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I did not initially take any online courses. However, after the pandemic hit majority of the classes were taught through zoom video meetings. The only issue with this was having a professor who was not up to date on computer technology.
This school was my first choice and I had an amazing experience here. The tuition was simply too expensive for me to attend another year. I also had a hard time learning here because many of the the professors teaching methods required you to learn on your own.
My daughter attends TU this was her year to graduate from the nursing program this past summer. Due to Covid-19 they were unable to complete their preceptorship which they need to graduate. The University made them come back in the fall to complete the program. This was an extra $6000 that had to be spent. Now since school started in August some of the students still have not started their preceptorship and the semester ends in November and they need 200hrs to graduate. Not only did she do 4yrs plus this 1/2 year they have the nerve to still say they can't complete the program unless they have 200hrs. This is no fault of them but fault of the school who assigns them the preceptorship. It's sad that they don't take in consideration what's going on in the world and expect these students to complete something they gave them no time to complete. No one gives you answers they are RUDE. I just want her to have what she worked hard for and that's her Nursing degree. Answers needed!!
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No communication. When you email some of the professor they don't respond in a timely manner. They need to be more professional when working with others. No one should have to wait days for response
Talk about prestige! Not only for Black students , but for others who come and excel in engineering, nursing, vet school and so many more degree programs. I was a product of Basil- the building that built me into the best nurse I could have ever imagined being: strong, confident, intuitive, special, and driven! Tuskegee gave me a grounded education and solid nursing sisters to go through the program with. I "balled" laughing with the friends I made on the yard and "parlayed" down the ave during the times I was free from studying. Nothing takes away from the experiences I enjoyed, whether it be winning the freshman talent show, joining the Golden Voices Concert choir, being a contestant in the Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant, joining the 1st Black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., serving as treasurer of my beloved sorority, joining the Women's Glee club and graduation itself. There is so much to see, experience, and enjoy in the pride of the swift growing south!
I had no online learning, but if I had needed it, I am sure I would have not had any issues. Using blackboard for certain assignments was quick, efficient and convenient.
I've heard a lot from the Skegee family on how awesome the HBCU is basically like family. I'll get to experience that this upcoming fall when I do attend.
I have never taken any online courses so I am not eligible to answer this. But from friends they informed me on although it's not the same as in person it's still good.
Online learning was new to Tuskegee University due to the pandemic, the first couple of weeks it was very rough, and the fact that Tuskegee University is in the middle of nowhere somewhat technology is a challenge. In the end everything started to work out very good.
I absolutely love my school. Everyone is very welcoming, I feel at home when I am there. I have had my experience with not so good professors but the school provides a lot of tutoring sources which comes in handy. Tuskegee is a wonderful school and is filled with a lot of fun organizations and activites.
It’s about average. I like it better in person. When I’m on my laptop in class it feels as though I’m not really there ,but when we’re in person I can dive into the lesson earnestly
Tuskegee is a great school if you want to indulge yourself on the culture of it. It gets you ready for life without holding back any punches. They showed me the easy and hard things I needed to know for my journey ahead.
When I visited Tuskegee , I felt that I belonged there . I believe going to Tuskegee University is going to help me grow into a better person .
History, Academics, Athletics, Character, Student Life, and Family Setting. Students are considered more than a number and given personal attention in several aspects of academic and personal life.
I really like this school very much. The energy living here is unreal and very contagious. I always feel welcomed, the instructors are descent, and I love the group of friends I made.
What I love most about Tuskegee is that it is so friendly and everyone there encourages each other to be a better version of themselves . They have a great vet program that will help me in my career choice and the campus is amazing. It is always warm and welcoming and everyone is trying to make it and be something for either themselves or their parents.
I know that Tuskegee University has an excellent resources for all of their programs. Also, I am pursing my mechanical engineering degree and I have done my research that Tuskegee is one of the top HBCU Engineering University to obtain that degree.
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This school is amazing from the staff all the way to the students. This school also has the best homecoming week and it really gives you that HBCU experience.
Tuskegee is a wonderful school. I have enjoyed living on campus and working throughout my days. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone in the animal science fields.
You can never reach your financial advisors. For the money you are paying the school is in poor condition. The one good thing it is a family environment but we are still lacking a lot for the cost.
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