people and the education. I can honestly say that I love my university. I came into the school completely blind due to my past experiences. I love the fact that I am surrounded by People that look just like me. The most important part is that there as smart and as motivated as me. I wouldnt rather be anywhere else. TU, you know !
I love this University stepping on this campus brings a whole know meaning to HBCU's this campus and college is like no other and I wouldn't trade it for any other school.
My overall experience at Tuskegee University has been very good. It would be even better if there were more places to go to and eat at around campus.
I loved Tuskegee experience; there's truly no other school like it. It has a great atmosphere, and a quiet community surrounding it. There's no way like the TU way!
My Tuskegee was a great experience. It really prepared me for the realness of the world. It may be all fun but the academics are serious.
What I like the most about Tuskegee University is the diversity everything is different and everyone fits in. You'll never feel left out from the study gatherings to the sororities, No matter what you chose your destined to make friends.
I loved the band and student section at Tuskegee University. They have a great engineering program and I would love to attend it one day.
I liked the atmosphere created by the students and the history. I am the most comfortable have ever been in school in all my life. What i would like to see change is the administration and their work ethic. I have found in my four years attending this university that there are certain staff members who seem to want to divert the student from actually getting the answers they need. We call it the 'run-around' here. Also I'd like to see more responsible stewardship in general of the financial assets of the university.
When I first got to Tuskegee University. I felt alone and was very home sick. The students and staff welcomed me in the school with open arms and now I feel more comfortable and I'm not home sick anymore.
It is very rich in history and tradition. I would like to see the tuition change as well as more scholarships/ grants for students, along with more campus activities
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I like the campus and how close knit the college community is. I would however ,like to see more organization within the university along with communication.
I've only been at this school for a few months, but I can already tell that this is the right school for me! The teachers are smart and caring, willing to get you extra help if you reach out to them.
It's a great school. It may be a little expensive but it'll be worth the cost. I haven't seen all of the campus yet, but I feel at home when I go to visit. Everyone at Tuskegee are very friendly and welcoming. It's great that it's an HBCU also, so you're surrounded by successful fellow African American students.
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